Good Deal or Not? “bath replete w/ jacuzzi” edition

These condos are located at 2238 11th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautiful new 3 level condo close to U street fun & Columbia Heights. FHA and VA approved. Seller offering 3% for using preferred lender & title co. Feat: top floor master suite w/ light fille bath replete w/ jacuzzi & sep shower, 2 private roof decks w/ sweeping views, LR plus den & office, tankless water heater, well appointed kit, great light, video entrance system & more!! Parking for sale.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

We last judged this new building back in Sept. ’10. There are now two units on the market. Unit #2 is a 2 bed/2.5 bath going for $669,900 ($264.41 monthly condo fee.) And Unit #1 is also a 2 bed/2.5 bath going for $619,900 ($227.49 monthly condo fee.)

What do you think of the units? The price?

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  • it is a slice of pumpernickel bread leaning on its end

  • how’s the neighborhood?

  • Is walking through the master bath the only way to get to the roofdeck?!!

  • Good example of what not to do for the recent “timeless kitchen design” thread. That backsplash/wall is crazifying!

  • why are the windows and doors (to no where) not aligned vertically??

    thumbs down

  • horrible looking building. That kitchen already looks a bit dated. Seems overpriced to me

  • Every time I walk by this building I marvel at how skinny it is. I think it would feel like living on a train!

    • It is seriously about 10 ft across on the outside, I cannot imagine what it would look like on the inside. If you were tall you would likely be able to reach out and touch both sides of the rooms.

      Horribly overpriced, just like most of the condos in this neighborhood.

      • “Horribly overpriced, just like most of the condos in this neighborhood”

        So….it’s market rate?

    • I’d be worried I’d get stuck. Can two people pass?

  • I don’t like the layout. At least what I can discern from the pictures. Mouse on House should be a required part of any listing. 🙂

  • this seems WAY overpriced

  • anyone willing to pay over half million for a condo in DC’s Columbia Heights is an idiot. sorry. for 600,000, I want my own plot of land, thank you.

    • thanks for clearing that up for us.

    • Today in DC neighborhood arguments… that’s not Columbia Heights. It’s technically Shaw south of Florida, but in praxis it’s ‘U St’

      Huge difference when it comes to pricing.

    • This would definitely be considered U Street Corridor rather than Columbia Heights. Buyers definitely seem to be willing to pay more for that distinction for whatever reason.

  • $600k for a condo the width of a hallway? No thanks!

  • saf

    Replete? Wow.

  • That’s great to know, but what does that have to do with these condos that aren’t in CH?

  • Replete with and extra $100k on the price tag. That jacuzzi better be filled with emeralds and rubies.

    You can get a much better condo a block south for $525k:

    Yes, the GDoN is two levels. It’s also half the width of a typical condo. It’s like they took a real condo, sliced it down the middle, and put one half on top of the other. Layout is horrible for the price. Based on sq ft, maybe it should be priced at $500k. If I were buying, I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable offering over $450k for this.

    Here’s another cheaper, better listing:

    Then again, that backsplash, wood vent, and other “high end finishes” are pretty fetch.

    • I also think the GDoN is not a great value – but the places you listed are 500/600 sq ft smaller. The layout might not seem great – but there’s plenty of square footage – and two decks. My gripe is there is no green space at all – and parking is extra. I’d look for a house with that money, it’s a personal preference thing. Could be a couple empty nesters or transplants who’s want this for zero maintenance and easy access to a hot spot of town.

      • In this case I think the layout is so weird that the extra sq ft are effectively useless. I think the other 2 condos are definitely better deals, and might even be better deals if they were all priced equally.

        • Good point. Looking at the pics again, I see that there’s nothing staged next to stairwells on any level — because nothing would really fit. Well, maybe you could put a line of ceramic ducklings there.

          That pretty much renders another couple hundred feet useless. All I know is I want the flippers/realtor to be realistic, as much as absurd RE prices would indirectly benefit me as a homeowner. This listing is destined to linger on the market for 100’s of days before they wise up.

      • Should have clarified. Looking at unit #1, not #2. Both comps I posted are within about a 100 sq ft of the GDoN. I don’t think anyone would choose the GDoN over the first comp I picked, even if price was the same. For one, first comp is on the 3rd floor — not half sub grade.

        As to unit #2. If the top level is 450 sq ft, then 3′ x 10′ or so of that is stairwell. The “hallway” next to the stairs realistically isn’t useful for anything besides occasional furniture — maybe a console table would fit without creating an obstruction. So I think you get more like 350 sq ft tops of usable for living space. Is that worth an extra $60 – $70k? Sure, with an adjoining deck. What I’m saying is layout is unworkable to the point that it drives down the price/sq ft.

  • This is not CH by any stretch of the imagination. This is U Street and perhaps Shaw or even Cardozo as a neighborhood but something that is 3 blocks from the U Street metro is not CH. Now that that is cleared up.

    Yes, too narrow.

    Yes, overpriced.

    Yes, weird layout.

  • An upcoming surprise for the new owner: The property taxes (a mere $704) were assessed when there was no building on the lot. Wonder what the taxes will be next year.

  • Narrow!

  • When I was looking at houses in that area last fall, there were 2-bedroom _houses_ in the range of something like $600K to $630K. Heck, there were some for even less (like one of the houses on 12th Place).

    I think these condos are overpriced.

  • 500K+ for a condo is a joke. Real Estate has just gone wild, and one of the biggest reasons we’re in the financial mess we’re in. How did it get to be that condos, in mediocre neighborhoods cost this much? I hope we have another bubble bust soon to drop prices to a more reasonable rate.

    • Ed Glaeser’s argument is that the major coastal cities make it very difficult to add new housing units, thus driving up the prices of existing housing stocks. Where it’s easier to add housing, prices tend to be lower. Think DC vs. Chicago.

  • These will be purchased by hipsters in skinny jeans with trust funds.

    Oh, and the commenter above on the $700 tax. taxes will be more likely around $5k. You are very correct on that.

  • Wow, that place is narrow. The little bit of staging furniture in there barely fits (chair in front of a door, mirror leaning against a window). Looks horribly overpriced, even if it was in a better location. And agree that the outside is really ugly and the kitchen already looks outdated. I know people who have bought whole houses, recently red-done, for that price in comparable locations.

  • 10feet is too narrow. 14 feet minimum for me.

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