Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 1629 Columbia Rd, NW:
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The Craigslist ad says:

“This studio suite features approximately 495 sq ft of living space, ample storage including two walk-in closets, and oversized windows allowing for great natural light.
Bordeaux Floor Plan

The Argonne is a full service community located in the heart of Adams Morgan. We are only two blocks to the Columbia Heights Metro Station, and within walking distance to all of your favorite shopping, dining and entertainment destinations!

Community Amenities Include:

Well Equipped 24 Hour Fitness Center
Rooftop Pool & Sundeck
Concierge Services
Reserved Parking Available
Wireless Internet Lounge
On Site Laundry Center
Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery
Argonne Market & Pica Taco On Site”

$1662 sound right for a studio here?

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  • $1662 for a studio?! WHAT?! No way, Jose.

  • Huh?? this is crazy. I was all for it expecting it to be around $1100 but $1662 is insane!

    • The fact that there is a rooftop pool, on site gym and dry cleaning delivery will drive the price up higher than 1100. 1100 studios in this area aren’t very nice. Assuming this one is a nicer one, I think a few extra hundo a month is probably warranted. 1662 might be too much though – then again, I bet someone will pay it.

      • It’s not a rooftop pool, it’s on the same level as the second (maybe third) story of the building.

        And it’s absolutely not worth almost $1700 a month, not even with an onsite gym and dry cleaning delivery. I saw one of these units about a year ago – they’re your standard plaster-walls-and-parquet-floors rental property.

  • That would pay a mortgage on a 1200 square foot 3-bedroom house in many parts of NE & SE that are more accessible to downtown. No frigging way.

    • You’re right – but how about the 30/40/50 thousand dollar down payment you’ll need before you get that 3-bedroom house?

    • but that property you speak of isnt in the same place. you can get some place cheap out in West VA too, so what?

      • Anon, West Virginia is a little different than the “more accessible to downtown” areas I mentioned.

        And yeah, buying a house is different than renting a studio– but that doesn’t make rental/buying comparisons worthless. Some of you guys act like it is ridiculous to compare any rental to different parts of town or what you could buy for similar monthly payments. Sure, it depends on each person’s situation, but why would you ignore that completely? People use rent vs. buy ratios all the time.

        I’m not trying to convince anybody that they should buy rather than rent, but the rents in this town ARE getting ridiculous, and one way to show that is by making comparisons with mortgage payments.

        • VERY solid points SF.

        • Buying in west virginia is about as relevant to renting or buying this property as buying anywhere else is.

          The problem that people on here dont understand when they say “well you can get more house than this in several other places” is that while this is true, it disregards the fact that the people who pay more for a smaller place arent doing it out of ignorance or stupidity, they’re doing it because they are willing to pay more for less in a more desirable place.

          It doesnt matter what something costs somewhere else. If the location isnt comparable, then there is no comparison. Individuals may have different values for different things, but the market doesnt. So if something smaller is sold the same in one place that a bigger place somewhere else is, its a fair bet that the place that is smaller is in a more desirable location.

          • Anon – you’re wrong. Every single rental unit in DC is different – different buildings, different views, and different neighborhoods. These differences all add and take away from the value of renting the place. To say that no comparisons can be made between neighborhoods is ignorant. Your suggestion that this is akin to comparing to West VA real estate is equally so.

          • Actually I am completely correct, but nice try.

  • jim_ed

    I definitley looked at a one bedroom in here for around $1600 last fall. Didn’t visit it because they didn’t take dogs if I recall correctly.

    but no way is a studio there worth $1600.

  • First of all, the Argonne is in Mt. Pleasant, NOT Adams Morgan (and certainly not the “heart” of it). Second of all, it’s about $200 overpriced – I’d pay that for a studio in Dupont. The size is fantastic, true, but not THAT fantastic.

    • The Argonne (formerly Park Plaza, formerly Argonne) is on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan…Columbia Road does not even go through Mt. Pleasant AT ALL.

    • Considering how close this is to the heart of both adams morgan and mt. pleasant I’m surprised this struck your ire.

  • Agreed – $1662 is outrageous for this location and the size of these apartments (I had a friend that lived in one 2 years ago). $1300s-$1400s is probably more like it.

    • these are large studios and they’ve redone a lot of the apts. theyre actually pretty nice now.

      still a bit on the pricey side, and i dont trust anything that close to Adams Morgan to come roach infestation free.

  • Besides the fact that this is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced for the area, the layout is just dumb. I live in a similarly sized/shaped unit and for very little $ converted it into a one bedroom.

  • I definitely live right behind this building and pay $1300 for a LARGER studio. This is absurd.

    • Chalfonte? I used to live there and really liked it (cept for a few roaches the size of my head). I paid around $975 for a studio there in 2002. It’s definitely not 2002 anymore when it comes to rents in this city – they just go up and up. This place is a good example.

      • binpetworth

        You said it, Kev. I lived in the Chalfonte in 1999 (moved in right before the CH metro stop opened) and paid $625 for a studio…and had those same roaches of which you speak (hope they got rid of them, but I have my doubts). Hard to believe 10 years equals a 100% rent increase.

        • Just moved into the Chalfonte after looking at the Argonne — overpriced. I love the Chalfonte, and no roaches in my apartment.

  • Agreed that it is too expensive for the location. While technically on Adam’s Morgan, this building is definitely right on the border of Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant. Similar 1 bedrooms around here go for that same price.

  • Not a good deal. But I can see how you might be out of touch with current rental prices, since your place is paid off.

  • You have to amortize not only the mortgage, but also the down payment to make that kind of comparison.

  • I’ve been apartment hunting recently and have seen some INSANE rents for the dupont area. If you’re advertising a totally refurbed unit in a building with lots of shiny amenities that’s one thing. But I looked at an extremely average and very small (around 300 sq ft) studio apartment in the The Windermere-Harrowgate last week for almost $1,700 a month. Seriously? I almost laughed at them when they showed me the place.

  • The prices in AdMo are getting pretty ridiculous these days. I live in a studio loft – exposed brick, small balcony- up on Calvert and pay 1350. I`ve been trying to find a 1BR for a couple of weeks now and I rarely find one in the $1800, everything has skyrocketed to low $2000 to even $3000. This makes me sad. They even rent crappy basements for say $1700.

  • Err, I live in this building and pay over $200 less for my studio.

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