Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill, NE

This rental is located at 1114 F St NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Lexington Apartments is a vintage 1920s apartment community located blocks from the U.S. Capitol building and Union Station. The property is located 4 blocks from Lincoln Park.

The units are spacious, have hardwood floors and original details. The building is pet-friendly. There is on-site management and controlled access to the building.”

$1300 sound right for this 1 bed/1bath?

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  • By “located blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building” they really mean that it is a 25 minute walk to the U.S. Capitol Building per Google Maps.

  • Capitol Hill? As a Shaw resident, I’m going to list my place as in Georgetown when I post to Craigslist.

    • As talked about in an earlier post, F Street is the accepted northern border of Capitol Hill and 14th Street is the Eastern Border.

      This is Capitol Hill.

    • I live in Capitol Hill and I would consider this Capitol Hill.

    • This is technically on the northern border of the Capitol Hill Historic District, though. I suppose it could be argued that it’s not in the district since the building is on the north side of F, but it’s certainly at the very least right on the border.

    • Agree – it is kind of ridiculous that people consider this part of NE “Capitol Hill”, but they do I suppose.

      I think it is overpriced for the neighborhood, but, as with all rentals of virtually all prices in DC, someone will take it.

  • $1300? What a testament to the [verb-of-choice] of the neighborhood. In 2006 I rented a large 1 bed/1 bath the next block over for $800, including water and heat.

  • It sounds like a good deal to me. Not a steal, but fair.

  • Sounds fair, especially considering it’s practically on Maryland (more foot/car traffic, less shady). It’s also really close to the H Street hotspots. I live on the Hill and would consider this Capitol Hill, though definitely not “blocks to the Capitol.”

  • I live on Capitol Hill and this, dear friends, is Capitol Hill.

  • No central air? Insane.

    • Buildings are just old. Furnace for heat and units for A/C. We just moved a couple months ago, and I am in love with being able to set the temperature to my choosing! It is indeed a luxury.

  • Since we must establish Hill credentials, I just moved from the Hill and this is NOT Capitol Hill. It might be on the border (the wrong side), but this idea that H street is Capitol Hill is only believed by those who live near H Street. Why not just say that Anacostia is Capitol Hill too? Or NOMA?

    • Who said anything about H Street?

      This place is on F Street.

      • This place is on F, but it’s common for the area between F and H to be lumped in to Capitol Hill as well. This discussion is, to an extent, a carryover from an earlier post today.

    • “this idea that H street is Capitol Hill is only believed by those who live near H Street”

      Not true. I live a block from Eastern Market but still claim this as part of my neighborhood.

    • Get over yourself.

  • Yes, this is Capitol Hill. Read the last paragraph. Sheesh.

  • As a big fan and avid reader of PoP, I’m surprised that this is the first time I’ve posted in the comments section.

    My boyfriend lived in this building a year and a half ago and, unless the management has changed, I would NOT recommend renting in this building.

    Long story short:

    Packages had to be delivered to the central office in a sister-building, which tenants in this building are not provided access to after 5PM. The management would then leave the deliveries overnight in the hallway of the other building. We had several packages stolen this way.

    Next, we had to give management an extra set of keys in case of emergency repair work. More than once, my boyfriend returned from work to find his door unlocked and wide open. Once, he found our DVDs strewn about on the coffee table. Thankfully, nothing was taken.

    The biggest grievance was when the management failed to respond to repeated calls about the sound of water dripping within the walls. A week later, the ceiling in the living room partially collapsed due to extensive water damage (the tenant above had an poorly-installed AC that had been slowly leaking into the wall). The crew spent days cleaning the debris and mold from the walls and patching up the ceiling.

    I do not believe that living at 1114 F Street NE is worth any price – but I would welcome any rebuttal by a tenant who has had good experiences since we left.

  • 2 years ago I was in this building for reasons having to do with my job (engineering) and I was under the impression that it was largely Section 8 or some type of subsidized housing – kind of rough. There are a number of social service related buildings nearby.

  • Gefilte
    is the building rent controlled? Thats always a positive trade off (sometimes) for a building lacking in good maintenance or management. I was in a rent controlled building for 10 years on the Hill (6th and A NE for those keeping track) and we had our ceiling cave into the apt underneath ours. No real amenities but damn, over ten years it was CHEAP, $1400 for two bedrooms with utilities included! as soon as we moved out, they gutted our unit for new floors, kitchen, dishwasher etc…and jacked up the rent. Probably started the next tenant at $1800.00.

  • Definitely Capitol Hill.

  • The location is pretty nice. On the Hill, but convenient to H St. Building looks nice from the outside, though I’ve never been in it. Lots of basement 1 bedrooms around here go for more than the price, so if you prefer an apt building with an above ground unit and the benefits of being in a larger building, this might be a pretty good opportunity. H Street is hot enough that I’m surprised they aren’t touting proximity to it in the ad.

    • Th elocation is ok. It is convenient to H St but not much else. Even if this area is considered “the hill” (see the debate above), it’s still not even that convenient for people who live on the hill.

      • This reminds me of the thread where folks were arguing that HR-57 was moving to an “inconvenient” new location on H Street, rather than it’s “convenient” location on 14th Street NW.

        I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective: If you’re planning on spending all your time at Tunnicliff’s and the Hawk & Dove, I suppose it’s not reall “convenient for people who live on the hill.” If you’re going to be spending all your time at the Rock & Roll Hotel, DC Commons, Granville Moore’s and the Argonaut, it’s arguably pretty convenient. 🙂

        • Agree. This is a ridiculous argument. I live on the Hill (10th and Constitution, west of Lincoln Park and well within the Historic District) and this location is super convenient to my house. It’s pretty close to the Park and not super far to the Market. It’s not super close to the Capitol complex etc, but it’s the Hill, nonetheless.

  • Unfortunately, the apartment was not rent-controlled, well, at least not rent-controlled to new residents. It appears they jacked the rent about $200 for a one-bedroom over two years.

  • The only positive point about this apartment complex is that it is a stones throw away from H street. The basement (or, more appropriately, root cellar, as it had an earthen floor) looked like something like the gimps hangout in Pulp Fiction. And sadly, I found myself down there doing laundry and changing fuses (poor wiring) on a weekly basis.

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