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  • andy

    Anybody know what any of the plants in this garden are?

    • saf

      I know what some of them are, and I expect the owner will be by here at some point and be able to tell you what others are. Which ones are you looking at?

  • andy

    OK – what’s the purple flowered low-lying one in the left foreground?

    Also – the other purple one toward the right side. Speedwell?

    And the bushes in the center. One’s a little heavier and the other wispier. I think I need something that kind of shape and height for my garden.

    • Hi, garden-owner here!

      I’m doing this from memory, as I don’t have the landscape plan handy and I’m not really a plant person.

      The purple ones in the left foreground are hardy geranium. There may be another scientific name, but that’s what I know them as.

      The purple flowers on the right side are called corioptera, I think.

      The heavier of the two center bushes is salvia, and the more wispy one is called amsonia.

  • @ TMS,love the garden I pass by it everyday. You mentioned a ‘landscape plan’; did you work with a landscaper on the design and if so would you mind sharing the landscaper’s name. My Petworth front yard is about the same size and I’m ready to lose the lawn.

  • @Allison: I worked with a landscape designer who was with McHale Landscaping at the time. Mchale did the installation. The designer has since gone freelance, but I could probably find a way to get you her contact info if you’re really interested.

  • Hello! @TMS- The garden looks GREAT! (this is your designer here 🙂 ) I have been bad and haven’t driven by to take a look, but it’s blooming beautifully. I think it’s been just about a year, right? SO glad to see it doing well! Hope to see you at Meridian Pint again soon 🙂

    @Allison, please email PoP for my address if you want to take a look at your space.

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