Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 415 4th St SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This 6 unit apartment building boasts a fabulous location. The building is located 4 blocks from Eastern Market, the House Office Buildings, and the Capitol South Metro Station. The apartment is open and airy due to the large windows and ten foot high ceilings.

The apartment is available August 1st and features the following:

* In Unit Washer/Dryer
* Oak Hardwood floors
* Fireplace
* Air Conditioning
* Kitchen area featuring good cabinet space, gas range, built in microwave, and garbage disposer
* Rear yard
* Separate Changing Room/Closet Area”

$1475 sound right for this studio?

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  • Questions:

    * Square footage?
    * Is the yard just for this unit?

    If the answers are > 350 and yes, this seems like a pretty solid offering. Certainly not cheap, but in unit W/D, included utilities and a private outdoor space is pretty sick.

  • hiiiiighly doubt the outdoor space is just for this unit, but maybe.

  • I did a quick google of the property company, and they have some pretty terrible reviews on both yelp and Makes me a little concerned. Anyone know anything about them?

  • Kitchen does not feature good cabinet space – where are the counters? I want a W/D in unit but this is just plopped down in the middle of nowhere.
    Paying a lot for location.

  • Says ‘gas range’, which makes me think it’s just a stove top without an oven. No dishwasher either, which isn’t great.

    Also, I hate when people say ‘garbage disposer’ instead of ‘garbage disposal.’

    • NM on the stove, apparently it is full. And a full fridge, which is decent for a studio.

      Very pretty, looks a lot like an apartment I had last year in New Orleans. Except that apartment was a 2bdrm for $1100. So yeah, location makes a pretty big difference.

  • The management company IS shady. Renter beware!

  • Why are all the rental option posts about stand-alone units going for $1200+? I think a lot of readers would benefit from information on bedrooms in shared houses in the $600-$900 range.

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