CEO of City Bikes in Adams Morgan Very Concerned About Uptick in Crime – Possible Gang Connection

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“Dear PoP,

A warrant was issued for one of the group of men involved in the violent assault of Ian Barry and Saul Leiken, two City Bikes employees who were cycling home at 2am in Adams Morgan, just in time for the 2am revelers to hit the streets. We have had previous experience with a felony warrant issued across inter-jurisdictional lines and it took three months for Maryland and the District databases to speak to each other.

The incident is only one of a steady increase in crime. In fact, 2011 has seen the first rise in crime after a major downward trend. Speaking with both the MPD and a trustworthy source who has grown up in the neighborhood, there is an increasing problem with gangs coming in from across state lines to take advantage of inebriated naïve visitors, who wander off the beaten path, forget where their cars are parked, or are taking silly short-cuts down back alley ways or parks.

According to the Lt who manages the 303 precinct, there is no other jurisdiction in D.C. that houses the number of bars with the same kind of density as 18th Street. There are only eight officers for the entire area which runs from 16th Street to U Street to Connecticut Avenue, around Adams Mill Road across Irving and back to 16th Street. If an arrest is made, the officer can be pulled off the beat for up to two hours while filling out paperwork.

So what has this to do with Ian and Saul? Ian and Saul were bicycling in highly visible spot. They were in a bicycle lane, both were wearing helmets, both were obeying the rules of the road when Ian was hit and flew into a windshield, then onto the ground. Saul was kicked in the head five times, each of which could be a potential death blow.

So what is the story? Two cyclists hit and then assaulted? That wasn’t enough interest for a major story. A rise in increased gang violence? That can’t be substantiated, unless you talk to the MPD. We have at least five other incidents we have witnessed in the past two weeks, but our neighbors on the other side of Columbia don’t want to allow the possibility that it could soon cross the road.

At the Adams Morgan BID meeting, one of the MPD officers brought crime stats. They are up more than a significant amount. They have about tripled. So what does the story become now? Gangs crossing State lines, to prey on naïve drunks emerging from bars at 2am, because they know how difficult it is to prosecute? And what is this doing to the gangs that already live in the neighborhood? Are they going to sit peacefully while other gangs come in and move into their neighborhood?

The bars on 18th Street bring in great traffic and character to Adams Morgan. It would be a shame if the scene was diminished because of the fear of gang violence.

Saul was saved when a bystander made it clear he had a video camera and a fake taser gun. Not sure the fake taser was a good idea as studies show that carrying weapons can always escalate matters. And then there is also the question of what would have happened if they guy had seen the video camera sooner? He might have done the same as he did for Saul for calling the police.

Debora Harding
CEO of City Bikes”

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  • Crime is terrible, but this is not very coherent.
    If the point is that crime is on the rise in Adam’s Morgan and that a police officer showed a graphic displaying a three-fold increase between this year and last then I think that is compelling evidence. Not sure where this goes after that…

    Everybody be careful!

    • Agreed. What a rambling, incoherent statement this is.

      “We have at least five other incidents we have witnessed in the past two weeks, but our neighbors on the other side of Columbia don’t want to allow the possibility that it could soon cross the road.” Okay, who is this “we”?

      “At the Adams Morgan BID meeting, one of the MPD officers brought crime stats. They are up more than a significant amount. They have about tripled.” WOW, all of them? “They” could be jaywalking violations, for all we know.

      “Gangs crossing State lines, to prey on naïve drunks emerging from bars at 2am, because they know how difficult it is to prosecute? And what is this doing to the gangs that already live in the neighborhood? Are they going to sit peacefully while other gangs come in and move into their neighborhood?” This is the most laughable part. It sounds like it was written by a Fox 5 reporter, looking for something sensational and salacious during sweeps.

      If the two people who were assaulted weren’t cyclists — that if they were just two drunks stumbling down the street or, God forbid to the Cyclists-Uber-Alles crowd, a perfectly sober automobile driver — Ms. Harding would not be writing this letter. In fact, I’m guessing she would blame the driver. But because they were part of the poor, oppressed, downtrodden cyclist population, all of a sudden it deserves great attention.

      Crime happens to everyone in this city. Not just people who make the choice to ride a bike.

      • Crime happens to everyone in this city. Not just people who make the choice to ride a bike.

        Precisely, and all the more to the point.

      • She’s writing because they were two of her *employees.* She’s writing to speak up for two members of her community.

