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  • jim_ed

    Love Aatish. The Lamb Rogan Josh and Chicken Vindaloo are personal favorites. Girlfriend swears she could live off their Naan. I like this place a little better than Capitol Hill Tandoor on 8th, although it’s a bit more expensive. Slightly overpriced, but the food is tasty.

    BONUS: If you get delivery, they just send one of their waiters, so you get a guy in a tuxedo dropping off your food.

  • Really good.
    they used to have a sweet coupon for one free entree on their website too… not sure if they still do

    • We’ve been getting those coupons in the mail. Still haven’t gone yet but the menu looks excellent.

  • Love this place–a bit pricey as delivery option, but well, well worth it.

    Disclaimer: I have heard complaints from neighbors about the spice content. On the other hand, it’s Pakistani food, fer cripes’ sake.

    • Yeah, we recently ordered from there, not our first time, and asked for medium spice when they asked. It was inedible it was so hot. Even the one of us who says food should make your head sweat said it was too hot. Otherwise the food is good though, but order mild if you don’t want to die. That was the first time I’ve ever had spicy matar paneer.

  • My favorite Indian place. Although I may be biased, since they deliver to my house.

    It may seem pricey, but the portions are huge for delivery. We manage to make 2-3 meals out of it when we order.


    Had an absolutely miserable experience here about a year ago, and vowed to never go back. They nickel and dime and try to upsell for everything. Place is always empty, I honestly don’t know how they manage to stay in business. The bill is never itemized so you never know what costs how much. And they “require” that every person in the party orders an entree. The manager actually came out and lectured us about it once when my friend and I went. I only wanted a lassi and mainly keep my friend company while he ordered a full meal, but one wasnt enough, so the came out from the back and told me we all NEEDED to order an entree. I managed to at least get out of it by ordering some samosas just to get him to chill out.

    The staff hovers, mainly because its always so empty, they likely have little else to do. It’s a very awkward experience.

  • i work nearby and we loooove aatish in my office. delicious.

  • Favorite place for delivery or eat in for this type of food.. I like it spicy, and they do a great job with that. Of all the delivery places for Indian/Pakistani food, their delivery shows up least greasy. Also, they are always throwing freebies in the back (either rice pudding or raita almost every time) HIGHLY recommended!

  • Love this place–mango chutney is so good! They also really aren’t kidding when they say they’ll make your food spicy, which I appreciate.

  • the best thing about it? blocks to the capitol.

  • Fire on the Hill? More like Fire in your Hole!

  • i’m intrigued by their ” Hel Cone”. sounds delish.

  • the food is good, but their prices, at least for dining in, are way too expensive. indian/pakistani food just shouldn’t be this pricey.

  • I went here when I was a page for the House…I vaguely remember breaking both a glass and a plate. Good food though, despite their angry stares.

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