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Back in Jan. ’11 while I was out of town, the LoP noted some interesting restaurant names. Well I just noticed that one of them, New Big Wong, had applied for a liquor license so I thought I’d check to see if there were any fans. New Big Wong is located at 610 H St NW:

New Big Wong Restaurant welcomes you to a pleasant and memorable dining experience.

We feature authentic Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. We take pride in serving you the finest Oriental cuisine in the area. Our menu is a suggestion for your selection. The sauce is the magic ingredient, which blends the meat, poultry, seafood, or chicken with fresh vegetables to create unique dishes. Each dish is prepared to order. The spicy dishes are prepared to the degree of your taste. Please notice the dishes offered for the diet conscious – low in sodium and mildly seasoned.

You can see their full menu here.

Any fans?

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  • We’re allowed to laugh at the name right? I wonder if Congressman Weiner ever ate here.

  • I was there a few weeks ago with friends after a couple hours at The Passenger. Walking around asking people if they knew how we could find New Big Wong was really funny to me at the time. Honestly we were just asking for directions! Food was great!

  • Average Americanized “Chinese”. Sugary and goopy.. but a godsend at 3am on a Friday night when everything else is closed.

    • See below about ordering from the “real” Chinese menu. Even if you don’t speak the language you can often ask the waitress for recommendations or translation. It may take some effort to show them that, yes, you really ARE interested in the non-Americanized dishes. This is also true at Full Kee, etc.

  • Bring a friend that speaks Cantonese and knows a bit about the cuisine. You’ll be able to access an entirely different menu that is actually very tasty.

    Otherwise, you’re more or less stuck with the “Meat X with Vegetable Y in brown/white sauce” list.

  • This place is great. Better when you’re drunk, but still great sober.

  • me

    I am laughing like an 8-year-old at that name. I can’t help it.

  • Eat First is better

  • This has been my favorite on the Chinatown strip for years. Probably the best place to go if you want to be adventurous and get some “real” Chinese food. Some of my favorites include Sauteed Frog with Chives and Tripe with Cabbage.

  • new big won is the absolute best thing open late – I’ve been there close to 3pm.
    wong is the bomb.

  • The food is pretty decent but their service is HORRIBLE!

    Just HORRIBLE!!!

  • Love Big Wong! The name perfectly complements the greasy food at 3am. Wong cult has reached epic proportions in our social circle. We are all Huge Wongers.

  • So apparently with every Chinese restaurant, there’s always this great Chinese food that’s on the “real” Chinese menu that they don’t give to Anglo-looking customers. My question is when will someone figure out that tons of non-Asians in this town basically avoid all Chinese restaurants like the plague b/c they hate the standardized General Tso’s sweet and sour crap and would love to eat actually tasty food from the “real” menu? Who’ll be the brave pioneer that will actually sell fresh, tasty Chinese food like I’ve had in San Francisco but never encountered in DC? I think they’d find a huge market.

    • This is happening in areas around DC. Look up Grace Garden Chinese located in Odenton. The owners serve authentic Cantonese and Sichuan fare to round-eye patrons. Critics have given it favorable reviews.

      Perhaps you could become a self-proclaimed Sino American food liaison for the metro DC scene. Assuming you have some Chinese speaking friends, go with them to one of these restaurants and get the real deal. Have the waitress or one of your friends write down the dishes in both Chinese and English. Throw up some suggestions on Yelp, Chowhound, or PoP – name a restaurant and a couple of the dishes you had.

  • If you’ve been to any of the Chinese places in Chinatown during the day you’d notice lots of tourists and gaggles of office workers. These groups are the bread and butter of the Chinese restaurant trade. If you want food from the “authentic” Chinese menu, expect to pay $$. That’s by and large not what these people want. They want the $5 General Tso’s chicken, friend rice and egg roll special (easy to make, cheap ingredients) and that’s how these restaurants make their money.

    Having said that, New Big Wong and Eat First are two of the better places if you order from the “Chinese” menu.

  • I hear the Cream of Sum Yung Gai soup is quite good. Not my thing though – not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Only Asian restaurant I trust in the city. Even better because it’s in a creepy basement.

  • Full Kee has a number of authentic specials handwritten on cards on the wall…years ago it was all in Chinese but now there are translations (with some interesting spelling). Better than the wong in my opinion.

  • Their food is awesome. We had our post wedding meal there after our courthouse ceremony and they accommodated all 13 of us. For such a small restuarant, they have a huge menu with fresh exotic seafood. Don’t pass them by.

  • BIG WONG!!!!!!

  • It’s actually pretty good. Great kimchi!

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