Dear PoPville – Anyone have a Noseless bike seat

“Dear PoPville,
There’s been interesting some stuff on the net about nose-less bike seats:

Was curious if any of your readers have gone nose-less and if so, how it was going…
Also curious if anybody has brand recs.
Some pics are attached that my housemate PJ took. He’s been seeing noseless bike seats pop up downtown by his work (10th and K, NW).

Haven’t seen any by my work yet so wondering how much the idea’s gonna take in DC.”

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  • What is the purpose for going without the nose?

    I’ve heard there can be reproductive health risks for frequent male riders. Is mitigating that risk one reason to go noseless?

    • Yes. If you’re going to want the ability to “get it up” in 20 years, you’ll switch.

    • Read the NYTimes article. Normal bike seats encourage riders to basically sit on their privates. It’s been suggested that this not only reduces fertility in men, but also restricts blood flow to that area for men and women, in turn reducing the sensitivity and quality of sex.

  • Great question! I was wondering this myself and beginning to research retailers. Start here:

    Nexride also:

  • I think these noseless saddles are not necessary for most riders. The studies showing nerve/blood vessel damage in bike riders are typically conducted on cyclists who are spending large amounts of time on bikes. My understanding is that the risk of damage to the average bike commuter is low/minimal. That being said, I think there is good documentation about the risk to serious cyclists, particularly cyclists who are sitting for extended periods of time without getting on and off (no pun intended). The problem here is that high-performance noseless saddles just don’t exist (as far as I know). Even if they did, some cyclists feel that they don’t respond as well. My feeling is that these saddles will continue to be marginalized until they become widely used by professionals and then suddenly become trendy. Or maybe some hipsters could start using them on their fixies?
    Also, proper saddle fitting/adjustment can greatly relieve pressure on your sensitive areas. If you actually have pain from riding a bike, try to adjust your saddle first!

  • I recommend what cycling guru Sheldon Brown says about this:

    The rest of the article gives many helpful tips for choosing a bicycle saddle that is the right size for you, and then adjusting it properly on your bike. If you’re not comfortable on your saddle, I would try to follow his advice first instead of running out to buy a noseless saddle.

    • Sheldon Brown is the Bible of cycling. I’d also repeat his advice to make sure not to put all your weight on the saddle, or even most of it. Just some of it, when you need to. That should ease some of the…strain.

  • I would fall right off that thing.

  • I’ll never switch to a nose-less saddle because I’m hoping my regular saddle will reduce my fertility to a point of sterility. Also, I’ve never had a problem getting it up and I ride anywhere from 50-100 miles per week. Suck my saddle, nose-less freaks.

  • Holy crap I had no clue. Thank you PoP and OP for posting this! Really, had absolutely no clue that this existed. I’m definitely doing it. That NIOSH article and teh NYT article are both very clear about it – there doesn’t seem to be any wavering on the benefit.

  • I am a woman who commutes/gets around the city by bike, I have been wondering whether these types of seats existed, purely for comfort’s sake. Thanks for sharing!

  • as a man with balls and a wearer of boxers, i think i would prefer these seats. that pendulum action right before sitting down can cause some problems.

  • i live in holland. women use noseless seats here because it’s easier to bike in skirts and dresses.

  • Some have touched on it, but regular saddles are perfectly fine for most people. Long-term problems arise when a) the saddle isn’t adjusted/angled properly and b) too much weight is placed on the saddle. Sheldon Brown knows his stuff.

    There are some people who may have nerve or blood vessel issues that would benefit from these. Its interesting to hear they’re easier with dresses and skirts, but plenty of Danish and Dutch women use regular saddles with them. Personally, without having ridden on one, I’d think there would be a feeling of sliding out of the saddle without a nose.

  • Please listen to the medical professionals and not the guy at the bike shop trying to sell you something. While most of the 60 biomedical studies published showing problems are in serious cyclists, there are no data saying the dangers are only in high end cyclists. Oxygen to the penis decreases by 60-80% in less the 3 minutes of cycling. There are no scientific studies showing bike fit effectively relieves groin pressure enough to restore normal blood flow. There are medical papers showing serious issues in women; noseless saddles are beneficial and comfortable for women as well. Sheldon Brown is very knowledgeable about bike fit but he has no scientific data on groin pressure and the effects on sexual function in men and women.

  • Check out the NIOSH video on youtube

    There are many no-nose saddle designs at

  • Cyclelife on K Street in Gtown has these kinds of seats on demand. I had to call 8 bike stores to find one sophisticated enough to know what I was talking about.

    Good luck.

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