Good Deal or Not? “beautiful historic architectural details” edition

This home is located at 1731 Swann St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Exquisite Dupont Circle Townhouse w/ beautiful historic architectural details. Updated amenities, traditional living & dining space w/ period fixtures. Sunny modern granite, SS Kit. Gracious ent & Stair Hall. Master suite w/ bath, fully renovated LL can be integral part of main house w/ additional BR BA, or perfect In-law suite. Lovely front Garden & Porch. Steps to everything on quiet tree lined st.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$1,099,000 sound right for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • Nice house, anyone want to spot me a cool mill for it? And right near the dog park but far enough away to not hear the annoying barking. Paradise!

    • I live directly over said dog park. Nothing like waking up bright and early on a Saturday morning to 17 terriers chasing each other around in circles.

      • Watching terriers chase each other in a circle sounds like a pretty awesome way to start the day.

      • We’re neighbors. I also am right on the park (balcony looks at it) and I hate it. Hate. It.

        and I have a dog (but never go). SHUT YOUR DOGS UP

  • Not too bad. I would expect that you could rent the basement for around $2000 per month to help offset the costs.

    I wonder if it has a certificate of occupancy already.

  • Well, I thought it was crazy when I saw houses on Irving between 13th and 14th going for something around here, but I guess it’s the market. Looks really nice though. Totally dig the backsplash in the kitchen.

  • Nice place, tastefully done, great location. I would prefer some type of back yard garden but that wouldn’t be too hard to pull off. This is the area to be if you have the money.

    At $713 per square foot, this place is more costly than many of the house porn edition postings in terms of how much space you get for your dollar.

  • There’s a house 4 blocks north on Seaton Pl. btwn 18th & 17th street on a double lot for the same price. I think it’s a 3 br 2.5 bath.

    • Seaton Pl. is a really odd street though. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t like that block. The whole block seems run down and out of place.

      Maybe it’s the proximity of the houses to the street. The sidewalks feel really small and there seems to be a lack of trees.

      Whereas Swann St. might be one of the most picturesque streets in the neighborhood.

      • Seaton Street is also so close to the fire station and police station. The sound of sirens right outside your door would be a deal breaker for me as an owner (I rented on Florida on the ambulance route and it was pretty noisy, but it was cheap rent and temporary, as opposed to an investment as a buyer thinking resale).

      • Seaton is a weird street. Seems like half the houses are under renovation and during the day the doors are wide open but no one – no workers, no one – are inside. Just gutted interiors.

  • This house is a keeper. I’d happily grow old and gray in this house.

    I think once you pay off the mortgage, the LL suite pays your prop taxes + your grocery/restaurant tab. Could be more lucrative, oh well — but this is a prime location after all.

  • Original woodwork makes me swoon. The only thing I dislike are those nasty looking kitchen cabinets. I may have to go to the open house this weekend. I don’t know whether its a good deal since it’s priced for the location instead of any common sense.

    • I second that. Why preserve the old-timey character and then put in a such a modern looking kitchen. I would have the cabinets refaced immediately.

      • they should dress olde-thyme too.
        and lead pipes all the way.

      • Thirded. That woodwork is lovely. The kitchen is very nice, but doesn’t belong in that house. It’s not huge, but you’re definitely paying for the location.

        I’d still take it if I had a million bucks. 🙂

    • I kept staring at the weird drawer pulls in the kitchen, and I’ve decided they’re pretty silly.

      Nice house though.

  • It is priced right.

  • I don’t see how anyone other than the owner and his/her real estate agent can say this is a good price. It’s a nice-looking house in a great location, but it’s really small. That’s just too much money for a place this small, even in that location.

  • Doesn’t seem that small to me – kitchen isn’t my favorite but looks like it’s priced right to attract a lot of attention.
    Should go failry quickly and near asking.

    • Given that it’s been on the market on and off since January, has had several price cuts, and has been sitting for three weeks since the most recent price cut, I really doubt that it will “go fairly quickly and near asking.”

  • The comments on the GDoN always make me laugh.

    Even if the house is the size of a broom closet, in a terrible neighborhood with a $10 million asking price, someone will comment that it’s a great deal, and that if they only had $10 million, they’d buy it.

    And even if the house is gorgeous, huge, and cheap, someone will post that they’d never buy it, because they don’t like the paint color in the fifth bathroom.

    • Yup. That’s democracy. Everybody has an opinion. And when you have enough opinions, the wisdom of the crowd comes through.

      Do you ever listen to the folks who call in to C-Span radio? It’s pretty much the same thing.

  • There are/were three houses on that block alone for sale. They all have sat for a while – one is under contract (or sold by now). They’re very expensive and in this market, they aren’t moving very quickly. But to be fair, most sellers aren’t budging on their end, either….hence them sitting. I overlook this section of Swann and other than the loud dog park, it is beautiful and the neighbors are very friendly/involved (they have a halloween party every year)

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