New Japanese Izakaya Restaurant Coming to 1117 V St, NW

This was one of the hardest secrets I’ve ever had to keep quiet. I’m so psyched to finally share the good news. As you can tell there is some construction and permits that need to take place before we get too excited. But if all goes well the new spot should be open by next spring. While a name has not been selected I am told that it will not be a sushi restaurant (though some raw options will be available) rather it will be like a a Japanese “tapas” style restaurant. The space will be on the small side as you can tell from the building. I’ll be sure to share more details as the space and menu are finalized.

Ed. Note: Spotts barbershop has reopened on the 2nd floor of 809 Florida Ave, NW.

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  • weird place for this…two businesses in between homes…i hope they worked it out with the two neighbors!

  • The great thing about izakayas is that they can be upscale like Kushi or just a neighborhood joint to hang out and get grilled meat/fish/vegs. I really hope they go for the latter. The sushi is usually an afterthough; it’s only there because people think that if it’s Japanese it HAS to have sushi. And I don’t think the smallness is a negative. Most izakayas in Japan are mom-&-pop operations that handle a dozen customers at a time. It’s supposed to be small and cozy, not a sprawling, deafening echo chamber like most tapas factories.

    • I agree – as much as I love Kushi – it’s just too expensive to make it a regular place. Fingers crossed 🙂

      This town really needs better Japanese, the only thing lacking in this city.

    • This would be great, but let’s be honest. This is the U Street area in 2011. It’ll be mobbed with people regardless of price, so they’ll jack it up however much they can.

  • andy

    Dude there better be yakitori on the menu! Onegai shimasu!

    • I’d love me some okonomiyaki, but I don’t think DC’s ready for big-ass pancakes smothered in bacon, Kewpie mayo, and fish flakes. Unfortunately.

      • You can get them in Arlington at Endo – well without the bacon 🙁

        They even have takoyaki.

        • omigoshtae!

          thanks for the info on Endo. Is the takoyaki DIY or does it come out of the kitchen?

          • Out of the kitchen – not up to Osaka standards but pretty good for DC considering the lack of real Japanese food in the area.

            I believe the owners are Japanese too – another rarity in these parts ha.

  • Now this is a place I can get excited about.

  • I am so excited for this. I know it is a year away, but it has me more pumped than anything else I’ve heard about in a long time.

  • How’s the Italian place next door? anyone been?

    • I’ve been. Granted it was opening weekend, but I wouldn’t say it was too much more than a standard pizza place. I got the panini, which was pretty good, but not a standout. No need to avoid the place, but no need to seek it out either, IMO. Although, they did look like they had some decent lunch specials.

  • Is there anywhere in the city or environs (need not be metro accessible) that’s open now where you can get ramen? Authentic Japanese noodles? I’m reading David Chang’s new magazine, ‘Lucky Peach’, right now and can barely contain my drool.

  • OMG. YES. This is so exactly what we need. Totally agreed that Kushi, while awesome, is a bit steep for everyday. Would love for this to be slightly less posh.

    And I can get takoyaki in Arlington? Done! I’ve been making my own…

  • I can”t wait to try it! Super excited for this place to open.

  • I lived in the apartment above it until the sale was recently finalized. I think they have more renovations ahead than they are aware of. The pizza next door ain’t great, but its good to have next door when you stumble home at 3am.

  • Just on the off chance that the owners are reading this, please do make it less posh and more of a fun, pub-like place. I loved izakaya when I visited Japan and would love somewhere to grab a beer and Japanese munchies with friends. So so excited!!!

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