Judging Restaurants – Wok N Roll (Adams Morgan)

Wok N Roll is located at 2400 18th Street NW (there is also a location at 604 H Street. NW.)

Wok and Roll”s new opening in heart of Adams Morgan, serving the best of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The clean, modern and warm atmosphere inspiring our guests from delicious dishes, great selection from the sushi bar with the finest Asian organic ingredients, variety of Cold and Warm Sake and much more… Come to enjoy our Happy Hour from Monday to Friday 4 to 7PM. Our new Karaoke entertainment system features over 50,000 hit songs from all the time. We offer the free Wi-Fi for all business meeting and social networking’s need. Enjoy one of the best patio in Adams Morgan.

So in addition to the food – has anyone tried out the karaoke?

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  • Terrible. Never go there under any circumstances.

    • OK, I feel bad for posting that. I have been to the karaoke and loved it. In fact, I love this place so much I hope none of you ever go. Part of the charm was that it was half deserted.

  • I thought the sushi was good when I tried the place several months ago.

  • took the family there a few months back and it was pretty good. the sushi chef was showing off a giant live scallop at the sushi bar when we walked in, and i asked if they could prep it in one of their sushi combos and they obliged.

  • I’ve been there for lunch a couple of times and it was good, but almost totally empty both times. I’ve also ordered take out (I’m in Logan Circle) and it’s always been quick and good.

  • All the grammatical errors in their self-provided description just makes me want to pinch their cheeks 🙂

    Seriously though, my roommate went and said they have great HH and the food was decent. It is on my list of places to try!

    • Gosh, that grammar almost sounds intentional! Brilliant marketing!

    • Yep, it’s true! I’ve been twice – both times I left happy. It’s not life changing, but it’s decent food for a good price. Last time I went, my friend and I shared two entrees, I had sake and he had 2 beers and our bill was like $43. Service is so-so (it took FOREVER for someone to come and take our order), but I was with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and we were out on the patio on a nice day, so it really wasn’t a big deal. Will definitely go back.

  • i love The Free WiFi

  • Decent sushi, great happy hour, spacious patio. You’ll never have trouble getting a seat in Adams Morgan but the location in Chinatown is usually more crowded.

  • Happy Hour is great! Went with a big group of friends and they had no problem accommodating us and our random ordering habits.

  • went there for happy hour. it actually went until 8pm when we were there so i’m confused by the description provided. i hope it hasn’t really changed to 7pm. that would be a bummer.

  • The food is pretty decent, but the delivery from the Chinatown location was horrible. The delivery guy was late, called me to come outside five minutes before he even showed up and then wouldn’t get out of the car.

  • I’ve had delivery from them several times and been happy. Sushi was good, Chinese food was good, egg drop soup was meh (hey, can’t have everything). I’ll continue to order from them.

  • Note that they don’t start their karaoke at night until 10:30 or so after the dining room clears out.

  • I got delivery from here a few times after Caps games. I puked every single time. May have been something to do with the booze, but the food is not that good.

  • Walked in one day, looked at the menu, walked out. Decent prices, but their veggie sushi were same ole.

    If it’s that empty, and there’s 50k karaoke songs, maybe there should be a meetup. :p

    • to be fair, veggie sushi????

      • To be fair, yes. Sushi just refers to the rice, not the variable other ingredients.

        • I’m not saying that veggie sushi doesn’t qualify. I’m just saying, how do you REALLY differentiate between good veggie sushi and bad veggie sushi? there’s not really much preparation.

      • Veggie sushi is awesome if done right. I’m not talking about California rolls, but interesting things like spicy tofu and crunchy pickled vegetables/fruits.

  • Becoming a regular there for happy hour. This is the best patio in AdMo since Adams Mill closed. The staff is super attentive, keeping the $2 happy hour beers coming. Dog friendly too!

  • pointless restaurant

  • This place is definitely a welcome replacement to whatever cafe occupied it before. Drink on that patio? HELLO HAPPY HOUR!!! Karaoke on their brand new system with projection screen? P.S. Happy Hour boasts $2 tiger beer and $1 nigiri.

    P.P.S. most of the people in my experience that knock sushi of a particular restaurant don’t really know what they’re talking about. they just don’t like the rolls or want more cream cheese in their philadelphia roll. they’ll then order a spicy crunchy tuna roll, and claim things tasted frozen.

    • I still prefer Spices for delivery….

      And while Wok and Roll might be better than Prince Cafe, which was there last, this is a pale, poor replacement for Belmont Kitchen which ruled that corner for years before that.

  • also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the happy hour last until 8pm (not 7)?

  • I ate there – I didn’t like the food at all.

  • i’ve been to both locations and it’s quick service and delicious. the delivery is also incredibly fast.

  • I rarely have a food experience that is noticeably bad and the meal I had there in April or early May was really lousy. The service was not great eitherMy friend and I had recently had a lousy meal at Spaghetti Western … but somehow that bad meal came as less of a surprise than the meal at Wok and Roll. The patio was nice and would have been nicer if we were not surrounded by smokers.

  • this was hands down the worst chinese i have had. i had some version of buddha’s delight, husband had a philly roll and some meat/veg meal. nothing was well done. service was horrible and the place only had two other tables. we were really disappointed.

  • Went there with a big group of people on Saturday night for karaoke. REALLY good times! The service was excellent. The bartenders were super nice. I felt bad though: a small fight broke out, and this small bartender had to break it up, but he was like half the size of the two dudes fighting. Also, I hope they increase the size of their karaoke selection. Will definitely go again!

  • Got delivery from the Chinatown location recently. It was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. Like, possibly the worst Chinese food I’ve ever had.

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