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  • I see they went all out in making the storefront look new and exciting.

  • The lack of even basic cosmetic changes is a big disappointment and will unfortunately ensure that this building continues to be (for some unknown reason) a graffiti magnet. Don’t get why you’d open a “new” business and do so little to improve it…and I don’t get how the neighborhood punks continue to get away with painting so much at a fairly major intersection without getting caught…

  • I’m so glad they still carry Mickey’s. That’s what this Irish boy drinks on a hot summer morning.

  • Phew! Was getting so tired of having to walk those 3 extra blocks all the way to 9th and P Liquor for my ‘medicine.’ I tell ya, this town needs more liquor stores… especially ones with such a dependable selection of modestly priced, ‘get the job done’ beverages.

  • I was in there the other day. It may not look any different from out side, but the inside is much cleaner and brighter and the shelves are fully stocked. I also met the husband/wife owners they were very nice and went out of their way to help me find what I was looking for. It may not be Calvert Woodley Liquors but its much nicer that it was.

  • Sounds a lot like the transformation at Sherry’s. The new place is remarkable.

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