Critical Exposure Student Photography Exhibit Tonight

Photos by Malik

Light Bulb
A light bulb can represent a new idea. DCPS needs all the light bulbs they can get.

Graffiti Locker
It is a shame that every time you open your locker, you see curse words and names of imaginary people. Our lockers are something we see everyday. If students cared for their school, such atrocities would not have been created. I think if school became more interesting, people would not develop enough boredom to deface school property. If DCPS had enough extracurricular programs that interested the majority of the student population, most people wouldn’t have the energy or come up with the idea to destroy their own school.

Malik, 10th Grade
Cardozo Senior High School

“I believe the dropout crisis may be challenged if DCPS put a little more effort and individuality into public schools. This story is about me, Malik Thompson, and my experiences in the DCPS system. I believe I am smart, courageous and observant. I believe lack of caring and the school system budget are the main problems. I’ve been to lots of different schools in DCPS and none of them stand out. In a dream world, every school would have programs which offer different things such as special sports or arts.”

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  • The brand new park benches at Barnard are already covered with offensive graffiti. What a shame!

  • I believe that tailoring the school system to your needs is going to set you up for a lot of disappointment later in life.

    If you had better teachers, you might not be as bored. But then again, being bored is a personal decision you make to not pay attention. You can be bored at a symphony, or you can learn about it and be amazed. Up to you.

  • first, this kid is awesome. second, i love the spelling of sursum cordus. third, its ironic that there are so many tags about a place that will be a memory in a few years.

  • Is that the kid from Good Burger?

  • sursum quarters bey bey

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