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  • Hawt. I guess this is the south side of the circle? That PN Hoffman gets around.

  • This house was supposedly the inspiration for the War of the Roses movie (starring Danny DeVito and Kathleen Turner)–before it was condos some couple lived there and went through a bad divorce. I forget all the details, but they each moved into separate areas in the lower levels and let the house basically fall down around them b/c neither would leave OR invest any money in maintaining the place….

    • that’s really cool JM, I’d never heard that before … where/who did you hear the story from?

      • See Irvingstreete’s comment below for further evidence, but I’ve heard/seen this too. I lived at 1322 Rhode Island Ave NW back in 89 – 91 and this house was a total pit – even as all the other mansions on the circle and RI AVE were being renovated and the condos on the SE arc of the circle were built. A friend of mine who knew one of the Logan House Tour guides gave me the scoop. It was the mid-90s before they finally came to a deal, even as the house decayed around them.

  • I “believe” that it was built for Ulysses S. Grant. It was his home post presidency … I think

  • One half of the building was for Pres. Grant after leaving office and his son had the other half. Looked at condo for sale there awhile back – pretty amazing inside.

  • I wonder how much the condos went for in 1998? Whoever sat through 5+ years of crackheads and prostitutes must be grinning from ear to ear now.

    Captcha: F5U5

    • Answered my own question thanks to Zillow:

      1 Logan Circle Sales History

      2000: $310,000
      2004: $535,000
      2006: $751,000

      Nice. I wonder what 1998 was – $250k?

  • I used to live around the corner (The Iowa) and coming home at night you’d see this huge “haunted” mansion, one room illuminated on the lower floor of the left unit, and one on the middle floor of the right (or vice versa)– the fact that no other rooms were ever lit speaking to the vast unrenovated spaces remaining and the different floors/different sides lighting dramatically underscoring the marital strife. It was like an Updike novel or an Ibsen play.

    I heard there were mushrooms growing out of the hardwood in the top floor when the renovators finally got it.

    By 1998, btw, Logan was not a bad neighborhood, at all.

  • It’ll probably be a CVS in 5 years. All the nice buildings get turned into crappy CVSs.

  • Ulysses S Grat, Jr. wasn’t an architect. I’m going to venture that he had the house built, but did not do the technical architectural work.

  • The couple had owned the place for years, since the 1970s. After they split, each took over one of the buildings (the structure was built as two separate residences sharing a common wall), but reportedly occupied only several rooms. Portions of the roof had rotted out and plastic sheeting was used to direct rainwater to buckets. A HUGE raccoon took up residence in the attic and was often visible in a window at night. The rear wall was about to collapse, according to the Hoffman foreman during the renovation. I think the couple finally sold because a judge mandated they renovate or get out.

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