        Can we agree that disagreeing with the OP’s conclusions doesn’t necessarily mean she was wrong to come to the aid of people she knows?

        It really does turn my stomach to read so many comments on this site that blame victims for overreacting to violence. It makes me look left and right at my fellow metro riders and wonder whether they would support me if I were assaulted, as so many in the city have been. Or if they would blame me for looking like I deserved it.

  • “carrying weapons can always escalate matters.”

    Clearly, not “always.” In this case, it stopped the attack.

    Not sure I follow the whole jump to gangs crossing state lines, but maybe I’m missing something. Or maybe there’s a leap being made without to much to support it. One MPD guy or anonymous local stating it’s happening isn’t enough to substantiate that.

    That said, DC is a great place to be a criminal- risk of actual prosecution and/or jail time is very low, and the reqard is very high.

    • This does not sound like “gang violence”. After reading the City Paper article it sounds like some drunk “yo’s” did not want to get a DWI after hitting the biker, and therefore chose to jump them instead of having to eventually deal with the cops.

      An unfortunate incident, all too typical in Adams Morgan which could certainly use a police boost. However, I would not call this gang related activity, and it does not seem like a planned out “attack”.

      • I would agree that it may be a bit of a leap to ascribe this to “gang violence.” To me, this reads like a typical redneck reaction–the fact that in this case the rednecks appear to be black males form MD driving a Camaro (i.e., Bamas) is immaterial. The overreaction on their part when someone had the audacity to point out to them that they should be prepared to answer for their screw-up was very predictable.

        As rednecks careen about their lives blissfully unaware of their surroundings, you are doubly at risk if your path crosses theirs: first when they inevitably crash into you and second when you have the unmitigated gall to point it out to them . . . .

    • Noted the inherent contradiction as well. The use of “can always” seems oxymoronic. And in this case, having a weapon (or even a fake one) prevented further assault. Let’s not go overboard in our use of rhetoric to support a political viewpoint.

      Other than that, I support the points she’s making, and wish her employees all the best.

  • andy

    I have it on good authority that any rise in crime in the District is due to out-of-state gang attacks on areas where bars are concentrated.

  • Talking to my buddies, there’s an immense amount of crime associated with Adams Morgan that’s “No Report”‘ed or ignored simply because of the volume of calls/crime on the strip. There’s also a large number of brawls that can’t be controlled/handled because of the lack police.

    It’s going to take a shooting/homocide for DC to wake up and handle the strip like it should be handled. It’s amazing how little the amount of crime associated with 18th Street it publicized due to the influence of various powers that be.

    • how should it be handled?

      what powers that be?

      • It’s been like that for 15 years, and homicides are actually pretty rare if you look at the stats instead of just being shrill: You can count on two hands the number of homicides that actually happened on 18th Street this decade.

        As opposed to, say, the stretch of 14th between U and Irving, where you’d run out of fingers and toes pretty quick. Or any number of neighborhoods across the river.

        But I don’t see the OP giving a damn about that.

    • There’s already quite a bit of serious crime in Adams Morgan – maybe not on the strip itself but within one or two blocks, especially toward Euclid, Kalorama, and Champlain. There’s a reason why MPD moved a CCTV camera to Kalorama and Champlain – and moving a CCTV camera is not an easy process. There’s a lot of justification that is involved.

      I don’t think DC is ‘sleeping’ when it comes to the serious crime in Adams Morgan.

      Though I do agree that the jump in the OP from the assault to “We’re going to have a cross-state gang war!” is a bit hyperbolic.

      • You are right- There’s a lot of crime that goes on in and around the strip, especially a block or two off where people get jumped, etc. However, what I’m told by guys who have worked the strip there’s pressure from officials to classify crimes into non-crimes or more minor crimes. There’s also a lot of crime that goes unreported.

        As for the out of state gang assertion, that’s mostly B.S. from what I’ve seen. The local guys aren’t the ones causing the problems; its the guys who come over from NE/SE/SW/PG County. A lot of them don’t drink and are looking to hang around, be obnoxious, start fights, etc. They treat it like a sport.

        “what powers that be?”

        The local politicos and business owners.

        “how should it be handled?”

        Lower the bar density, either restore matching overtime detail funding or tax all the bars to fund additional officers, no cars allowed on the strip whatsoever from 8pm until 4am, and finish the goddamn sidewalk enlargements. Those are a few off the top of my head. I’d prefer an ABRA license holder/pizza place tax above the matching funds if only because most business are free riders when it comes to funding additional officers on the strip.

