Judging New Restaurants – Lincoln

Lincoln is located at 1110 Vermont Ave, NW:

Lincoln’s seasonal menu will showcase simplistic market fresh dishes by Chefs Demetrio Zavala & Karen Nicolas crafted from fresh ingredients supplied by local farmers, daily seafood catches by local fishermen, and artisanal meat from ranchers around the region. There will be many nods to Abraham Lincoln’s favorite foods including oysters, gingerbread and chicken fricassee.

Master mixologist, John Hogan created one of the city’s most distinctive and fresh bar programs completely around the restaurant’s artistic concept. From the unique Mason jars featuring infused bourbons to the city’s first moonshine list all served in antique style copper cups, each hand-crafted drink truly reflects the simple values and tastes of an era that evoked change.

I’ve already started hearing good things. You can see their menus here. Anyone check them out yet?

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  • Captcha says it all, MMHH

  • I’m only going there if the waiters are tall guys with beards and top hats.

  • Oh I’m curious to know! Work right around the corner but haven’t been (not much on the menus of interest). Perhaps a good spot for happy hour. I wanna see the penny floor!

  • staggeringly, unbelievably lame. rarely have i seen such a heavy concentration of fading players, divorcees, and douchebags in one place. think Rumors if Rumors spent a few million bucks on a renovation “concept”.

  • saf

    “simplistic market fresh dishes ”

    I would not be advertising that my menu is simplistic.

  • Have been here a few times. Love the decor (especially the floor made entirely of pennies), the food, and the drinks. I can say that some of their drinks are very original, and very good. The bartenders are some of the friendliest I have seen in DC. The food is excellent and fresh, but a tad bit on the pricey side. It has always been packed wall to wall at happy hour. I will definitely be returning

  • Really good happy hour drinks and prices. Food is a touch on the expensive side.

  • They’re opening up this one on 1100 L ST:


    Signature drink will be the “Tippecanoe and Bourbon too.”

  • That’s the old Il Mulino place. It sure was overpriced, but so tasty and old-school. I remember trekking there through Snowpocalypse and being one of three tables in the entire house. Best service ever.

  • Drinks are great. Food is hit or miss. Really cool decor.

  • The restaurant is trying to walk that line between techno-trendy and the prohibition style bars that have become popular over the past 2 years in DC. I think trying to walk that fine line caused the menu and execution of the menu to be lost. The decor and drinks are great, but the bar area is small. So really this an interestingly decorated restaurant with just slightly worse than mediocre food and better than average drinks.

    The food is a half baked attempt at small plates. I went two weeks ago with the fiance and had about 10 small plates between the two of us. 5 of 10 were pretty bad, stuff you could probably make better yourself at home (seriously how do you screw up “fancy” mac and cheese?) 3 of the 10 were ok, but nothing I’d come back for. And two of the plates I might actually order again.

    I won’t be going back for food. I’d go back for drinks (although none of their specialty drinks are cheaper in happy hour).

  • I’m a fan. The interior is pretty cool and not similar to many other places in town. Agree that the food is hit or miss, although unlike Vanman0254, I LOVED the mac and cheese. (I do not recommend the “tots,” which were a huge disappointment.) The Lady Lincoln cocktail is absolutely delicious and deceptively strong for what it tastes like (though less surprising if you read the ingredients). Friendly staff overall. A little overpriced, but in that area, it’s hard to find many places that aren’t. I like it and look forward to making additional visits.

  • We ate there and loved it. Lots of options for vegetarians, too.

  • “Master mixologist, John Hogan…”

    What distinguishes a mixologist from a bartender? Is it like enlisted versus commissioned ranks in the military?

    How does one master mixology?

  • I like it. I went in early May. The spread jars are a nice touch, and some of the dishes were great, the roasted grape risotto and the gnocchi in particular. This is a restaurant where vegetarians can go and not have to suffer the portobello mushroom entree. And it’s pretty. Overpriced? Name a restaurant in DC that isn’t.

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