Good Deal or Not? “save your gas money” edition

This home is located at 1015 Kenyon St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Nestled in Columbia Heights, 2BR suite (each w/ updated bath), large living room, new kitchen w/ granite counters, powder room on 1st level with CAC, washer/dryer, & PARKING! The whole package: Great Condo Alt w/ no fees; First home or rental property! No basement, no problems. Bike Share, Bus – 50 ft. away, save your gas money, buy today!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$482,500 sound right for this 2 bed/2.5 bath?

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  • Oh my god. 482? Whoa. Overpriced.

    • Really? I think it sounds like a good deal.

      • I thought so too until I looked at the photos. Insanely small and while the inside isn’t run-down, it’s also not nice at all.

        • I kinda have to disagree on the “it’s also not nice at all”…

          It looks fine to me, better than most places actually. For 482K in CH, you’re not going to find a place that meets your apparent satisfaction.

  • Laughably overpriced. For that square footage at that price you shouldn’t have to have bars on your windows. I looked at a lot of condos in Columbia Heights recently and I found most, especially the “developer-renovated” units, to be a bad buy. This one doesn’t appear to be too different.

    • I don’t get the window bars comment. I live a block from Eastern Market, where the average home costs twice as much as this one, and most of the houses still have bars and alarm systems. Even when I was renting out in Fairfax County a lot of my neighbors had them. Break-ins can happen anywhere and many homeowners try to minimize that risk.

      • Of course break-ins can happen anywhere, but more seem to happen in Columbia Heights than near Eastern Market. I recently moved from Capitol Hill and I agree that some houses there still have bars and such, but it’s a bit more rare. I just think that $482,000 is a lot for a small home with very limited renovations in a neighborhood that is only marginally safe.

        • “only marginally safe”? I get that you are not a fan of the neighborhood and have a very poor impression of it, but this isn’t quite the case. I am by no means claiming this area is perfect or crime-free, but it is a bit more than “marginally safe”.

    • Really? You think bars on windows automatically lowers the worth of a home? I’d rather have them as a safety measure. Comparing this house to a condo doesn’t make sense either. Good luck finding a place, maybe you should check Virginia…

    • “For that square footage at that price you shouldn’t have to have bars on your windows.”

      thats one of the stranger real estate assessments i’ve read here.

    • “For that square footage at that price you shouldn’t have to have bars on your windows”

      The reason there are bars on the windows is because the windows are at street level. There are hundreds of apartments in Dupont, Adams Morgan and Capitol Hill going for $600+/square foot with bars on the windows. As someone who lives in a unit with bars on the window myself, it’s not ideal, but gives me peace of mind.

      $367/square foot, this is a great deal. To be able to find a 2 bedroom unit near the Metro for under $500,000 is very difficult.

  • Really? Overpriced – I am thinking this is a great deal. It’s not a condo – it is a home. People pay this price for smaller condos on U Street and Logan Circle. I would say this is not a bad deal at all.

    • I agree. I think Columbia Heights in general is overpriced, but comparatively speaking this is a good deal and would make a wonderful starter home.

  • I actually went to this open house yesterday. You’re right it is small and doesn’t have a basement; however, it’s in decent shape and you sure can’t beat the location — 1/2 block from wonderland.

  • If I were in the market I think this is good deal. As mentioned here, condo price for your own home. Sure it may be small, but put a little money in to some nice finishes and you are building equity.

  • It’s listed as 1,347 square feet. That seems enormous for a two bedroom. If that’s the accurate sq. footage, It’s a decent deal. But as others have said it’s very small, I would question if this is the accurate sq. footage. 2 bedroom rowhouses of this size in DC are practically unheard of.

    • really? ’cause my last 1br apt was 1,000 sq ft and it was big for a 1 br apt, but this is an entire house with a bigger kitchen, laundry room, 2nd bedroom, etc.

      • 1000 sq ft for a 1br is MASSIVE in DC. There are tons of 2 bedroom apartments under 900 sq ft too. Sounds like you got spoiled.

      • Yes, really. Most 2 bedroom houses in DC are under 1000 square feet. Typical 3 bedrooms are 1200-1600.

        1000 square feet is way big for a 1 bedroom in DC.

        • The three bedroom condo I live in is 1200 sq ft and it looks a TON bigger than this house. Something seems off in that calculation – especially without a basement. Kitchen location looks a bit odd – is it in the back?