        • Making 18th St a pedestrian-only strip from Columbia Rd to Kalorama Rd would be brilliant! I have no idea what effect it would have on crime in the area, but it would be lovely.

  • This is not new. I own a place in Adams Morgan, and for years had a Special Attention Request in for the groups of Maryland tagged cars coming into Adams Morgan each weekend roughing up the place. 4 guys per car. Multiple cars. Taking over the condo parking. These guys would smash windows for no reason, spray bullets, leave broken beer bottles. Made our crews look civilized. And worst of all, they got free parking!

  • So, City Bikes are our new detectives on gang violence? Where are they obtaining their data on gang related incidents? It doesn’t take a gang to prey on a well known population of intoxicated part-goers. Just a couple of petty crooks. Please stop escalating the misconception that DC is volatile and in desperate need of heavier policing.

  • News Flash! Drunk frat boys have been getting beaten up in Adams Morgan for a long time! This is not new; Adams Morgan has ALWAYS been one of the most violent neighborhoods in DC.

    SE/NE DC always get the press, but Adams Morgan and DuPont have ALWAYS been unsafe.

  • andy

    And cops have been working late night Adams Morgan for serious crime for quite a while.

  • If by gangs crossing state lines she means a bunch of meat head penn state kids coming in from ballston, then yes, she’s right on.

  • I rarely say this, but I think taxes would help. Make it cost something to get into the city…

    • Sounds good on paper (or in a blog post comment) but DC businesses would never go for this and a menial $1-$2 “tax” for coming into the city likely not be a deterrent to anyone who stands to make a few hundred off of petty crime.

      Still, a good thought.

      • i bet it could. there are economic graphs to be drawn!

        and there are definitely ways to get DC businesses on board, if you feel like you need to. I’m not so sure you’d need to. The real problem, of course, is congress.

  • yeah, so I like city bikes and appreciate that they are such a positive force in the community, but this letter needs a point.

  • Sheesh, focus on improving the shitty customer service at city bikes, lady.

  • When I read the comments on this blog, I feel like there has to be an unannounced Douche of the Day contest ongoing that hasn’t been publicized.

  • The easiest way to prevent incidents like this from happening is to just shut down 18th street to cars after a certain point on Friday and Saturday nights.

    When the drunks pour out of the bars at the same time and are pressed into the tiny sidewalk areas two things generally happen: (1) they flood into the streets dangerously close to traffic, or (2) groups of people packed onto the tiny sidewalks confront each other due to the limited space and lack of impulse control from drinking too much.

    If 18th St is closed off, people would have more room when they exit the bars and cut down on group confrontations. It would also remove the possibility of spilling out the bars and almost immediately being in the middle of one of the busiest streets in DC.

    Plus, having a completely closed off pedestrian only area would be fantastic to have in the city.

    • You mean having ‘another’ closed off pedestrian only area would be fantastic?

    • They already do this. MPD closes 18th st to anyone except cabs at a certain time, right before the bars let out.

      • They have not done that regularly over the past several months. I was thinking more of an area like the 4th St. section of Louisville, KY, where no traffic is allowed.

        And yea, there is the pedestrian only area in front of the White House, but I think that is a bit different than closing off 18th st.

    • So they just sit by on the side streets surrounding 18th to prey on victims? Good thought but doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

      • I’m not sure about the sitting in the side streets of 18th st theory. Must of the violence I’ve seen in Adams Morgan is on 18th or starts on 18th and spills onto the side streets.

        I live on Champlain St and most of the incidents are a direct result of two groups coming out the bars at the same time and confronting each in other in the small sidewalks and eventually moving out onto the less busy streets of Champlain or Kalorama. Giving more space to let these groups separate would go a long way in preventing the more typical violent incidents that happen nearly every weekend.

        If there are really more people hiding in the side streets waiting to attack folks, the only tactics that will solve that is increased police presence and more community awareness that you should travel in groups late at night rather then stumble home by yourself.

  • “And what is this doing to the gangs that already live in the neighborhood? Are they going to sit peacefully while other gangs come in and move into their neighborhood?”

    ^^^^ is my favorite part of the letter. It reads like a call to arms to Adams Morgan gangs to quit being pussies and to step up and hold down their turf.

  • I always though that the bar named “The Angry Inch” was the most accurate description for the guys at the Fri-Sat scene in Adams Morgan. Give a bunch of these tired guys booze while playing obnoxious loud music and its no surprise you end up with hostility.

