House of the Day – 700 Block of Maryland Ave, NE (Reader Request)

“Dear PoP,

It sits on a double lot with a huge yard and lots of big, old trees surrounding.

Cannot really do the place justice with my point and shoot camera – need a wider angle lens to appreciate the size of this yard, the double lot and how far back this house stretches. Stands out on this block and in the city in general. My dogs would kill for that yard!”

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  • I’m not sure if it’s just an extremely rosy outlook or ignorance that causes someone to rejoice in the size of a double lot without realizing the loss of what was surely an equally beautiful house that is now sitting in a landfill and replaced by a strip of grass.

  • Please, people – get yourselves some freaking lives.

  • Nice. I always like green spaces in dense parts of the city, especially big parks. Well kept too.

  • I live about 2 blocks from here and this has long been one of my favorite/dream houses. Love everything about it. Good choice!

  • I submitted this request – there is an awesome porch addition on the back that has an enclosed sun room above it on the 2nd level.

    Gorgeous house, and really well kept.

    Original anon @ 12:16 – please, lay off the Haterade and appreciate a beautiful house and well kept yard for what it is. For every one of these homes there are a dozen run down houses with overgrown yards and peeling paint.

  • easier be snarky than to be informed.
    i live nearby. this is one of those properties that has a city-owned easement on the edge along 7th and Md. don’t think there was anything ever built on the west flank of the house. property owner gets to maintain it and it is one of the prettiest yards around.

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