Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street, NW

This rental is located at 2265 12th Place, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Two bedroom, 1.5 bathroom Federal row house on quiet, tree-lined street for rent immediately. Just 2-3 blocks from the U St Cardozo metro station (yellow/green lines), restaurant, bars, Starbuck’s, Ben’s Chili Bowl, dry cleaners, organic grocery store (Yes Market), CVS, and yoga studio. Easy on-street parking.

House features:
-hardwood floors throughout
-central air/heat (gas)
-stainless steel appliances (gas cooking)
-exposed brick
-spiral staircase
-master bedroom with loft storage area, vaulted ceilings, & skylight
-rear bedroom with built-in desk and shelves (ideal as home office)
-wood-burning fireplace
-small garden off kitchen (perfect for BBQs)

Utilities (gas, electricity, water/sewer) average about $60/month and are the responsibility of the tenant(s). Looking for 1-year lease. References will be checked, 1 month security deposit required. Preference given to non-smokers without pets.”

$2400 sound right for this 2 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Great deal.

    But unless there are solar panels on the roof I’m skeptical that utlities only come to $60/month.

    • I agree. Good deal for the area, and that’s a really awesome street, basically behind that new development of buildings. Street parking can be difficult around there (but not impossible), and random muggins and car break-ins are inevitable at night, but I have a friend with a house on that street, and the neighbors are all really great.

      I also agree that there is no way that HVAC + gas + water is $60/month. I would guess more like ~300/month.

      • I have the exact same sized house a block away. Average electric is $70-120 depending on season. Gas, $8. Water no more than $40.

        • I meant to write $200, but thanks for the clarification. I still think Central A/C would run higher than 120 in July/August, but not by much.

          • Yeah, I think $200 sounds about right. My house is slightly bigger and the cheapest the utilities have been so far (last month, when we didn’t use heat or AC and didn’t have to turn on lights until 8pm) was around $75.

      • Oh, and good deal.

        • They have gas heat. Won’t be 8 bucks in the winter. No way that utilties — gas, electric, and water/sewer — don’t average 200 bucks a month. Not saying it’s a bad deal, but please . . . no reason not be honest.

          Maybe they mean each separate utility averages 60 a month.

          • I also don’t get how gas could only be $8/month without the heat. Ours is at least $25 during the summer months. Or is your stove/oven electric too?

          • gas stove…i cook a lot…maybe my meter has been broken for a year! lol.

  • That block of Florida Ave is a car break in mecca.

  • Sounds good. That’s also one of my favorite blocks in the district.

  • “That block of Florida Ave is a car break in mecca.”

    Not exactly. 95% of the car break-ins happen on Florida Ave, not on 12th Place. Being a narrow one-way street there are many windows very close to the cars on 12th Place. Florida Ave, on the other hand, has very few, and none on the Cardozo HS athletic field side of the side. Frequent smash-and-grabs there, unfortunately.

    I know, I’ve lived on that block of 12th Place for 8+ years (and love living there, btw).

  • again, it all depends on efficiency. I have gas heat, and the most expensive was $50 two winters ago.

    But, yes, $60 for everything has to be for each person. or the dont use the heat in the winter and burn lots of wood.

  • Nice deal. This should go fast.

  • I live on that street (have for 10 years) and two recent rentals are going for $3300 and $3500. Both are newly renovated – One’s a 2 bd 1.5 bath and the other is 3 (1 of them is TINY) bd 1.5 bath.

    • Let me clarify – they’re not GOING for those amounts, they were rented for those amounts.

      • We used to live on this block, and Mike and Katie are quite possibly the best people on the planet. Dead heat with Matt and Kristen.

  • I saw this house when it was on the market last year (it didn’t sell).

    It’s cute, but SMALL. Given the built-in shelving in the back bedroom, it would probably be difficult or impossible to fit a bed in there. (Even a twin bed would probably be a squeeze.)

    The metal spiral staircase looked like it would be a nightmare for furniture moving, and the staircase was so narrow that it would be tricky even for everyday going upstairs/going downstairs.

    I think the house was on the market (and empty/staged) for most of last year, so any average utilities from that period are going to be artificially low.

    “Easy on-street parking” seems like a stretch. This house is probably best for someone who either doesn’t have a car or doesn’t use it very much. And given how small it is and the way the 2nd bedroom is laid out, I’d say it’d be suitable for a single/couple only — not a roommate situation.

    I don’t really have a sense of what rents are like for houses/condos/apartments in that area, so I don’t know whether it’s a good deal or not.

  • Love this street. $2400 seems like a great deal. Esp. since I’d guess this place was spruced up for when it was on the markey recently. I bet the utilities will be slightly higher, but not nearly as much higher as some commenters are saying. Small houses are cheaper to heat/cool, and these narrow little row houses do stay pretty cool. Fewer windows and the trees help, although I don’t see a tree in front of this one. Parking — not so easy (if even possible) on Friday or Saturday nights. But so close to metro and bus lines that there is no reason to have a car.

    I am sure it will get snapped up quickly and someone will really enjoy it here.

  • Hey, that’s my old house! That’s a great price. 13′ Ceilings and a skylight in the Master Bedroom.

    Someone will jump on it

  • I like it, wish it had a deck

  • 2400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? I live right there. I pay 1100.

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