Judging Buildings – 1724 Park Rd NW (Fmr Horse’s Ass Award Nominee)

May 2011

“Dear PoP,

The new ‘green’ condos in the house next to the tricycle house on Park Rd in Mt Pleasant that has been gutted & re-done. The interiors look beautiful, as does the exterior.”

I also got an email from the developer who shares the projects Web site with photos here. He tells me that all units have gone under contract except for the lower/garden level – “#4, with its own private entrance, for $425,000, which includes a rear parking space.”

This former horse’s ass award nominee used to look like this:

April 2010

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  • Even in the older pictures, the bicycle house gets my vote for the horses ass award.

  • It’s beautiful but rather like two women showing up at a party wearing the same dress. The forced comparison does neither of them any favors.

  • what exactly are the requirements for a Horse’s Ass Award?

  • I think it looks great

  • Really? I like how the house compliments the trikie house but it more toned down and would attract a wider taste.

  • LOVE. IT.

  • brookland_rez

    Looks like a carnival.

  • the bike art is creepy.

  • Thrilled. This was the last big eyesore on an otherwise lovely block.

  • Good luck to the people who bought those condos. I visited during an open house and the workmanship throughout was shoddy, to say the least. Chipped tiles in the bathroom, unsanded wood finishes, low quality materials, etc.

  • I saw some paint and patch areas that were rough during an open house a few weeks ago. I asked the realtor about it and was told that finishers were still doing punchlist work over the next weeks. I think they looked great and loved the bamboo floors!

  • I was really impressed during the open house a few weeks back. The natural restored brick wall in the den was perfect. I could really see raising our family there, but the unit we wanted is already under contract. With incredible views from the roof deck and a quick walk over to the Columbia Heights metro, it’s perfect for our family’s needs and I hope we can find a way in.

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