  • This “letter” is weird.

  • i agree with the letter. so what if it could have been written better. i prefer people like Debora Harding to violent thugs.

  • The OP doesn’t show any proof that the attack in question, which was well-publicised (at least 2-3 blogs/news sources) despite her complaint that it wasn’t treated as a “major story,” had anything to do with gangs (in the “organized” sense of the word). It was a disgusting incident, but I don’t see the connection in this incident to “out of town” gangs. As a former resident of Woodley Park and a frequent Adams Morgan visitor, I can attest that the crime there can be pretty rampant and that it’s not a safe neighborhood on Friday and Saturday nights. But the OP has to give more than vague references to prove her contention that Maryland gangs are causing the problems. While that may be true, her point needs more factual support.

  • Crime is worrisome… but the letter (as others have commented) isn’t very coherent, and I’m not sure what point Ms. Harding is trying to make.

  • Wow – let’s bash a long time small business owner for being concerned about her neighborhood and employees. Nice, people… really nice.

  • I’m an Adams Morgan resident who lives on “the other side of Columbia” in Lanier Heights. In the same building as our city councilman and ANC commissioner–perhaps the slam was aimed at them? I don’t know enough about this incident yet to know what they might have said or not said about it. In any case, I’m a biker who loves having City Bikes in the neighborhood. Glad Ian and Saul survived the attack and I wish them a speedy recovery.

  • Egad. Sounds to me like any car with 4 black or hispanic men and Maryland plates must be a gang that is “coming in from across state lines to take advantage of inebriated naive visitors.”

    I lived on 18th Street for many moons and presidential administrations. Long enough to still use the hyphen. People come to Adams-Morgan on Friday nights to get drunk. Some are black and come from Maryland. Some are white UVA frat boys from Ballston. Some are Marines from Quantico. Some are black UVA ROTCs from Germantown. They all get drunk. They tend to get in fights. Sometimes they run into people with their cars. It’s been like this for as long as I’ve been there. Sometimes they have guns or knives when they get in fights. Other times they just punch and kick each other.

    I refuse to see this incident of a fight between two drunk white hipster bike shop employees and a carload of drunk black people from Maryland (I’ll presume they were black based on the “CEOs” tone and insituation that it is gang related) as any sign of gang violence.

    Nothing good happens on a weekend night in Adams-Morgan after 2 am.

  • I think the point she’s trying to make is that she has heard from cops and sources that there is an uptick in gang activity, particularly from people outside of DC coming in and preying on drunk people in Adams Morgan. While this is not totally new, the points she is making is crime is increasing and there are very limited resources and a small number of Cops. Furthermore, her employee got hit by a car and then got his ass beat, along with his friend, and she is concerned. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that she’s a concerned for her employees and the increase in crime (and this is a long standing small business in the neighborhood – you know, the type of small, local business everyone on here always wants when a new development is built). No shit this stuff has gone on in Adams Morgan for a long time – my brother got jumped about 8 years ago up there and put in the hospital. She has heard from Cops and sources that there is an increase of gang activity from outside the city coming in and targeting people and that gang activity in general is on the rise. Cut the lady some slack – the point is something has to be done here – more patrols, better enforcement – you name it.

  • There’s been an exponential uptick in violent crime, reason to believe it’s gang-related, not much/not enough being done about it.

    Not a very well-written letter, but easy enough to understand and definitely an issue of concern.

    What’s baffling is the callous response here. Does someone have to die for PoPsters to give a shit or is it the geography–Adams Morgan patrons/employees/residents somehow deserve it?

    Seriously, I don’t get it.

    • A couple of major problems. First, she implies this is new. It’s not. Second, she implies it is all brought on by these out of state gangmembers who intentionally are coming into Adams-Morgan to prey on white people (naive clearly means white). It’s not. There are plenty of local gangs that are more than capable of committing any crime you can name. The tone of her letter is to assert that the “locals” must take back the neighborhood from those damn black Marylanders.

      It would be nice to have more than 8 cops on the street. I think there is a healthy police presence. When the dude shot at the cop and was killed two years ago, there were probably 20-30 cops on the scene within 2 minutes.

    • Nobody has said anything even close to close to what you assert. The hyperbolic nature of your post undercuts any merit it might have. The crime in Adams Morgan has not risen “exponentially” and no one has said that people in Adams Morgan deserve to be victims of crime.

