Judging Liquor Stores – Sherry’s

A couple of months ago we learned that Sherry’s was moving from 2315 Calvert Street NW to 2627 Connecticut Ave, NW in Woodley Park. A number of readers wrote in saying that the new space looked great. I finally stopped in for a peek and was amazed at the selection.

I think beer lovers will be pretty happy too:

They even have something for sake lovers:

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  • bigger space, though you’ll still be tripping over people and saying “pardone.” enjoyed the selection (sherry’s has always been very decent), but didn’t really care for the prices/lack of specials.

  • Best Liquor/Beer/Wine store in the area.

    Great selection, good prices, friendly staff.

    AND they let you bring your dog in!!

    • That’s all true, except for the “good prices” part.

    • I appreciate EVERY liquor/beer/wine store, but I have to say, I love the liquor supermarket run by MoCo ABC up by Strike Bethesda. It’s usually worth a drive for me if I’m up for some serious “drankin’.” Same for wine at the Pentagon City Costco — good selection and good prices (though no one will help you find a good bottle).

  • Agreed – the new space is larger and has a fantastic selection of beer, which is refreshing for Woodley. Gents at the counter are always pleasant too.

  • Great People. New space is definitely an upgrade.

  • I’m happy to see this posted. Have been meaning to send an email along the lines of “Hey PoP, the new Sherry’s looks great.”

    Sherry’s is the best thing in Woodley Park (says something about my priorities doesn’t it?). They have a great selection, knowledgeable staff, and prices in line with the market.

    Incidentally, I don’t think their selection has expanded at all with this move. I talked to the guy about it and he said that this was all stuff they had in the old space, it was just harder to find. They are planning on getting more stuff in the future, though.

    • It sure seems like they have a better beer selection now. Maybe it’s just a lot better organized.

  • Wow. This looks a lot different than my charming Rocket at 9th and Kennedy. :p

  • Wow looks great. Haven’t been yet but props to them for sticking with the neighborhood move after move. I like how they incorporated their sign inside the store. I guess the new landlord didn’t want it on the outside of the building?

  • Selection – check.
    Convenience – check.
    Prices – fail.

    For my more standard purchases:

    Beer/table wine – Manhattan Market
    Liquor/nice wine – Calvert Woodley (even with the extra metro fare or capital bikeshare ride, it’s well worth the trip to Van Ness)

    • And they have free parking for your hybrid Zipcar, too!

    • No argument about Calvert Woodley, but going to Manhattan Market over Sherry’s for beer and wine is insane.

      Prices are about the same, maybe even lower for wine at Sherry’s, and at Manhattan Market you run the risk of the wine having sat on the shelf for years and years. I’ve seen bottles there that are 2-3 years past their sell date.

      Plus the selection is considerably better at Sherry’s. They have some decent $10-$15 wines, whereas Manhattan Market only has the most generic and mass-produced of grocery store wines.

  • When I lived down the block during college DC semester, they never carded. I loved them for that.

  • Too bloody crowded. Aisles tiny. Everytime I turned around I thought I was going to knock something over and worst of all they had stuff stacked on the floor in front of the shelves, too. Just a warning: you might want to send a friend if you’ve had a few already.

  • I liked the previous location better.

  • all the people who are complaining can suck it. there are so few decent establishments of any description in woodley park that i happily give these guys my business. they are friendly and very knowledgeable about their booze.

    and they actually do have specials, 10% off scotch on Thursdays (and for all y’all who can buy at that price every day somewhere else, i don’t care).

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