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  • TWO THUMBS DOWN; with an open mind i gave it a shot but unfortunately it is another generic venue with terrible atmosphere and overpriced drinks; i ordered a bells porter during happy hour and it was $9; been there once too many times.

    • Agreed. The food was pricey, for what it was, and the music was SO loud for 7pm when there were only 3 other people in the place. I wouldn’t go back and I doubt it will last another 6 months.

  • never been there.
    does anywhere have endless bloody mary’s? i don’t care for mimosas beyond one. too much sugar for me.

  • Was wondering what happened to Hominy (which replaced another restaurant in the space with a pretty good menu) — went there a handful of times before shows at the Lincoln Theatre. Food was pretty good — sorry to hear the thumbs down reviews of the latest installment in the space.

  • I went for brunch. Very reasonably priced and tasty. Plus 7$ bottomless mimosas. I had a delicious turkey burger and about 10 drinks (i lost count as my glass was never empty) and walked out for $20. other entres at brunch in the $10-15 dollars. the only thing pricer was the lobster dish, natch.

  • Tap & Parlour is one of my favorite haunts on U Street. Their brunch is excellent – probably the best Shrimp & Grits on U Street. Also, try the French Twist.

    The bartender Demetre, pours a good drink too!

  • @Anon: The Might Pint in the old Madhatter space does bottomless bloody marys on Saturdays and Sundays for @10: http://www.themightypint.com/weekly.php. I was so excited when I saw that as I hadn’t seen anyone else do that.

  • Hominy had really good food I will have to agree with bookhill, they left i heard because the chef was not treated fairly by the current owners and when the rat infested building was shot down by the health dept.who found dead rats in the bohemian caverns it was time for him to move on TBD.com http://tbd.ly/9QkKWk.

    • Actually, the chef at Hominy was evicted for non-payment of rent. When evicted, he broke into the establishment and trashed the kitchen, planted a few things, etc. Then, called the health inspector to come in the next day, anonymously.

      He later moved on to GII Lounge on Georgia Avenue, which subsequently, shut down as well.

  • Free cartoons?

  • I will say this the place is friendlier in it’s current incarnation that Hominy ever was. The customers are too. If they got their food on point and tweaked the furniture they could have a solid tryst vibe going in there.

  • I read PoP daily but have never felt as compelled to comment as I do now. Please do NOT eat brunch at this place. The service is awful and the food is inedible. A friend and I went several weeks ago because we could easily walk in as it wasn’t crowded (should have been a sign). The waitress was friendly enough but the soda she gave us wasn’t carbonated because something was wrong with their machines. It only went downhill from there. I got a dreadful omelet with nothing that I ordered in it. My friend had a nearly inedible turkey burger and the grossest looking frozen fries I’ve ever seen. It was just so…..terrible. Have a mimosa here because they’re cheap? Maybe. Eat here? Never!

  • I had brunch here about a month ago and I loved it! I’m not big on breakfast meats, so had some kind of egg dish including black beans and salsa. I tried to eat it all, but my stomach was too small for the food and bottomless mimosas. My three friends liked their food too. I initially sat outside, then moved inside when the clouds approached and moved back outside when my friends arrived. The staff couldn’t have been nicer about all my table swapping, but then, we’re are nice group of girls without any attitudes. They’re usually the source of bad service…

  • I’ve been here once for drinks, never food. I really liked it a lot. Our waiter was very nice and the atmosphere was cool. I am hoping that the space comes into its own a bit more over the next couple months, because it does have kind of a confused feel to me (the way places that have just changed hands without any significant remodeling tend to do). The location can’t be beat for me, so I’m definitely going to give it another shot, despite any negative comments.

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