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  • is that a duplex perchance?

    • Not techinically a duplex. One owner owns the whole building, but the house had been split up to accomodate 3 apartments and office space, with the owners living in more than 1/2 of the house. The Polaris Project used to run their office out of there . . . not sure whether they are still based there or not.

  • Nice garden and building!

  • Wait, is this the place on Biltmore that abuts the alley right behind Perry’s? If so, wow, they have done a great job with those renovations. I don’t even recognize the garden. We had friends who lived in the top floor apartment years and years ago. It was kind of a dump.

  • Hey- I used to live in that place, on the top floor apt, where the smells of Adams Morgan would waft in nightly. The front used to be extremely cluttered. Looks fantastic now…

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