Dear PoPville – Where to Get Pocket Doors Installed and Bathtubs/tiles Re-glazed?

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“Dear PoPville,

I am sending this email hoping some of your readers can recommend a good pocket door installer. I’ve had a hard time finding one, who is willing to tackle this work which would solve some major accessibility issues in my house.”


“Dear PoPville,

I am in the process of redoing a 60 year old bathroom in my condo. Have been looking into having the tub and tile re glazed instead of replaced. It is much less expensive and quicker. Most of the info I can find online is from the companies that do the work, which of course sounds and looks wonderful. Has anyone in PoPville had this done? How does it hold up? My fear is that it will look like a bad manicure in a few years which would negate any of the advantages.”

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  • I have personally used an excellent handyman who is also a master craftsman and installed the front door to my condo — which was a tricky job. He has done other work for me too, including building a beautiful shelving installation that included electrical work. If you’re interested in working with him, feel free to email me: [email protected]. He has very reasonable rates — $35/hour.

    • Please just ask your handyman if you can post his contact info on this website. Lots of us need small-project guys.

  • We have used a specific handyman for installing 7 pocket doors in our rowhouse. I will email PoP with his name and phone number and have him forward it to you.

  • Price out replacing the bathtub altogether–we had ours glazed when we moved in and in retrospect, wish we’d just put in a new one. They’re tough to clean (nothing abrasive–scrubbing a white tub with a regular sponge and Mr. Clean doesn’t do it), you can’t use regular bath mats, can’t leave a can of shaving cream on the edge or it’ll rust & stain, etc.

  • We had our claw foot tub reglazed 3 years ago by Miracle Method in Kensington. It’s held up well. It’s true you can use anything abrasive but Scrubbing Bubbles gets it clean. The process STINKS! We hadn’t moved in yet, so it wasn’t an issue, but I would plan to stay elsewhere the first night. And you might want to warn your condo neighbors.

    Does anyone know of someone who can repair pocket doors?

    • I had a “mud set” tub in my co-op bathroom which would have been extremely challenging (not to mention expensive) to replace, so reglazing was my only option when I renovated my bathroom several years ago.

      I also used Miracle Method (though I can’t recall if it was from Kensington or not). I do recall that the woman on the phone was a bit brusque, which was initially offputing. However, they did an amazing job, and it looked like a brand new tub at the end. I had an area around the drain which had a slight tear after a few months (had to do with how it was taped off when it was done). I called and they came to fix it within days and it was all back to perfect as far as I was concerned.

      I recommended them to a few people in my building – not sure how many used them or not…but I had no reservations about their product or service.

      • We recently used Miracle Method in Kensington and agree that the owner is brusque. So far we have been happy with the work though. I didn’t find the chemicals to be to overwhelming, but our bathroom has a window which might have helped.

  • Don’t go for the cheap pocket doors with plastic guides on the outside or even on the inside. Get pocket doors with a wood rail at the bottom–I don’t know the technical term, but essentially it runs the length of the door, so it keeps the door consistently steady and it’s completely hidden. Not even the inside plastic guides are hidden, and they’re ugly. Unfortunately, the only company I know who does this is only contracted to work in Maryland.

    POP, if Anonymous at 2:43 PM had the handyman do the pocket doors the quality way, please post that info for everyone!

  • Does anyone know where locally you can get those kits for making a clawfoot have a shower? We’re buying a new place that has an old clawfoot with no shower capabilities.

  • I reglazed my tub and walls 10 yrs ago through American Tub and Tile.

    I need a redo in some spots, but overall it has held up well.


  • I’d love to find a good pocket door builder / installer as well.

  • I asked for the pocket door installer – thank you all for the information =) I’ve started making calls

  • Im intersted in pocket door installer too.

  • American Tub and Tile reglazed my tub almost 6 years ago. They did an ok job; there were a few rough patches where they hadn’t completely smoothed the layer below, and a few small chips in the first year. I’m noticing chipping around the drain and crackling over the spots where the original coat had worn away, though, and will likely use another company when I have it redone soon.

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