Dear PoP – Major Demolition at 1737 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

“Dear PoP,

I work in a building that faces the alleway behind 1737 Connecticut Avenue Northwest and for weeks now there has been some major demolition going on.

They have removed the back three floors of the building (to open up more space in the alleway possibly) and are now working on the roof. From the looks of it, they are pretty much taking the building apart. It must be a very old building squeezed between others just as old. It’d be sad to see it completely replaced.

The word is: condos. As you’ll see in the shots, I was allowed to enter in the first floor from streetside and snap some pictures. It’s being gutted (and I mean gut-ted) at the moment. It looks like they’ve started to pull the roof off now. Hopefully the rain forecasted this week won’t be a problem.”

Wild. This is the former Anna Maria space that we spoke about a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea the demo was so extensive. It’ll be interesting to see how it ends up.

Couple more closeups inside after the jump.

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  • I thought it was supposed to be condos on top, but a similar concept to Rocket Bar (with the same owners as RB) on the bottom two floors.

  • I just talked to Anna Maria, and boy is she pissed!

    Another Rocket Bar? Ugh.

  • Can’t imagine who would want to buy a condo on a block that is otherwise totally commercial. Totally nutty use of the property.

    • There are plenty of residential units above businesses in that area, but I’ve always assumed they were just rentals.

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