Homicide at 101 T Street NE

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From MPD:

A homicide occurred at 101 T Street NE (McKinley Tech H.S.) at approximately 8:30 PM on June 3, 2011.

Fifth District units responded to the scene, along with members of multiple other units of the Metropolitan Police Department. An investigation was conducted by detectives of the Violent Crimes Branch.

I would like to express my thanks to the community and specifically the large group of citizens who were asked to remain on the school campus while the investigation on scene was conducted. I am aware of the hardships and difficulties this may have posed for many of you. The attitudes we encountered were refreshingly polite and showed an understanding of the situation I have never encountered before. Your support and understanding as a group assisted us as members of the department working such a serious investigation greatly. Thank you.

Sergeant Sean R. Conboy
Fifth District

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  • not good. but not surprising. activity has been heating up in this area of eckington for a while. the market at the corner of summit and u is an open air drug market. there have been others shot, though not killed, near mckinley this year. tons of young men just hanging out. no good ever comes of that.

    it is great to hear that the community was positively responsive. maybe it will be a turing point and we can come together as a community and save some kids lives, before they pull a trigger on someone.

  • Color me shocked: All the commenters here paint Eckington as some sort of urban utopia.

  • Again I ask, plead, can the police and reporters please start releasing information about where these children are obtaining their firearms and ammunition? (assuming children were involved yet again). Unfuckingbelievable what is tolerated in this city. Can we just go 2 weeks (or maybe one) without report of someone getting shot?

  • Yo, it’s not whitey being shot. Y’all commenters are safe.

    • right, because crooks only shoot who they aim at, so therefor having gun fights in your neighborhood is totally safe.

      • and even if they don’t miss, its our neighbors getting killed. or their kids. or their friends. it’s not just concerning that YOU might get shot. it’s concerning that anyone gets shot.

    • I don’t care a bit if it’s other kids with guns getting shot. You pull out a gun, you get what you get. I do care about young moms with kids out walking, or the nice old dude down the block, or kids at that school, or people just hanging out talking on a stoop.

  • No information anywhere about the massive number of emergency vehicles going up and down 13th street last night, between Monroe and Spring. (I think that’s the location; I’m a few blocks away and am judging by sound only.)

  • The cops arrested a suspect and apparently neither the victim nor the suspect lived in dc. They were attending something at the school.

  • Yep – apparently some adults from Maryland decided to shoot each other in DC rather than their own backyards in suburban Maryland.

  • Does anyone know what the police activity on the 1600 block of 11th Street NW is about? The MPD cordoned off a car, and people are saying a dead body was found inside. Anyone know anything about this?

    • Someone slumped over deceased in the drivers seat of a car. Medical Examiner was there earlier. Likely natural causes [no jokes about that being gunshot wounds around here :)]

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