Good Deal or Not? “Magnificent East and South facing views” edition

This condo is located at 1918 18th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“A Dupont//Adams Morgan Gem. Top floor 2-bedroom and 1-bath residence. Magnificent East and South facing views. Expansive living and dining room with a wood burning fireplace, gleaming hardwood floors, large radiant windows with spectacular views of the city, washer & dryer, and low monthly condo fee ($307.00). The boutique style building has a large roof top terrace. PETS ARE WELCOME.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

$469,000 (monthly condo fee $307) for this 2 bed/1 bath sound right?

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  • Dated kitchen and the bedrooms look very small, but I really like the windows in the main room. Nice view. Obviously the location is great too.

  • creepy personal art in the guest room of someone in the apartment relaxing on the chaise lounge.

  • Great deal! Love this location. Warning – it’s hard to find on-street parking in the evenings and on weekends, in part because of Lauriol Plaza.

  • seems priced a bit high – considering a similarly sized condo a block away sold for $399K in May. Needs a kitchen update so the price seems a bit steep. I guess $420K

    • Interesting stat via Redfin. Over the last 6 months in that neighborhood (Dupont between Conn and 16th) condos have been listed at $520 per sq ft (avg) but sold for $454. Maybe this place is similarly overpriced by the owner.

  • Where are the closets? What does the bathroom look like?
    The place is small and the kitchen needs updating.
    The roof deck has seen its better days.
    It gets loud around there and parking is scarce.
    Not a good deal.

    • Your gripes about the location are silly. You may not like the location, so it’s not a good fit for you. I’m sure there are many buyers who feel the same. However, let me tell you that this is a prime location as far as the DC real estate market goes, so I wouldn’t list things like that as negatives.

      Also, the place seems pretty spacious to me from the photos for more condos in the area.

      • I’m not complaining about the location. I lived two blocks from there for eight years, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

        But it IS noisy. And I don’t see any closets.

  • $583 per sq ft – hoochie mama! But the location and spot within the building seem primo, so someone is going to pay top dollar for it. After investing in new appliances it’ll be a nice place.

  • Jolt and bolt at my front door! Done!

  • me

    Since when is $300+ condo fee low? I mean, I paid an exorbitant amount for a condo fee off of 14th St (slightly over 400) but I wouldn’t describe this one has having a low condo fee.

    • I would think that’s low for that area, but then again, I guess what matters is what the fee covers. You don’t need a car in that location. And if you do, rent a parking space or go house it farther up in another part of Ward 1.

  • Would have liked to see a bathroom pic. Just a question to the general readers – do you think this place would fetch more/less/the same of you knocked the wall out between the Master and second bedroom?

    • don’t know what it would fetch, but in my mind, I’d rather have the 2br.

    • I’m not a real estate person, but I’ve always heard the rule of thumb is to never decrease your number of bedrooms. IOW, size is less important–buyers want a greater number of rooms. I think that could vary depending upon the property, but I would consider going from a 2 to a 1 not a good idea.

    • Less – people who want 2br don’t look at 1br but people who want 1br may look (and buy) a 2br.
      You could get more money if you knocked out the wall between the dinning room and the kitchen and overall improved the dated box that serves as the kitchen.

  • Doesn’t appear the roof deck is private, meaning neighbors stomping around/ falling through at all hours. “Top-floor” designation means less when a thin, outdated roof deck is in play.

    I have spoken.

  • Looks like a great deal for a starter condo/home. I went to a party on that roof deck a few years ago and felt envious. I think I remember the walk-up being a PITA, and being in the midst of everything is certainly not for everybody so it seems more ideal for a younger buyer or couple just starting out.

  • It’s a good deal – it has a w/d in unit, which is rare for a lot of the older condo buildings. That, plus the fact that you can keep pets and the location? I’m sold. 469 isn’t too bad for living in the heart of the city.

  • Come up to Petworth and get a 3 BR 2 ba house for the same price. And no condo fee!

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