Judging Restaurants – Pica Taco + Burrito Eating Challenge Sat.

Pica Taco has two locations at 1629 Columbia Rd, NW and 1406 Florida Ave NW. You can see their menus here. I finally got to try a breakfast taco and I thought it was awesome. I also noticed a sign up for a burrito eating challenge this Sat.

“Do you think you have what it takes to battle EL TORO BURRITO?
4 pounds, 45 minutes, $14.99 (if you don’t finish).

Square off against friends, or fellow brave challengers. Winners earn an exclusive El Toro T-shirt, gift certificate, and bask in eternal fame on the Wall of Champions.

Challenges take place one Saturday each month and alternate between our Columbia Rd. and Florida Ave. locations.”

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  • Anybody else find this be to a disgusting and irresponsible thing to do?

    Shock your system by ingesting a week’s worth of calories in 45 minutes! We’ll give you a crummy t-shirt. We’ll put your name on a wall. We’ll even call the ambulance when you keel over in a pile of regurgitated beans, rice, and sour cream. Sign up today!

    • New to America?

    • are you so rational, it hurts?

    • You must be lots of fun at parties!

      • this is such a lame response. my bet is this person is tons of fun at parties b/c they’re an intellectual with creativity and not some idiot that think it’s wicked cool to eat or drink competitively.

    • Yep. Wasteful and piles of vomit outside the store will make Mt. Pleasant smell like Adams Morgan.

    • Does anyone else find this a disgusting and irresponsible thing to do?

      Shock your system by introducing toxic ethanol which has no scientifically agreed healthy dose! Ingest over 5 units in one night, so much that fun hating organizations will label you an addict! We’ll even call you a cab when you have ingested so much you can’t safely operate a motor vehicle!

      My god, how could anybody do that to their bodies? Oh wait, we all do it every Friday night.

      Oh, and here’s another one!

      Shock your system by putting your muscles and circulatory system into overload, using up a week’s worth of calories in 4.5 hours! Exert yourself to the point your digestive and renal systems go into failure, causing yourself to lose bowel and bladder control! We’ll even call the ambulance when you keel over at mile 23.5! Sign up today!

      Wow. It’s almost like many, if not most of the things people do for fun are bad for them in some way. If only we could all have nothing but healthy hobbies like you and apparently do light calisthenics while listening to Shakespeare on tape and eating tofu all weekend.

      • Not a logical or relevant retort.

        • Care to explain why? I am demonstrating how many normal activities sound awful when described the way Denizen described this contest, while explaining that most of the things people do for fun are bad for them (like eating a 4 pound burrito) when done to excess. That seems quite relevant to me.

    • @Denizen of Tenallytown: I’m sure the eponymous forefather of our ‘hood, 18th Century tavern-owner John Tennally, would shed a proud tear at the pornographic glut of beans, rice, and sour cream (and don’t forget the pork and guac, mind you!) about to seethe its way down the brave gullets of we hungry few. After all, his grandchildren fought an unjust imperialist war against the new Mexican Republic so we could feast on all the fish tacos our gachupine guts can handle. So, may freedom and gluttony reign, echoing from the heights of Fort Reno to the slopes of Meridian Hill (and through the humble dining area of Pica Taco)!

      • @Denizen of Tenallytown: Also, how dare you insult the honor of the venerable El Toro Burrito Challenge, the nice ladies of Pica Taco and this great nation, besides!? I challenge you to an Eating Contest Duelo al Muerto, with the popular fast food medium of your choice!

    • selfish and wasteful

  • people swear by this place, but I was sorely disappointed. kind of bland, very gringo-ized. I’ve had better in the CH/MtP area.

    • I have really liked their tacos/burritos. In particular their pork burrito with guac!

      Where did you like better? I am always looking for good tacos

  • 4 pounds of burrito doesn’t sound so bad… what does the average Chipotle burrito weight?

  • This is a trend that is being spread via the Travel Channel/Food Channel – there are a couple of popular shows featuring some doofus who attempts similar challenges from around the country each week. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he fails, but I’m sure his GI tract and cardiovascular system are the real losers.

  • Pica Taco??! That’s a really unfortunate name for a taco place.

    “Yes, I’ll have a rocks, dirt and pen lids taco, please.”

  • El Toro Champion here! And I like their tacos.

  • If you lose you get jumped for 13 seconds by the regulars.

  • @Denizen – that was just a HORRIBLE first post. Quit crying.

    4lb burrito is only like 4 reg burritos or less.

  • I’m a regular at their FL Ave spot. I love their tortas. It’s messy and delicious. I really love this place and I’m happy to frequent.

  • I get tacos to go from their Columbia rd location all the time. Sadly they don’t have Margaritas or beer at this location because they have a great little patio. I hope they get a liqour license soon.

  • I’m also not really a huge fan. I know lots of people love it, but I’ve been disappointed a couple of times. I prefer Super Taco on Columbia and 17th.

  • The tortas are incredible and well priced and the staff is super friendly. They also have a frequent burrito card.

  • Love the tacos at the FL ave location

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