Major Construction/Demolition at 2714 Ontario Road, NW

“Dear PoP,

I was noticing that that workmen at 2714 Ontario Road have gotten rid of the front part of the mansard roof in the building’s third story — even the dormer windows!

I guess it’s possible that they’re expanding the third floor to make it more spacious, but now I really fear a pop-up. And I was hoping that if they were going to do a pop-up, they could at least build it behind the existing facade. Now that the dormer windows and the adjacent part of the roof are gone, I fear the worst.”

I’ll be sure to update as construction progresses.

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  • Wow, I can’t believe they completely gutted that place, sold for $750k in September. Design perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but lovely looking floors and other touches from the listing photos last year:

    What a waste.

    • Wow… only $750K?? That was a steal for that area, I’d think.

      Lovely staircase/banister. I hope the floors, etc. at least went to some salvage place and weren’t just trashed.


  • Not sure why the felt the need to rip the mansard roof part off. They could have kept the lines to match the neighbors and still made more space on that floor.

    Developers of these type of projects often make weird choices so this seem par for the course. But I definitely think that whatever is going there is going to be (needlessly) out of place.

  • i freaking hate when developers tear the third floor off the house. whats the point? u can make a third floor and leave the existing windows their jerk!

    • how sure of this are you, are you a licensed architect? Didn’t think so. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before passing judgement.

      • no i am not an architect but look at the house next door. the third floor of the house next door is the same height as the new ceiling on the gutted house. they could have kept the third floor.

  • I live a block away. I think this mid-block address is zoned pure residential. The infamous, awful pop-up diagonally across the street on Ontario is closer to Columbia Road and fell under Columbia Road’s mixed-use zoning with its corresponding higher height limit. At this address, however, I don’t think they will be allowed to build above the existing roof line. (I confess I am speculating.) I notice this house every time I come and go from the “secret” Safeway parking deck, and I’ve always felt sorry for whoever rented that basement unit. Talk about grim. At least it looks like they are now digging out to give the basement a decent ceiling height.

    • You’re wrong. It’s zoned commercial. I believe it can only be 50 feet off the ground, be prepared for something out of place

  • I hope that if this one goes the pop-up route, it’s not going to end up as ugly as its neighbor on the other side of the street at 2713 Ontario Road.

    Whatever happened to the proposal for a historic district in this area?

  • I think all the residents rallied against the historic district. Much as they did in Chevy Chase. I don’t blame them as I live in one and know what a pain it can be. I think historic neighborhoods have their place but we have enough of them. We can all rest assured that we have what? a dozen historic neighborhoods that will be forever frozen in time. I actually enjoy seeing projects like this take shape. They add a little architectural diversity.

    • “All the residents” didn’t rally against the proposed historic district. Some did, some didn’t. HPRB decided there was too much controversy about it at the time and moved on to other issues.

      Ironically, many of those who rallied against the historic district are now bitching (quite loudly) about these properties on Ontario and other construction on Lanier.

      • Actually, most of the residents did rally against the historic district. The people trying to get the historic district were from the Kalorama Citizens Association and don’t even live in the neighborhood. They were able to get a grant from the Historic Preservation Office by filing several false statements and documents. One of the only residents that supported creating a historic district lives across the street from the projects on Lanier and wanted to stop any development near her house. Most of us are happy with the status quo and also are fine with the current developments, including this one.

  • If you were going to completely gut the place, why not buy one of the many “shells” in DC. Why destroy an otherwise very nice and very livable home? Seems strange.

  • Screw uniformity. I like it. Make it bigger! I dig the giant one in the links above. Definitely need to go take a walk and check that out.

    • I agree.. I think it removes the cookie cutter look to row houses and adds character.. as long as it isn’t gaudy I see no problem with it.. but even if it is.. it gives everyone something to ‘talk’ about and isn’t that what living in DC is all about? 😉

  • where are the grahams.

  • Would be interesting to find out the logic here. This can’t be a flip because the ROI would be negative. Also – never a good sign when they use a bobcat to dig out the basement….

    • 4 condos, selling each for 500K. ROI 1.3 million.

      • minus 200k for the rehab.

      • You must be using the same calculator that half the developers who are now bankrupt used. Don’t get me wrong, it can make SOME profit, but that’s if they REALLY play their cards right.

        Looking forward to see the progress.

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