    • “There’s been an exponential uptick in violent crime.”

      I took the 30 seconds necessary to look up the crime stats.. Within 1,000 feet of 18th and Columbia, violent crime is up just 13 percent over the past year, compared to the same time frame from from the previous year.

      Any increase is bad, but to call this “exponential” is just ludicrous.

      One car of thuggish Marylanders does not equal a horde of gangs invading D.C. Unless you’re Channel 5 news.

      • Thank you for pointing this out. Anecdotal evidence about “there’s a lot more crime,” “crime has tripled,” etc all makes for interesting writing – but look at the numbers.

        You can slice and dice any way you want. I choose to compare June 2009-June 2010 to the current year of June 2010-June 2011:

        Total Crime: Up 15%
        Total Violent Crime: Up 31%

        I would argue that 31% is a substantial increase, however it’s worth noting that:
        1) 31% is not “exponential” (though that depends on the parameters of your exponential function)
        2) this number is subject to small sample size – violent crimes this year were 72 vs 55 in the prior year

        • 15% is also a major increase. Consider that crime stats have the potential to go either up or down – a 15% increase is not just an increase of that much, but lack of a decrease of any number as well.

          I’m no cop but I would be shocked if there wasn’t a very quiet but very real freakout at MPD HQ over the trend.

          • Yeah man, I bet the MPD HQ is freaking out about the commentariat in the blogosphere.

            No, I doubt it. They dont regard us as nearly the experts that we regard ourselves.

        • Everyone knows that tripling would mean a 300% increase, not a 31% increase, right?

      • Thanks for the hard numbers–it’s informative and very helpful. But I was responding to all the rather UNhelpful posts claiming that that the letter writer didn’t have a point.

        The point of her letter, to me at least, is pretty clear.

        As for the use of the oh-so-controversial term “exponential” I was merely paraphrasing what she said in the sixth paragraph, that MPD stats show violient crime has tripled.

        I get uptight about violent crime in my neighborhood and maybe even a little shrill, because perception wins out over hard numbers when it’s you or someone you care about. Maybe the writer doesn’t have her facts straight but I think her only real mistake was bringing it up here, where semantics can make an entire argument moot.

        • it’s important to stay objective about the numbers. when someone gets shot or stabbed, we all remember it for a long time. reading the actual stats helps ground you on how often things really happen and helps establish how likely you are to be a victim.

    • No, it’s the geography and clientele. Who gives a fuck about Adams Morgan and the drunk douches there?

      Ex-Local, if she is trying to refer to gangs by race, she would have, or maybe said crews instead of gangs?!? Besides,everybody knows the “gangs in MD” are latino, so she must really hate latinos.

  • Her whole letter screams she doesnt understand the problem and somehow thinks that now that if affects her and her friends that it is a.) more serious than it ever has been, and b.) not being taken seriously enough.

    The fact that she was ignorant before and now suddenly understands that there is some crime, is totally ridiculous.

    Also, going out of her way to throw around unsubstantiated accusations about people from out of state? I mean where are we talking about? New Hampshire? Doubtful. Of course, she has no f’ing clue what she’s talking about. So a few guys beat down your employees. They were black and from Maryland. What makes you say that they were in a gang?

    I just dont understand what she’s talking about. And then the whole thing about an escalation of violence because MD gangs are moving into Admo? Wtf? She makes it sound like DC is the baltimore depicted in the wire (which incidentally is DC of 20 years ago).

    Her letter is shrill, hysterical, and based in misconceptions and false information.

    • If you knew her it would make sense. Petty, irrational and prone to tantrums. Not exactly someone you would look to for law enforcement or community policing advice. I understand she’s upset about her coworkers being assaulted, but sending out this odd manifesto as a bookkeeper for a bike shop is a bit odd.

  • A lot of peoples’ perceptions on crime change when it affects them personally (for the first time, especially). People think that crime must be out of control if they were a victim.

    I would challenge anyone to show that there is an ‘exponential uptick’ in violent crime in Adams Morgan using any intelligence stats.

    • so, to you, crime is under control?
      because, what, you’ve been a victim many times, or never?

      • That’s my point. Being a victim, or never, doesn’t really have anything to do with the the crime rates as they are. When people are a victim they think crime is out of control. If they never have been they probably don’t. Being a victim or not is not an objective measure of crime rates.

        Percentage increase over last year is not really enough to say that crime is on a ‘serious uptick.’ Rate still matter, as do other variables that aren’t taken into account when a straight this year vs. last year comparison is made.