          I bet someone will pay that price or close because it’s a desirable location by all the stuff on 11th – w/ parking.

    • I own a 2 br row house on the hill and it’s only 1100 sq ft. 1347 sq feet sounds about right for a smaller row house in the city and it relly isn’t that small once you get used to it.

  • No, bad deal.

    It’s been been on the market for 14 straight months. The owner (also the realtor) is caught in a flip gone wrong and is simply trying to get someone to take his problem off his hands.

    Easily about 50K over priced.

    • If this came down 50k I would buy it in a heartbeat as that would be one of the greatest deals I’ve seen to date in the DC housing market.

    • I believe you’re correct. It was for sale by owner last year. It’s a cute street–but seems overpriced.

      What went wrong with this flip? Did the owner pay too much and spend too little on the flip?

  • Much larger houses on Keefer and Luray for less money… 3 blocks away… this is a horrible price.

    • shhhhhhhh.

      I just moved to one of those streets and need to buy out the landlord/owner ASAP before people like you beat me to it!

  • Too tiny. I hate when you walk into a house and the living room becomes a “sitting room” because no way can you fit a coffee table and tv in there with a walkway.

  • Overpriced! Six of the photos are of neighborhood amenities yet there is no picture of the master bath shower, other half of the kitchen (if it exists) and it has an aweful, useless stackable apartment washer\dryer unit. People need to stop taking price gouging as the norm.

    • Hit the nail on the head!

    • I get that the integrated washer/dryer things are less desirable than the separate ones… but “useless”? Surely it’s still usable, just more of a hassle when one part of it breaks and the whole thing has to be replaced.

  • Is this for a condo in the building or for the whole building? I refuse to read while laughing.

    I was thinking “no deal” for even the whole building, but for just a part of the building, this is laughable.

  • The info on Redfin says that one bedroom is 24′ x 13′ and that the other one is 20′ x 13’… but one of the photos shows a bed with about a foot between it and the wall.

    Methinks something is off with those measurements.

    I’m not sure that this is a terrible deal, but I don’t think it’s an especially good one either.

    • 20 x 13 would fit a queen bed as well as a loveseat or full sized daybed — and probably also a desk. That’s not a ginaourmous size, but very big for a city rowhouse. I’d be surprised if these are interior dimensions (livable space) vs. the footprint of the master + closet + whatever else.

      • the house looks like it’s 13 feet wide. the master bedroom is NOT 24 feet deep. the second bedroom in the dogleg at the rear of the house is much less wide than the front of the house, so it’s got to be less than 13 feet wide. and it’s DEFINITELY not 20 feet deep. there is an error in the measurements. big time.

        • I had guessed 12′, but let’s give them a generous 13. That would mean living space is at most 10.5′ wide with that stairwell. The dog leg is prob 9′ wide wall to wall. The master minus stairwell would be about as wide as the living room — 10.5.

          So it’s not likely any of the measurements are true in any sense. The fact that the stairwell is so close to the door indicates to me that it had to be that close because the house is shallow as well as narrow. Otherwise that stairwell would be in a different place.

          Not saying that lies are the reason this house hasn’t sold, but when people show up and find the house to be 800 livable sq ft — that’s got to rub people the wrong way. Does the seller think we’re stupid?

  • “no basement, no problems”

    “no room for family, no problems”

  • Just curious if any of the commenters on this post own a house or condo in Columbia Heights? I don’t agree about it being overpriced – maybe it’s not your vision of a perfect rowhouse, but your options at this price point in Columbia Heights would be pretty limited. I don’t see many renovated rowhouses in Columbia Heights for less than $500,000. This is quite close to the metro and west of Sherman – all of which would make the location more valuable. Yes, you could go a couple blocks east and probably find cheaper houses but the location is a major part of the value.

    This house almost certainly had 3BR and 1BA upstairs and was renovated to have 2BR/2BA a configuration that is probably more appealing to a lot of buyers. It’s a fairly typical size for a 2-story rowhouse. I think what probably lowers the price is that there’s no basement from what I can see and the upstairs is carpeted. But there is off-street parking – worth a lot.

    I say it’s a good deal and will go pretty close to the asking price.

