DC Caribbean Festival Parade June 25th!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Blinkofanaye

DC Caribbean Carnival Parade is June 25th. The parade route has been a bit shortened:

The annual Extravaganza Parade will be staged along the Georgia Avenue corridor on Saturday, June 25, 2011 , and will commence at Kansas Avenue at 11:00 a.m. and terminate at the international marketplace at “DE SAVANNAH” – Howard Center Lot @ Georgia Avenue & Bryant Street.

This is a love it or hate day for many. I love it.

Building up to the event there is the Petworth Library Family Program – Caribbean Festival Mask-Making:

Caribbean Carnival Mask Making and Storytelling

Petworth Library, Saturday, June 18

On Saturday, June 18 at the Petworth Neighborhood Library, located at 4300 Kansas Avenue, NW from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm, children and adults will have an opportunity to make masks, and listen to tales from the Caribbean!

This event is supported by the Caribbean Food Alliance, Georgia Avenue Business Association, the Caribbean Carnival Committee, the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, the Petworth Library, the Caribbean Carnival Committee, Carnival Band Leaders Association and Councilmember Muriel Bowser.

Refreshments and Prizes

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  • Ugh. Hate it.

  • Storytelling at the Petworh Library is awesome, however. I love that place.

  • I used to love it, but it seems like someone gets stabbed or shot almost every single year during this thing.

  • ri-i-i-i-ght.

  • I love it. The parade is a superb opportunity to take in lots of overweight ladies who aren’t wearing a lot of clothes.

  • Love it. So sad I won’t be in the US for it this year. What is there to hate other than a temporary road closure?

    • The party doesn’t just stick to one road. Noise for six hours straight, side streets become parking lots and/or pedestrian malls, trash everywhere, and if you live east of Georgia and don’t escape before it starts, it’ll take you at least an hour to go anywhere. I think we’ll pack up and go to the beach.

      • I live east of Georgia and have never found it to be an inconvenience. You just have to drive further east if you want to go west. Or Or walk/bike/bus/metro. Or for one afternoon out of 365 choose a destination that is to the east/north/south of your residence.

        Now that the route begins at Kansas it will be even less of a problem.

        The trash is always picked up after the event IMO. It seems like the organizers do a really good job of making sure it has a low impact on residents.

        • Well said

        • saf

          Well, for you perhaps. For me, it will be more of a problem.

          • you really can’t work around this? this is every year. what in gods name do you do when unplanned obstacles occur?

          • saf

            I work around it every year. But I live a block off GA. And it is loud, and I cannot get my car or my bike in or out. And the trash is amazing.

            I love the parade, but the logistics SUCK, and it will be worse this year with staging right here.

  • Its called having hips and a butt.

  • I wanna go. Is it little-kid-friendly? Best place to watch the parade with a small child?

    • only with earplugs. wayyyy toooo loud for kids (and most adults)

    • Kid friendly – sort-of. Nothing indecent or vulgar (unless you are a Dugger) But the parade tends to be very long and drawn-out, often with long long l-o-n-g gaps so kids get restless. And hot.

      There is a lot of drinking and scruffy leaning men, but there are also a lot of local families and kids.

    • It is definitely fun for kids. I’ve never seen parade participants having so much genuine fun.

      But, it is loud and hot as all get out usually, and last year the parade was hours behind schedule because Fenty’s campaign workers were handing out beads to every single participant.

      Find a curb spot in the shade, and check it out for at least a bit.

      • people humping eachother in the street and you say it is kids freindly. what a shame.

        • i agree, we gotta do betta wit objectifying our women.they already walking round half naked, and shamelesss its a bigggggg freak show!!

  • gotryit

    Love it, except for drunks peeing on my house.

  • Love it. It’s inconvenient, the decibels are physically painful, and every year but one in the last 10 has ridiculously hot weather for a parade. But it reflects a character of the community, draws on rich Carnival traditions of the Caribbean (http://www.tntisland.com/carnivalcharacters.html), and is a chance to revel, not to mention let it all hang out.

  • People need to open their minds to new opportunities. Instead of bitching about stupid stuff and looking at the festival as a hassle, why not stretch yourself and try to enjoy a culture from another part of the world. As far as violence goes, you can get shot or stabbed on any day of the week in any city around the globe. Lets not use that as an excuse to paint another culture black.

    • +100000000000000000000000000000000

    • Why are you using “black” as a pejorative?

      • Because in the Caribbean we do everything colorfully. This includes speaking. We don’t just pick apart what people say because we can. This is another thing that folks might learn if they open their minds to the wealth of culture around them in the District.

