Judging Buildings – 9th and F St, NW

The scaffolding has come down from the old Masonic Temple building at the corner of 9th and F St, NW. I think it looks phenomenal.

Be sure to check out the great details as well:

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  • Is that above McCormick and Schmick? Wow that’s beautiful, great restoration work!

  • I drove by this on Saturday and almost wrecked the car. It’s really stunning.

  • One of my favorite buildings in the city — and a very nice restoration job.

  • This is the most recent restoration. It was worked on back in the 80’s and remained empty for many years. It is a beautiful building and I hope it is properly maintained so it does not have to go through a total rehab in the next few years.

  • I think it all comes down to square footage and amenities. The location is good and the price isn’t bad, but I could see this either being a steal or simply market standard for the neighborhood and Metro proximity.

  • is the first pic real, looks like a rendering, otherwise, what an amazing old building

  • That’s old. Something with 12 stories would be better because density is the best. They should knock it down and maximize profit and investment.

    • Agreed. Most of downtown should be dynamited and replaced with 12-story office cubes to maximize tax revenues. That or a Frank Gehry monstrosity that looks like some fat f**k sat on a can of Pringles.

    • your sarcasm would be funny if it wasn’t such a common mindset.

  • i love this building.

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