        • Marie, you are absolutely correct. However, statistics and facts have very little to do with the average PoP commenters’ opinions. Their opinions are solely derived from their own experiences and the echo chamber of similar opinions that they hear from their newly urbanized cohort of hipsters and yuppies.

        • you need to garner a better street sense and rely less on numbers.

  • ya’ll are some judgmental pricks.

  • If you walk 18th street at 3am (a little after the bars have closed and jumbo slice lines have cleared), it’s not the drunk Ballston frat boys hanging out in large groups on the sidewalks…

  • Her point is fair (there aren’t enough cops in adams morgan to deal with the problem that is adams morgan) but I think she loses it entirely when she blames it on roving out of state gangs driving camaros to prey on stupid hipsters that enjoy the Adam’s Morgan bar scene. She even said in the letter that there’s nothing to substantiate that… and um, there’s REALLY nothing to substantiate that.

    How many of you know gang members driving 2011 camaros, all dressed up “club casual”?

  • The problem with this post is that the warnings issued by the OP have nothing to do with the actual incident. My reading of the CP article does not compel the conclusion that her employees were attacked by a “gang” from out of state that was cruising AM for drunk victims. They were attacked after they confronted a reckless driver who hit one of them. This was more about road rage than gang activity.

    • +1.

      And with what Trixie said “Her point is fair (there aren’t enough cops in adams morgan to deal with the problem that is adams morgan)” — I think that _is_ a good point, but the letter seemed to suggest it only obliquely. It would have been more helpful if it had straight-out said, “We need more cops in Adams Morgan on Friday and Saturday nights.”

  • Point taken. Drunken frat boys will also not 1) grab for the wife/GF at your side to see if they can bait you into a reaction, knowing they have 8-10 of their boys in tow or 2) *accidentally* lower a shoulder into you to goad a reaction knowing the same.

    I would suggest that all those folks in this thread commenting on “drunken frat boys” visit Adams Morgan on a Saturday night about 2 AM and see how times have changed . . . .

    I’m not sure anything will be done about it however until the hotel gets built and the city has about 5-10 million/year in potential tax revenue to lose if some of this nonsense doesn’t get cleaned up.

    • As a resident of Adams Morgan for the last three years, and having lived within 3 blocks of 18th & Columbia, I can attest that it’s not drunk, fratboys from Ballston that are crowding the streets at 2:00 in the morning.

      During my time in Adams Morgan, it has always been a place where people drink to much and people seem to have too short a fuse. That being said, it seems like over the past year, there has been an increase in people coming to Adams Morgan on the weekends to park their cars and start s**t with everyone.

      How about this as a potential solution. Install a no-loitering law that is “strictly enforced”. Either you are in one of the bars, eating a jumbo slice, or are walking to/from another bar/18th street. There shouldn’t be any reason people are allowed to hang out looking for trouble (anyone that has gone out in Dupont/U-Street on the weekends will know that its not the case there).

      Welcome to opinions/suggestions, but half the time, people on POP come off like total douches. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to go out on the weekends for a few drinks and not feel relatively safe (if you are black out drunk, however, thats your own fault.

      • Any “no loitering” law is a complete non-starter in this City. Rightly or wrongly, the political powers that be view it as an attempt to target young black men for standing around being black. Given the racial and economic divisions evident in the last election, do you really think Gray is going to push for this kind of law? What police can do – and what I have seen them do in my hood near the Park View rec center – is have a presence nearby that discourages people from hanging out aimlessly or, if they are going to hang out anyway, from engaging in offensive behavior.

      • I moved to Adams-Morgan in 1994. At that time it was not a place to hang out for a few drinks at 2 am on a weekend. That’s still the case. Loiterers have been parking their sweet rides on 18th for years. Groups of thugs have been grabbing ladies and picking fights for years. This is nothing new. Just because this was more publicized than other incidents because of who the victims were (disproving the original letter), doesn’t mean this is the first time it’s happened.

    • Wait, what hotel?

    • +10000000000

  • I have been a daily reader of this blog for about two years and just wanted to say that these are some of the most asinine comments to a posting that I’ve seen. Great job!

  • Does anyone have a definitive date when the hotel is going to start construction? I have heard that it passed the DC city council. Any idea?

  • And what of the poor chap who fell through City Bike’s trap door around the same time this “letter” was written, who was injured and is suing them?

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