    • I don’t own in Columbia Heights but 8 months ago I did a lot of research into townhouses and 2 br. condos across the city during my search for a good place to buy. Judging from what I saw in SW, Woodley Park, Van Ness, Cleveland Park, and Friendship Heights, the prices in Columbia Heights, in my estimation, seemed to be inflated. This property might be on target for the Columbia Heights market, but, if so, the Columbia Heights market seems to be more expensive than it should be. But, anything is worth what someone will pay for it, so if easy access to PBR’s at Wonderland is worth $482,000, then this is your place.

      • I’m curious what you mean by “more expensive than it should be.” If the units are selling, then that’s the market, right? Do you just mean you could get a better place in these other areas for the same money?

        • Basically, that’s it. Like you said, if someone will pay the money, then great. That’s the market. Personal opinions about location make all the difference in the decision to buy a home. But I saw condos in that price range (several cheaper than $482,000) that were about the same size, just as nice or nicer, and most were in neighborhoods that had less crime and at least as many amenities as Columia Heights. But if Columbia Heights is the place you want to be, then you have to pay what the market is asking.

    • This is way over priced. You can get a larger house with a rentable basement for less than this in Park View or you could buy a flip over there for $250K and build it out for less than this.

  • I went to an open house to check it out, as it’s just about a block west of mine (I’m on the wrong side of Sherman as one person pointed out–but at least I can still look down at those on the wrong side of Georgia!).

    My house is a small 2 bed 1.5 bath and is about 1000 SF on the dot. I can honestly say this one was much bigger. The master bedroom was definitely spacious enough for a couple and the second bedroom was big enough too.

    There was a red flag. There were issues with the subfloor on the second story–hence the carpet. Additionally, the back yard was in no way finished.

    All in all, it is a really nice house that someone who can stand having to do some fixing will love, but it really can’t go for $482K.

    $435K would be good.

    Owner/Realtor guy says he has no problems renting it out though.

    • Hey! I’m on the wrong side of Georgia! Yes, it does carry a stigma. The “gritty” side of the Georgia Ave. corridor, as all the reviewers of George Pelacanos books say.

  • At $367/sq ft, this is one of the cheaper properties available in the 20010. Checking the other properties listed on, you can’t find many properties listed for less than $482k (that’s not a condo). Also, PBRs blow – but Wonderland does have some tasty foot long chili cheese dogs, as well as other beers!

  • 1021 KENYON ST NW sold for $459K earlier this year. $482K is too much. also i got a completed renovated (everything except the walls) house on sherman for $490K.

    sorry dude, just keep renting the house out.

  • Considering that my larger and nicer house a few blocks away was purchased under a year ago for almost 100k less, I sure hope it goes for this much. But it won’t.

    However, for all the people who say you can’t find a house in Columbia Heights for under 500, you just have to look at the smaller houses east of 11th.

  • Sure, a nice condo for the same price with a $400/mo. fee.

  • You can get a 3 BR in Petworth for less. Just saying. Good deal for Wonderland regulars.

    • You can get a 3br a lot of places for less. Clearly, since people pay more to live in Columbia Heights, they prefer to live there over Petworth.

  • Like other folks, I think it’s overpriced, but not by a whole lot. I agree with the commenter who said ~$435K, maybe even up to $450K. We also live on the “wrong side of Sherman,” but on the “right side of Georgia” and we got a much larger house w/ basement for well more than $100K less in late 2008. But that’s just how it goes. When we were looking, the average price would increase anywhere from $50K – $100K for each block that you got closer to 14th. With all of the stuff that’s already on 11th, and everything that’s coming, I can see someone buying this place for close to $450K. I’m not saying that I would buy it, but I can imagine someone else doing it. It is interesting to note, however, that the last recorded sale of the property was in 2006 for just under $400K. Not sure what condition it was in, but it was during the bubble period when prices were waaayyyy inflated. I’m assuming it was in pretty bad shape back then, but can’t say for sure.

  • austindc

    Oh, I think it’s kind of cute! Those may be builder-grade cabinets and vanities, but I think the house is charming and I like houses that face south. Handy location too. And the back yard looks awful, but it’s a good size and has potential. I dunno, I think it will probably sell for less, but not a whole lot less.

  • Property has an ‘Under Contract’ sign on it…so we’ll find out soon enough how much it was worth.

  • SOLD for $484,000

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