    • i DISAGREE. Most of the women a sexually harassed in the festival

  • It would be a lot cooler without the requisite violence that always seems to accompany gatherings of this magnitude in DC.

    • Right. i enjoy the parade aspect of all this, it’s the trash, parking, drunks, etc, that I can do without.

      • Like on St. Patrick’s Day?

        • I don’t think there’s a St Paddy’s parade on GA Ave. That would be a sight to behold. Five drunk Hibernian-American guys walking down the middle of the street during rush hour waiving at cars as they honk and swerve.That would bring back many memories of Dorchester.

        • Oh, a St. Patrick’s Day parade would be much, much worse. The Irish do it like nobody else, son.

        • I’d have the same complaints. Got nothing to do with an open or closed mind to Caribbean culture.

    • What violence? I have been going for years and have never heard of any violence. Sounds like a hater making up excuses…….Just a thought, not a sermon.

  • Are you kidding. There are always gatherings of that multitude for parades and other events in the city.

  • i love it! It’s a fun event and the parade is a blast!

  • I have gone in the past & would describe it as ok (with a little bit of heat). If you’ve never gone, you should get out there & see it. It’s a good opportunity to walk down Georgia Ave & do some sightseeing (& check out the businesses). Some good places on Georgia Ave.

  • It’s DC Mardi Gras — LOVE it! Just wish Temperance Hall was open during parade.

  • Last year someone crapped in my yard. That wasn’t very polite.

  • There were no witnesses, but the pile of human feces and the boxer shorts that were used as toilet paper were pretty unmistakable.

  • Hate it for all reasons previously discussed.

  • Love it. It was very long and drawn out last year, but when the steel bands hit, and the stilt dancers, its great. And love the costumes. Creative, and fun. And I just plan for a day at home/Georgia Ave jamming to music.

  • Why is it not starting up by Missouri like last year? I loved watching it from our porch.

  • I live right on Georgia Ave and this is something I look forward to every year. What could be better than chilling with friends and neighbors, drinking some beer, and watching the parade go by? Everyone’s is a great mood, it’s an awesome way to meet people from around the neighborhood. If you come on down, stop by and say hey!

  • I’m looking forward to it. Missed the last three. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday, so I’m bringing her. I just hope we don’t get stabbed or shot. lol! j/k j/k 😉

  • I love the idea of a caribbean festival, i just hate the excessive volume of speakers, the trash and the way many festival goers behave…i live 2 blocks from Georgia.

  • I Love it! I live off of Georgia Ave and I love hearing the music every year. What I don’t like hearing is a live band playing every Saturday night at the Blue Banana, from my house. That I can live without! Just close the Door!!

    • I’ve encountered the parade in the past when I was trying to get across Georgia Avenue; this year will be my first time being a near neighbor.

      My place is half a block east of Georgia Avenue, and the street already has a litter problem as it is. I’m a little apprehensive about the parade bringing MORE litter, and really hope there isn’t going to be urination/defecation on side streets.

  • The DC government should move this annoying event to Georgetown or a white neighborhood.

  • to all these transplant idiots this is a 28 year old washingtonian tradition , so was Georgia avenue day !!!! If don’t like it move your yuppy ass back to the burbs , WTF your regentrifiers think your reason most uptown DC was founded by HU alumus African americains and west indian Americans
    so these predates white returning to the city ,
    when I graduated st albans in 1995 there where no white people even at the DC carnival Carib day parade now you want and voice in the brightwood and petworth !!!, WTF go to clevland park or Dupont circle , go back west of the park !!!!
    what the fuck Jim ” kickbacks ” graham is still under investigation !!!

  • It is a shame that all we do is throw slurs at each other on the internet when our children are dying on the streets. Then we wonder why they behave as they do.I had never seen so many young people on the subway like i had seen on yesterday. I could not ever find a place to stand. but i had this strange feeling down in the pit of my stomach as if evil was in the air. One young lady pulled out a blade on the bus and stated that she was going to use it at the parade if she had to . Another young man came and hit the front of my seat and placed his feet on two other seats as if it was his bed. he kept looking back at me as if he wanted to start something. also notices that he had something in the back of his pocket. in other words there were a lot of people at the parade that had weapons on them on yesterday. There were many fights that took place on yesterday that most people did not know about but you can type it on youtube. There was one fight that lasted 26 minutes. 10 people against 3 people. This was an awful fight. One guy hit some of the people with a chair because 8 people was fighting one person, One guy was kicking him with his feet. Thus if the guy did not hit them with the chair the other guy may have died or been messed up pretty badly. The carnal had nothing to do with what took place it was the mantality of the people that were there. The people that were there should thank God that they made it home safely.

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