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  • That’s my friend’s house. Pretty nice looking inside with a good amount of space and a patio/driveway in the back. Also a 10 person group house.

  • As a resident of this house I must say the key element that brings it all together is the baby pool in the back.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Nice house! But the white mailbox is killing me.

  • On behalf of 1427, thank you PoP! We especially appreciate your recognition of the mustache sculpture as the men of our house observe Facial Hair February and we all celebrate Mustache March.

  • Should be House of the Year !!!

  • I love a nice gated community – and within city limits to boot. Having spent some time in this humble abode, I must say that they have the most fantastic ornate handmade rug in the “great room.” It really ties the room together.

  • So this is all a single house?

    I wonder why the windows on the one side are different than on the other… was this a duplex at some point?

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