Good Deal or Not? “reminiscent of New York City’s fabled apartment co-op’s” edition

This condo is located at 1840 Biltmore St, NW:

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The flier says:

“WASHINGTON LOCATION AND NEW YORK STYLE reminiscent of New York City’s fabled apartment co-op’s, The Haddington is a small community of 16 city apartments. Loaded with the charm of an earlier era; high ceilings, heart of pine floors, French and 5 paneled doors and period lighting fixtures. Number 11 has an updated kitchen and bath.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

$459,500 ($833 monthly condo fee) sound right for this 2 bed/1 bath?

Ed. Note: Unit 31 went under contract in under 18 days for $459,500 ($817 monthly condo fee.)

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I love this building and this street. I’d take it!

  • Oh God – I used to live in unit 31 of this building in the late-90’s. Interesting to see what successive owners have done to the place. My cat is buried somewhere under the magnolia.

    Great building and beautiful street. Fees were always high, but they had put in an elevator 10 years ago so that was a big hit on the reserves. I’m guessing the asking price is competitive if you factor in the fees. FYI, I think we paid about $180K for our unit back in 1997.

  • The price is definitely reminiscent of New York City’s fabled apartment co-ops.

  • It’s not a housing post without a decor comment:

    The pillows on that bed are ridiculous.

  • The bedrooms are big but the living are is tiny! I think they’re in the right general range but I bet it sells in the 460’s.

  • The total monthly outlay for this unit (assuming a $400,000 mortgage at 5% interest plus the $830 fee) is ~$3000/month. Working backward and assuming a $0/month condo fee, a $3000/monthly payment would be appropriate for a $550,000 mortgage. Adding 10% for a downpayment, you’re looking at an “effective” asking price of around $600,000. For 1200 square feet, that’s about $500/square foot which is a pretty good deal for the area, especially since, afaik, no condos or co-ops have a $0 fee.

    • Agreed, especially considering that the fee includes property taxes.

      • And gas/water – though not electric. And without parking in that location, you just about have to go car free.

    • Is anyone getting mortgages with only 10% down these days? If they are, they probably shouldn’t.

      • FHA at 3.5% is still going strong.

      • We did. Not many people I know have $80-90k for a downpayment.

        • that’s the point. not being able to pay 20% of the downpayment typically means the purchase is risky, even if you can afford the monthly mortgage payments.

          seriously people, did we learn nothing from the last decade?

          • “not being able to pay 20% of the price” I meant.

          • The problem of the last decade wasn’t that people could not afford a 20% downpayment, but rather, they could not afford the monthly payments (especially when they increase substantially without notice).

          • They don’t “increase without notice.” If you read your mortgage, it’s pretty much in there.

      • Why shouldn’t they? I got one recently with 5% down. There’s no way I would have been able to afford 10 or 20% down, but I can most definitely afford the monthly payments on my mortgage.

      • We had to put 20% down as first-time homebuyers. I believe it had to do with the fact that our house was $775k– well within the limits of what we were qualified for, but a bigger risk for lenders nonetheless. Maybe you could get away with 15% here.

  • Wonder what the bathroom looks like…

  • NYC’s fabled apt co-ops are better in NYC

  • Im just curious about an earlier comment that the monthly fee included the property taxes. really? if this is a condo, then it most likely does NOT include the property tax for the individual unit. So if thats the case, what the heck do you get for $800/month?

  • what the helen of troy is above the oven hood? is that some sort of alien clock?

    also, does using a table that matches the floor make the room look bigger? cos that “dining room” looks pretty small.

    last, I love “period light fixtures.” would that mean hanging gas lamps in NY?

  • I dunno, this one is a toughy for me.


    1) Excellent location – close to Metro and 18th street, but located on relatively quiet Biltmore Ave. Close to Rock Creek Park.

    2) High ceilings, real hardwood floors, big bedrooms, lots of character inside and out.


    1) Small living room and I’m guessing outdated and cramped bathroom, if they’re not included in the photos. Kitchen needs to be renovated. Hardwoods need some TLC.

    2) No central air. No parking.

    If you don’t mind dumping another $60k into the place it’d be killer.

  • Did anyone notice the window air conditioner behind the sheers?

    • I think you will be hard pressed to find an old co-op building with central air. Highly unlikely that the owners would vote for an assessment to put it in throughout the building. And unless an owner was willing to lose a foot or so of ceiling height in some places and had a balcony to put a compressor on, it’s unlikely you’ll find many individual co-op apartments with central air.
      Given the advances in window units – cost, quiet, volume of cold air produced – I don’t think lack of central air in an apartment is a big deal. I know a number of single family home owners who have central air and only use it when they have parties because it’s so expensive; at other times they use strategically located window units.

  • I miss living on this street. I lived on the 1900 block in a basement apartment for nearly 2 years, and if I could afford it I would be in this place in a heart beat!

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