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  • I once found a $20 stuck to that fence. So maybe there is something to all those good fortune bits and bobs they have in there.

    Although, if it really worked, maybe they would have been able to sell the house some time during the five years they had a for sale sign out front…

    • Did you take it? I wouldn’t have touched it; you probably pissed off whatever spirits or gods for whom they left it and that’s why they couldn’t sell the place! (Also, maybe they should have toned down the crazy when they put it up for sale. Just maybe.)

      We have a running debate about what type of animal that is toward the upper right of the fountain. It’s creepy, whatever it is. But my kid loves spotting all the different figures they have in there. That and the bunny they now have at the turquoise house with the barbed wire fence are the highlights of this corner.

  • I knocked on the door and gave it to grandma. I was pretty sure that it had been dropped on the sidewalk, but wasn’t taking any chances! 🙂

    Perhaps we’ll see you there one day and our kids can point out favorite figures to each other.

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