Holy Cow – $1 Beers All Day Mon. – Wed. in Woodley Park!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I swear, seriously, I was just looking for a glass of water as I unwisely took the capital bikeshare from Petworth to Cleveland Park when it was 95 degrees out. By the time I stumbled down to Woodley Park, I thought I was hallucinating when I saw the sign above at the Hot N Juicy located at 2651 Connecticut Ave, NW. The guy who was working must’ve thought I was crazy. I asked is that just for Bud Light? He says no, all beers. I say when is the happy hour? He says all day. I asked three times because I couldn’t believe it. Then I walked over to the bar and saw Heniken and Shock Top and asked if they were $1 and the guy just starts laughing. Yes.

It’s true – I bought a Shock Top for $1 (screw my dehydration!). I don’t know how long this promotion will last but I think this may very well be the best deal in town.

On a completely unrelated note – on Mondays through Wednesdays, all day, I can now be found at 2651 Connecticut Ave, NW…

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  • That’s awesome. Hope they stay in business long enough for it to become a permanent thing.

  • I’m not sure I would drink Heineken if you paid me a dollar.

    Unless of course it were 1992, I were a 19-year old girl, and I lived in Ohio.

  • I wonder if these cases of beers fell off the back of a truck.

  • About a year ago, the boyf and I caught a cab to a party and we found a six pack of beer, still in the bag, apparently left by the previous passenger. We opened the bag and discovered it was Shock Top. We left the Shock Top in the cab.

  • I’m guessing there’s a catch, or at least there soon will be… as in, you have to eat also if you sit outside. I really want to try this place, but I’m too put off by the bozo name and signage.

    • The catch is probably that no one was going there and they’ll be gone when the lease is up. It is Woodley Park after all. Not hating though – dollar beer is excellent.

  • There isn’t much I wouldn’t drink for $1/per. This is amazing.

  • ledroittiger

    Hot n’ Juicy on its way out?

    Agreed, Shocktop is for commercial beer drinkers who want to pretend they are drinking craft beer. I’d just as soon drink a PBR or a High Life. They may not taste the same, but the money is going to the same place…

    • For $1 I’ll take the Shock Top, thanks.

    • austindc

      Yeah, I feel like it’s only a good deal if you dig those beers. For me, I like to spend fifty cents more per brew and get a good six pack from my local liquor store and drink it on my porch with my friends. The price is about the same, but the beer is way better. And heck, if you’re feeling really sassy, why not support some local breweries? There’s some great ones in the area that are doing delicious brews.

      That being said, I have to give props to this restaurant for charging a very reasonable price for those “big 3” beers. Cold beer is always the best part about summer.

  • PoP commenters should be part of Chapelle’s Hater’s Ball

  • With those prices they will do a heaft volume business. Thinner margins, but thrice the volume.

    And lets get real, we can all buy this same beer retail for any supermarket in town for $.75 cents a bottle (per sixpack), people who buy bulk wholesale are getting it a lot less. Folks are just used to paying a 500% markup for a miller light and have forgotten what a ridiculous price it is. Congrats to them for trying something else.

  • The level of beer snobbery on these comments is laughable. It’s $1 per. Thats unbeatable. If you want to pay $16 for 1 bottle of Chimay, and enjoy it after you’ve gone on your run with your modified baby stroller then please do.

    • If you’re paying $16 for Chimay you’re paying too much. I can usually get the Premiere Blue for around $11.50 per bottle (just $10.50 more than the cheap crap at “Hot And Juicy” – so worth it!).

    • It’s not like Chimay is that great either. DC restaurants know they can sell it for a huge markup because someone once heard it’s a great beer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but nowhere near worth what it normally sells for. But Shock Top? At least have the guts to say “I like Budweiser and I’m not ashamed.” Don’t drink fake craft beers.

  • “On a completely unrelated note – on Mondays through Wednesdays, all day, I can now be found at 2651 Connecticut Ave, NW…”

    Between this and your morning mojitos, some of us are a little concerned.

    • HA we’re not concerned! Enjoy your $1 at whatever time of day you want, you married man, you!

  • anon, what makes you think anyone at all cares that yet another anonymous internet poster is a beer snob? Damn

    This deal is amazing…… I think I’ll be drinking $1 beers next week

  • here’s a funny story about chimay.

    i once met a guy from whatever terrible country that stuff comes from.

    we went out and he ordered a chimay.

    when the bill came he didn’t have enough cash for it.

    he was shocked, apparently it’s the miller high life of wherever he was from.

    true story.

    • Yeah – Chimay is totally the Trappist Miller Lite of Chimay. It’s also the Trappist Chimay of Chimay and the Trappist Yeungling of Chimay.

    • so guy is ignorant that imports are more expensive and you think Belgium is a terrible country. i dont find the humor. have you just nor traveled much?

    • Belgium is a terrible country? Travel more.

      It also could have been the variety of Chimay. It comes in many styles and costs.

  • I don’t even like beer and I think this is fantastic.

  • Some of you people are stupid! $1 beer, apparently with a patio to enjoy it on! I don’t care if it’s supermarket brand “Beer”, for a dollar and some shade, I’m drinking!

  • I do love the beer snobbery that is going on in these comments.

    All of it makes me want to put on the f’ing pepsi challenge to see what exactly constitutes a ‘good’ beer.

    • There’s a gigantic difference between a Shock Top and a good Belgian White beer (even American ones like Lost Coast Great White).

    • i will be a taste tester!

    • You’re not that smart are you?

      Can you tell the difference between good and bad food?

      Enjoy your $1 McDonald’s Sandwich. Haha you stupid food snobs….you little hipsters think some food is different from other food? Preposterous!

      Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here, drinking my crappy beer, on my Ikea furniture, eating my Hamburger Helper and dishing out petty insults to anyone who dares to think for themselves, know their own tastes, or dares have a preference that varies from my own.

  • My inner beer snob is in conflict with my inner beer whore. On the one hand, Heinekin. On the other, it’s a frickin dolla yo!

    • Ha – Exactly! I’m a gin and tonic gal myself – so a bit off topic, but does anyone know if there any good “artisanial?” tonic waters available? I’m o.k. with Schwepps – (which was sold out at Harris Teeter today!) But I’ve been checking all the swanky soda companies and seems no one makes tonic.

  • …And the most Haterific comment goes to Rabble. Buck Nasty would be proud.

  • Dam that is so worth a trip back to this restaurant my first experience was just okay.

  • crawfish & dollar shocktops (personally I’m a bluemoon man, but for a buck you wont see me complain) It must be heaven.

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