Good Deal or Not? “spacious BR w/ bay window” edition

This condo is located at 115 E St, SE:

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The flier says:

“Fabulous Capitol Hill Location! Walk to Metro, parks, gyms, retaurants, House offices & more! 1BR/1BA unit has open layout w/ office nook, living rm w/ pass thru to kit, large windows, kit w/ gas cooking, spacious BR w/ bay window, generous closet space. Condo fee includes ALL utilities, secure storage unit conveys. Bldg is FHA approved.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$265,000 ($373 monthly condo fee) sound right for this 1 bed/1bath?

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  • Correction: The upper half of a bay window.

  • blocks to the capitol!

  • i used to live on this street, just a few houses down. it’s an incredible location…you get capitol police protection in addition to MPD. i think that’s a good deal, for someone in the market for a little place.

  • what’s good about living blocks to capitol unless you work in there? sincere question…

    • That’s just a generic statement to out of towners to tell them how centrally located this is. This is a staggeringly good location – close to all Hill amenities, lots of Metro stations (including one a block away), parks – yet it’s quiet down there.

    • what was 12 years ago?

  • Looks like a good deal to me. You could easily pay 2-3 times this much for a house in this area that isn’t much bigger.

    • your typical house isn’t much bigger than 483 sq ft of underground cave? GTFO

      • The houses I saw in this part of the Hill were REALLY tiny and depressing (though not underground). You’re paying a lot for square footage when you’re this close to the Capitol.

        • I’m with RD. Over a quarter of a million for 483 sq ft? Totally ridiculous regardless of the location.

  • anon. gardener

    easy to get out of town from here. So nice to walk to the Botanical Garden in the winter. And all the museums. Eastern Market is a nice walk on the weekend. All depends what you’re into I guess. I would need outdoor space, but for someone who doesn’t, and doesn’t mind dragging this place out of the 80s, good deal.

    80s appropriate captcha: WHHM

  • I’m still new to town, so maybe I’m not up to speed. But why in the world would you pay that much for what is essentially an apartment? At least it should have in unit washer and dryer. I would think with the number of renters in this city, it’d be hard to resell, and I’d always look at that when buying a place.

    Just my (probably ignorant) thoughts.

    • lulz. Welcome to DC’s condo market. It sounds crazy, but I think this actually sounds like a pretty good deal

    • Not ignorant whatsoever. I say this is a pretty good deal – unless there is something seriously wrong or creepy about the building as a whole. It could be a Hill dorm type place with lots of young renters – especially bad when they’re living above you.

      But that said, it’s a roof over your head with a separate (and fairly nice) bedroom for less than 300k in the middle of the city. Sold for nearly 250k 5 years ago – maybe someone will get it for that again. If your budget was 300 then you could use the rest of the money for new appliances, floors and a replacement for that terrible drop ceiling. Also, $373 for all utilities and other building costs is quite good – since that’s based on the sq footage. Storage seems to be seriously lacking – and the bathroom might suck.

      This is the kind of place some rich family will buy in cash for their intern child and then rent it out forever – at a healthy monthly rate.

  • Welcome to DC! Note that the other posters say this is a good deal. I looked at an apartment in this building in 1986 when it was just a run-down apt. bldg. $350 a mo., so much mildew (not even a basement apt.) that I didn’t take it. It was originally a convent.

    • Actually, the Nunnery is across the street from this place. Not sure if this place was also a convent, I guess it could have been, but this isn’t the building that used to be called the Nunnery.

  • Used to live on this block in the early ’90s. Great neighborhood, Metro a block away, decent food/bars on Penn, even better ones on 8th, plenty of nice parks that are reasonably hobo-free. Good deal.

  • This is good deal, oh but wait…this is a ground floor/basement condo.

  • If someone can live in 460 square feet, go for it – this is a great deal.

    Personally, I’d want more space and I’d sacrifice location and an increased crime rate to get it.

    But, I can recognize a good deal. This location is phenomenal. You could rent it in a second.

  • Ovwer 1/4 million and it is only 480 sq-feet, you have a half sized stove and no laudry in the unit. Based on location it may be market priced, but just another piece of evidence DC is too expensive for me.

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