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  • When I lived at my old place this was a godsend. It started out with mediocre service and food, but the beer has always been fantastic. They have since merged their Sushi and Mongolian BBQ into the bar so there is a wide variety of food.

    The beer towers are great. You can generally find a TV with any sporting event you want. They have a good happy hour special (food and drink)

    I love this place and even though it isn’t conveniently across the street anymore, I still try to pop in every once in a while. I love their wings…

  • Really one of the stranger places in DC, but they do have a good happy hour. I do miss Florence, the best waitress in the world!

  • Great happy hour. In general though just a terrible place. Its NOT a brew house. At best its a decent replica of a hotel bar that happens to have some skee ball.

    It probably does the trick for convention goers though. I’d think this block is ripe for an actually good bar…

  • Easily one of the best if not the best places in town to watch sports. Its a large space so can usually get a spot/TV to watch any game you want. Really nice list of beers on tap. Food is average but its not bad at all for a sports bar.

  • I live a few blocks away and agree with most of what people have said. The prices are fair (especially happy hours). They have daily deals like $5 burger Wednesdays, etc. For NFL fans, they have Sunday ticket, plenty of TVs to group up with other like-minded fans and buckets of beers that won’t break the bank.

    As for the somewhat odd Asian side of the menu – the sushi isn’t awful but the real steal is the make your own stir fry which is great (pick however many veggies you want, meat, etc.) and will feed you for multiple meals.

    While it isn’t the most original spot in town, it serves its purpose well – fairly priced, good for sports, and occupying an area that seriously lacks alternatives.

  • Most of my experiences here have been because they host the DC Noles during football season. During the games, the service is lousy and slow…but that’s somewhat to be expected. One time we had a really rude waitress, but having gone back recently (during baseball season- WAY less crowded), the service was actually pretty good. I agree that the food is typical bar food, but my roommate said the sushi isn’t half-bad.

  • average bar. average food. not the best place. not the worst. just blah.

    but, if you just want a beer, its the only thing for a few blocks.

  • Three years ago when I lived very nearby I loved this place. While the food was a bit overpriced, the service was always great. But then I started arriving to find the place SWAMPED with convention-goers, and it sort of lost its charm to me. I did return to watch the World Cup there last summer and I agree it is a GREAT place to catch a game.

  • Holy cow, that place is still open??!!

    Great Simpsons CAPTCHA: FLVN

  • Wow. Given the typically negative comments on other posts, I was expecting this place to get raked over the coals.

    I think this is easily in the running for worst restaurant in DC.

    My office is located nearby, and for the moment there are few local lunch options (though we’re excited for Seasonal pantry on 9th between N and O to start selling sandwiches). As a result, my colleagues and I went a few times when we first moved to the area.

    We’ve now banned it from our lives. The food is consistently horrific. We’ve had everything from burgers to Mongolian (though are too frightened to try the sushi).

    It’s really a shame, because a solid lunch spot nearby would be great. They just seem really, really lazy and disinterested in serving even average-quality food.

    I’m sure it’s fine as a sports bar, since they don’t brew their own beer. If they did, I’m sure it would lead to blindness and cholera.

  • I should add something. I’m not a snobby foodie expecting gourmet food at every local sports bar. But this place can’t even make edible burgers or salads or wings. It’s really a travesty for the good people of Shaw/Mt Vernon.

  • I went to trivia night here once (i think it was a Wednesday night). It was actually great, not too crowded and good happy hour specials. I’d go back.

  • Love the place! The food is great. It is a bar. They serve BAR food. Can’t expect much more. Sports are great. My only reservation is that they let those damn Alabama fans take over the entire place and play their stupid fight song every 1st Down. They don’t reserve any extra TVs for people who can only get their games at the bar, like PAC10 fans 🙂

  • I went there a while back to watch football and they do have a lot of big TV’s, which was nice. The food was unremarkable and the beer was pretty bad, but I kind of expected that since Old Dominion beer was, with the exception of Tupper’s Hop Pocket, pretty bad. Maybe the beer selection has improved now, though.

  • Beer selection has gotten better. Food is blah but better than many sports bars. Great for watching a game with a bunch of people as there are not many sports bars this big in the city. I dont like it because it is a sports bar. We need better in this part of shaw. Maybe Velour will give them a run for their money. 🙂

  • Waffle fries, beer towers, chicken wings and lots of TV’s.

    Service is hit or miss, but unless you are out for fine dining, where is that not the case in DC?

    Great spot to watch a game, imbibe some beers and have some beer munchies.

  • This is one of the best places to watch Sunday football, because they have good food and you can show up around game time and still get a seat. Shhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone or this will change.

  • PaschTag

    I will say this place is shitty so I still have a place to watch football sunday.

  • Like someone stated earlier – odd assortment of comments on this place. I was also expecting this place to be crucified. Have been here in the past & aside from being one of the only places near the Convention center, I see no reason to ever patronize this place. It was just bad.

  • Plenty of televisions (including in the bathroom, a nice touch!) and decent beer specials. The food menu is lacking, but the waffle fries are good. I go here often.

  • I live 3 blocks away and it is a great place to have a beer and watch a game. But a horrible place to do so if you are hungry. I cannot emphasize enough how bad the food is. The waffle fries are solid but everything else is stupefyingly bad. There is no reason a burger or chicken tenders should be as bad as they make them. It is like they are messing with us. An overcooked burger of dubious orgins on a hoagie bun? It’s just weird. And if you think that is normal sports bar food, you should see a doctor about damaged taste buds.

  • Went there once, had a nondescript “am I in a hotel bar?” experience. Never went back.

  • Pros: Florida Gator bar, beer towers, good beers
    Cons: Poor service (waitress walked out of the restaurant mid service and didn’t come back for an hour).

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