Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 13th and Euclid St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious apartment overlooking lush courtyard garden like “Old New Orleans”. All new “cook’s kitchen” w/ granite counter tops, dishwasher, gas range & fridge. Table space dining area w/ Art Deco details.
Walk in closet. Private laundry room w/ full size washer & dryer. Centrally located between U St. Metro & Columbia Heights Metro. Convenient to Harris Teeter, DC-USA Mall, Giant & 14th St. shopping corridor. Vibrant living in
the heart & pulse of Washington DC. Junior 1 bedroom. $1450 per month + electricity. One month rent security deposit. PET WELCOME”

$1450 per month + electricity sound right?

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  • What’s the catch? $1450 for an above-ground apartment in the Columbia Heights area is a great price. Of course, 13th and Euclid can get a little sketchy – but I don’t live close enough to there to have a sense of if it’s deal-breakingly sketch. It also depends just how junior the bedroom is. However, $1450 for a studio would also not be unreasonable.

    • Its actually not that cheap. I pay 1225 In Columbia Heights with a balcony that has a view of the park and I live next door to the Red Derby. This also includes all utilities.

      • Yea, but there is a rental cost difference between 13th & Euclid and 14th & Quincy.

        I live blocks from here in Reed-Cooke/AM, and 1450 is pretty good for this neighborhood.

      • @Duster

        Sure, that’s a great deal, but when did you sign your lease? If it was any more than six months ago, sorry, but it’s not a valid comparison (and comparing your location to this location is a bit of a stretch, too).

        For the last time, people: What you pay for an apartment rented a while ago should not be brought into a discussion of what people are paying now. The rental market in DC is overheated. One report says rents in desirable areas of DC (i.e., Columbia Heights, which is desirable for unknown reasons) will increase 10 percent THIS YEAR ALONE. That’s an insane increase, about three times the national average.

  • core787

    how is that area? My girlfriend is looking for a sub 1700 1bd apartment and this looks pretty good. A little too good to be true though.

  • area is fine.

    I doubt it is totally above ground – they do say garden level.

    That is a good deal for a 1 bed, but I bet this is a junior junior – so more like a studio, which as noted, is still a good price for this area.

  • We pay $1350 for a lg one-bedroom English basement on the same block, so depending on how ‘garden’ and how ‘junior’, not necessarily a bad deal. Neighborhood isn’t too sketchy — certainly no worse than most of Columbia Heights.

  • Well I’d hate to join the ‘I pay much less’ gang, but I do pay exactly the same for a large 1 bed at 16th and Euclid, (ie VERY comparable location). I just want to ask do some people prefer to be in an English basement (which I guess this is??) compared with an apartment block? Is there a premium pricing on one or the other?

    • Usually, an apt in a rowhouse is more $ than an apt in a big building (services depending) because it is more desirable (to some) to live in.

  • PoP, can you put a disclaimer on these posts that says:

    “What you pay for an apartment rented a year or more ago has zero bearing on what a person will pay today.”

  • Price is definitely worth it, especially since it is right next to the Funky Flea Market…

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