Found Bird in Mt. Pleasant

“Dear PoP,

Hi, this morning I found a cockatiel in the north Mt. Pleasant area. Its wings appear to be clipped so I think he must be from nearby. I am currently caring for it but am hoping to return it to its owner.”

If this is your bird or you know who’s it is please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail and I’ll connect you with the reader.

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  • looks like a home depot kitchen reno, pretty embarrassing

  • that is just rude.

  • There is a lady who lives on Lamont between 19 and 17 on the South side of the street who I have seen in her yard with a cockatiel before, but I don’t remember which house it was….

  • I want him. I’ll outbid the original owner. Call me.

  • I will name him “Pagliacci” and teach him opera.

  • the lady on Lamont St. had her bird with her this morning so probly not the same bird

  • Have you checked lost reports on:, if there isn’t a match, you could submit a report which will be sent out as an alert to members residing within 50 miles of the reported area.

  • boochow

    Make sure to contact DC Animal Control at 202-576-6664 to see if anyone has reported the bird missing.

  • I lost my cockatiel recently.This little guy looks just like him. He answers to the name of Sweetie and has a legband on. I miss him terribly.

  • Just a few more details (i am assuming its a he but I have no idea):

    He has no legbands

    He has a bald spot on the back of his head, it could be from the trama he has gone through

    He doesn’t make much noise, but again this could be because of the trama

  • Give him a toilet paper roll cardboard to tear up. Birds need lots of toys. They are very intelligent and go nuts if they don’t get stimulation.

  • Lots of cockatiels have bald spots behind their crest (mine does too), so no worries. They feel safe in sheltered areas so he may like sitting on a shelf partially covered by a blanket. Rice, seeds, quinoa, pasta, almonds (no peanuts) etc are fine food while he hangs out with you. You could put up flyers where you found him. Tell people to go to PoP, it will get more traffic too! If no one claims can you post? I’ll take him.

  • While he is in your care avoid cooking in any pots or pans that have non-stick coating. Birds are highly sensitive to the material, of which particles can be released at high temperatures. They like to play with their food, too, so give them things they can grasp and take apart, like parsley.

  • The foster/rescue parrot woman lives in the 1700 blk of Lamont in MtP, south, even side, closer to 18th, near Sam Gilliam’s former, multi-colored home.

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