Dear PoPville – Reminder to be Alert When Jogging by Yourself in Rock Creek Park

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

“Dear PoPville,

Just got back [12pm Tuesday] from a jog on the trail between the zoo & Pierce Mill in Rock Creek Park. A man who appeared to be homeless grabbed my hand as I jogged past him but I got away from his grip. He laughed as I ran off. I went to the police station and reported it. The police told me a number of people live in those woods, it’s hard for them to get an accurate count because people aren’t stationery. Anyway, thought I should let caution readers, some of them might not be so familiar with the Chandra Levy tragedy.


Police just called, they found the man & decided to charge him given his history of violence”

Very scary, glad to hear the police found and charged him.

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  • Scary- Was this on a dirt trail, or the paved bike path that runs right along Beach Drive?

  • It probably is very difficult to count the number of customized paper products in Rock Creek Park. I would imagine most just blow in without anyone noticing.

    Sorry to hear about this experience and congrats to the police for catching this alleged criminal.

    • I looked at the comments just to see how long it would take for someone to point out the ‘stationery’ mistake. Only 13 minutes! That’s a pretty good snark record.

      • It’s been up for a whole 37 without someone saying something along the lines of “wait since when can they arrest you for grabbing someone’s hand?”

      • Thanks, but I’m a little disappointed in myself for failing to take full advantage of the comic potential inherent in the fact that “people aren’t stationery.”

    • At first I thought you just mailed this post in. But now I think you enveloped it in deep thought and really licked it. I give this a stamp of approval.

  • Sorry to hear about your experience. It’s too bad ex-con vagrants hang out in Rock Creek Park and harass people who just want to enjoy the greenery. Why can’t they just stick to Farragut Park and the other small parks downtown where all the bums hang?

  • lack of affordable housing. lack of rehab programs in jails. lack of jobs. lack of job training programs. lack of decent educational system. crappy police work.

    scary people living in the park.

    • F ’em. The District needs to grow some stones and crack down. You know there are no laws against loitering in the District? So drug dealers hang in front of a convenience store across the street from my house and po-po doesn’t do a damn thing about it because to do so would be violating their civil rights. Ridiculous. I’ve been a DC resident for more than a decade. I’m so sick of trashy people who don’t give a sh*t about the city they live in. They need to move to PG county.

  • I was riding my bike yesterday in the park around this time and saw a guy in cuffs at the park police station. I only caught a glance but it looked like the man who often hangs our on the stoop at Upshur and Illinois.

  • I’m a relatively big dude, but I would be nervous jogging off of the main path by myself. I’ve gone hiking in the woodsy areas with 1-2 additional people, and I feel a little spooked at times. I’ve also been jumped by off-leash dogs before (always ultimately friendly, but initially scary and not cool on owner’s part)

    Anyway, too many crackheads wander about. I need to start carrying a Taser.

  • Glad I read this after running in the park tonight (7-8). Will be extra vigilant and will turn the iPod down a bit.
    I’ve run into a few hobo encampments when really off piste – I think both I and the hobos were equally surprised at one another.

  • Sorry, but people who jog on paths littered with condom wrappers and poop covered paper, with IPods screaming in their ears are just asking for it.
    Distracted pedestrians, walking or running, may as well paint a bullseye on their back.
    This ain’t Kansas anymore.
    Basic urban common sense is all it really is.

    • So what do you suggest Lisa?

      Avoid these areas and let them take over the park?

      what about the recent incidents on the bike trail where people have been attacked on their bikes?

      Should we abandon that too?

      The only way people will feel safe is if there are more people and these areas are used frequently. why do you think the Hobo’s go there and not elsewhere? Because there are no people or cops there.

      I pay my taxes and should feel safe using any part of the city I want.

      Although I agee with the Ipods bit

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