Funky Flea Market Coming to 2500 Sherman Ave, NW on June 11th

The Funky Flea Market was previously located at 6th St NE & Neal NE near Galludet University. Their web site says:

“We will be open at our new location -2500 Sherman Avenue NW between Barry Place and Euclid Street on Saturday, June 11, 2011 from 8am to 5pm.” It also says they will have “collectibles, art, clothing, body products, jewelry, furniture, antiques, household items, hot food and much more”

Anyone ever visit them when they were in NE? I’m looking forward to checking them out June 11th.

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  • I hope it’s “funky” in a different sort of way than the flea market on U Street.

    • I got an amazing sea foam green old school Swingline stapler and one of those wall shelves for old printer’s blocks for $1 each at the one on U Street. I also got a bunch of classic books for 50 cents each. I’ll admit that I only ever wander in because I live really near by, but like any flea market, you never know what you’re going to find.

  • Never been to old location but a couple of my Gen Y Georgetown students have. Not everyone’s cup of tea but pretty cool, apparently, and definitely not the junkyard on U street or up at Georgia and Missouri.

    That stretch of Sherman, even eith the nettlesome construction, is getting more and more civilized. Seems a lot of Howard U. students and yuppies moving into rehabbed homes and condos. Knuckleheadry still abounds, however.

  • It has all the bootleg, clothing, shoes and video’s one could ever desire.

  • I love this place. This might be the first time I am jealous of Petworth/CH since moving to H Street.

    There’s a lot of junk, yeah. But if you like scrounging for old electronics, records, books, used tools, etc… this is your place. They usually have a couple of food vendors and a DJ blasting old school jams throughout the parking lot. I’ll make the trek up to Sherman Ave to see if the vibe transferred.

  • Good use of that ugly eyesore of a lot, on an ugly eyesore stretch of Sherman (you know, the one that demonstrates how Howard literally turns its back on the community?)

  • I was so excited on saturday morning about the funky flee market, but unfortunately they were not there. I believe it’s just a matter of time before sherman av becomes like 11 street.

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