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  • What part of the Shire is this from?

  • I always see this house and LOVE IT! Good pick!

  • I’m wondering if you’ve ever posted a pic of the house just off of Rock Creek park … though it might be in MD. It’s designed to look like a castle, with a moat, wall, and non functioning portcullis. I’ll have to take a photo the next time I bike by it


  • You didn’t catch the awful, half built, church/temple next door. Always wondered how pissed the owners of this house were when they built the thing on top of their house and how much MORE pissed they got when they decided they weren’t really interested in finishing up. I think the building is used but no landscaping, exposed cinderblock everywhere and to cap it off a random donkey cart in the front yard. Prime “Horses Ass award” nominee…maybe first time ever that HOD and HAA are next to each other?

    • Thank you for the feature! I grew up in this house and my family still lives here! I’m shocked the photographer didn’t catch any of us on the front porch. 🙂

      John the Blade – actually – the entire neighborhood was (and still is) pretty unhappy. I just want to run around the neighborhood with the cart… 😉

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