Car drives through fence at AFRH (Old Soldier’s Home Upshur and Rock Creek Church Rd, NW)

“Dear PoP,

A car drove through the fence at AFRH this afternoon. DC EMS is attending to someone now (presumably the owner).”

I just walked by real quick and the ambulance was already gone by 3:10pm. I took a few more photos:

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  • Looks like the drive made a wrong turn at Albuquerque…

  • I’ll bet the car had Maryland plates.

    • Looks an awful lot like a DC inspection sticker on the window in the top picture……

      • Actually, I think the DC inspection sticker has to be on the driver’s side of the windshield.

        Also, strongly agree with the implied commentary on the driving skills of Maryland drivers…

  • No Maurie, between the columns with the eagles!

  • gps fail?

  • fence didn’t even put up a fight against the front of the E46 sedan Bimmer, looks great still.

    passengerside front wheel does not match driverside wheels…

    • ghetto E46. mismatched wheels. passenger’s side wheels 330i stock. driver’s side wheels aftermarket.

      that driver is so lucky (or skilled). look how many very large obstructions he/she missed. wow. that’s a happy ending vs the tearjerker it would have been if he/she hit the brick entry pillars or the tree.

      unfortunately, it looks like a portion of the original fence got plowed. I bet a dollar they won’t repair it to look original.

      totally wasted captcha (this captcha would have been awesome for any one of a bunch of other stories…): SKUM.

  • That seems to happen a lot along that stretch. Alot of the brick posts supporting the fence are pretty badly damaged. People, slow down! Dang.

  • Yes! Now this proves that only assholes drive BMWs!

  • Looks like he was aiming for Lincoln’s cottage. Nice try, Mr. Booth.

  • They may have had a health problem… we have no idea…

  • Very lucky considering what the driver could have crashed into! looks like he/she got some air off the handicap ramp… would love to have seen this happen.

  • …that BMW really does LEASE to ANYBODY. In fact, over 60% of BMW’s on the road are leased. They make a killing by preying on those that can’t afford to buy OR lease. These same people should be saving for rent or retirement.

    • Sure: It’s the company’s fault that some people are irresponsible with their money… Retard.

    • Retard X2. That car is no less than 6 years old. Not leased by BMW. Either bought used or being driven by a loyal and happy original owner. At least until today.

      Please stop hating on BMWs and their owners. That car, before it crashed, is worth between $6K and $14K depending on year, condition and options. Less than alot of used Honda Civics.

    • me

      True- I had a coworker that had a low-end BMW that leased it for $700/mo. That seems absolutely ridiculous to me. That’s one of the main reasons why he is still renting and can’t save up enough to buy.

    • those leased cars are eventually sold to people like me who buy their cars at places like CarMax and are very happy to drive a two year old used BMW. for a lot less than the original sticker price – with the service plan – and the luxury. don’t be so mean and judgemental.

    • why are people who have money hated?

  • I wonder if speed or heroine played a factor. . .

  • I hope the driver is ok, but that open truck keeps cracking me up for some reason every time I see the photo.

  • Dc tags.

    How does someone exactly do what this driver did?

    And lol @ the booth joke.

  • The BMW was probably forced off the road by a Hyandai. (Average drivers can become quite aggressive around German cars.)

  • I hope she was okay

  • “A car drove through the fence…”

    Really? Was it Christine? Or was it some other car with the power of self-actualization? Silly me, I thought PEOPLE drove cars.

  • Distracted driving maybe?! A little texting perhaps?!!?

  • Was the driver texting to somebody ? Hope it was worth it and I hope they have insurance !

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