MiG Bar Opens in Adams Morgan

MiG Bar opened up last week on the second floor above Rendezvous Lounge at 2226 18th St NW. Their facebook page says:

“Reasonably-priced, quality beverages – Good tunes – Benign decadence”

Sounds promising. Anyone check them out yet?

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  • there’s an upstairs there?

  • Only if the $5 sangria, rail and margaritas and the $3 PBR and Natty Boh continue permanently, would I consider this place to be “reasonably-priced.”

  • Please tell me this place will be wall-to-wall cold war era kitsch.

    • andy

      Yeah. Is it some kind of combined tribute to Tom Cruise shooting down MiGs in Top Gun and his role in Cocktail?

  • PBR and Natty BOH? Why don’t they just start serving Milwaukee’s Best? Piss is piss.

  • why do we let these places do business cash only? You know they are doing this just so they can under-report for tax purposes.

    • Because the beast doesn’t have the hipster-gone-mainstream quotient of PBR and Natty.

    • People use cash because we don’t all work for the VISA corporation… yet…

      • you just enjoy paying ridiculous ATM fees? or lemme guess, you deal only in cash and have a large mattress…

        • saf

          You don’t have to pay ATM fees. There are many ways to avoid them.

          Use your bank’s ATMs. Get cash at a POS terminal.

    • Many new establishments open cash only until they get their credit card systems established. They’ll probably start accepting cards in a week.

    • They actually do it because the merchant services monopoly on credit card processing fees is outrageous. Most businesses pay tens of thousands of dollars a year so you can use your credit card since you don’t actually have cash.

      Do some research before you start spewing typical self-important “rah rah” DC nonsense.

    • saf

      No, they aren’t. They are doing it so they can avoid paying obscene fees to credit card services.

  • In Soviet Russia, bar goes to YOU!

  • If it is cash only (and stiffing on taxes no doubt) then I want the establishment to share that windfall by making the PBR $2 – $3 is hardly a special worthy price.

    If it is Soviet themed – I’ll be a very happy tovaresh.

  • Whoa, these are some really nasty comments.

    They are not cash-only for sketchy tax purposes. It’s because they just opened and paying the credit/debit card cut is really expensive. They plan to start accepting credit cards as soon as possible.

    Love, love, love MiG Bar. Love the decor, love the ambiance, love the owners/bartenders Van and Chad. I feel good about the prices, too, but I’d go anyway.

    No, I do not have a financial stake in MiG Bar. But I really like these guys, I really like their bar (I’ve been twice since it opened, and I wouldn’t go to AdMo for anything else, except maybe falafel), and I hope they do extremely well.

    Whatever. Van could open a bar in the ninth circle of Hell and I’d put on my Snowpocalypse gear and head on over.

    • Unlikely. The credit card fee is trivial compared to the 10% tax they’d have to pay on all receipts if payment was routed through Visa/Mastercard/whatever. I will not patronize these communist tax dodgers.

      • That’s cool. I didn’t want to hang out with you anyway.

        P.S. “Communist tax dodgers” is an interesting theoretical concept.

    • Ugh, can we please just call this neighborhood Adams Morgan and not AdMo? So pretentious.

    • saf

      “Whoa, these are some really nasty comments.”

      Those ARE some nasty comments. And I think cash-only is a good model. Pass those fee savings on to the customers!

      • Cash-only is not a “model.” It’s how business used to be run the world over. Not moving to CC-based payments does a disservice to customers. It’s less convenient at times. Especially in a world with $3-5 ATM surcharges.

        P.S. What are the chances there’s an ATM with a $5 surcharge within a stone’s throw of this place?

        • saf

          So they should pay the charges and fold them into the costs?

          And really, it’s a business model.

          • If your biggest complaint is that the bar is cash-only, then I think they must be doing something right. Many bars are cash-only AND serve $3 PBRs. This isn’t anything revelatory or offensive. This bar has great owners and great atmosphere, and I look forward to seeing it thrive in Adams Morgan/AdMo/whatever you want to call it.

          • saf

            You know I’m FOR cash-only, right? This comment is oddly placed.

  • I hold absolutely nothing whatsoever against booze. But a bar on top of another bar seems a bit excessive to me. (Obligatory) just sayin’.

  • Went to MiG Bar on Saturday night. The bartenders/owner were really friendly and the service was great, Van came out and took some Polaroids with us to put up on a growing wall collage by the bathrooms. The Sangria was very yummy, and the space is really cozy and laid back. The music was good and not loud enough that we couldn’t hear ourselves think. We had a pretty big group and no one had to wait long at all for a drink. I’d definitely go back here over a lot of the louder, more aggressive bars on the same street. This felt more like having drinks at the house of someone’s really cool, talented, hip friend.

    • That is EXACTLY the energy i am looking for. A spot not too rambunctious, loud, clubby, but yet….instead a laid back atmosphere, relaxing with good drinks. I caould get down with that.

  • it appears “Van” and “Chad” are awfully good at finding blog articles about their bar. lol

    • For sure. They spend all day checking their Google alerts and responding accordingly — well, except when they’re busy making a bunch of fake Facebook profiles to “like” MiG Bar. Shit’s time-consuming!

  • Lots of haters in the houuussseee. Per usual

  • I’ll likely check this place out. It’s kind of in an oft overlooked spot south of Soussie on 18th, which was (still is) popular with the Ethiopian/Eritrean/older male crowd. If they lack genuine article though, I’ll be out like shout. And no, PBR is not genuine article.

  • Trust me, if there is tax evasion happening here, they will be investigated.

    • Bigger question is where did they get the liquor license? Are they piggy-backing off the Rendezvous license (which you could do if it was the same ownership group as Rendezvous) or did they buy one of the 7 or so available for purchase within the Adams Morgan moratorium zone?

  • This was a gay bar a few months ago… Loved it, came back from out of town and now its hipster?

    • Yeah it was, one of my buddies dj’ed there once a week. It had a really cool vibe, but the owners fucked everyone over and they all split. We went one night and they ran out of cash lol, it was a total joke, something was def not right

  • Anybody remember the ‘Cadillac Club’ of the early `90s? In the same location. Back when after hours clubs dotted the landscape. All you had to do was be inside the place by closing time or, once they recognized you as a ‘regular’, you could tap on the window and someone would peek through the blinds and let you in. Nothing neferious going on (as far as I could ever tell)…just music and bar `til whenever wee hours you decided to leave. It was as low-key and off the beaten path as it was illegal. Great way wind down a night…

  • This place is awesome, best Ethiopian food in AdMo!

  • I live in North DuPont/Adams Morgan and I’m really jealous of all the neat places opening up along the H Street corridor. What are they doing over there to attract such good places that 17th and 18th Street are not?

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