Bike Sculptures in Takoma Park

Photos courtesy of LauraBarclay

From an email:

About reCYCLE The Art of Bike Project:
reCYCLE Art of Bike is sponsored by the non-profit Old Takoma Business Association and was designed to celebrate the art, bicycling and recycling cultures of Takoma Park. Artists were commissioned to build seven outdoor sculptures, using mostly bicycle parts, which will be installed along the sidewalks of Old Takoma (Takoma Junction, Maryland, to the Takoma Theatre, DC) to create a self-guided walking tour with the goal of attracting and engaging visitors and showcasing Old Takoma.


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  • trashy…i’d take small-time scrawling grafitti over these eyesores any day of the week….
    Catchpa = RAPE????

  • I love bikes but whenever people try to make “art” out of them it just looks like old junk… Face it people- there are some things in this world that just don’t make good art.

  • Sorry Takoma Park, but these suck.

  • We did two years in Takoma Park. Two years we’ll never get back.

    • Ha! Better than my 3 years in Annandale, I’m sure.

      • No doubt. But you probably didn’t have to look at nearly as many Birkenstocks and Crocs. Or political yard signs. Or Subarus.

        • No, just lots and lots of traffic and everything in Korean.

        • You hated a place because of the clothes that people wore? And you think DC is less political than Takoma Park?

          How about the fact that Takoma Park has one of the best farmers markets in the DC area-and its year round.

          • I didn’t say I hated it. And I didn’t say I hated it because of clothes that people wore. And I didn’t say DC is less political than Takoma Park.

            How about the fact there’s a market there? Didn’t mention it.

    • So what did you mean by saying it is 2 years that you will never get back?

      • It wasn’t a good place for us to live. Takoma Park is an easy target to make fun of, mostly because it is representative of so many stereotypes–which we found to pretty accurate in the two years we were stuck there. At least we get some good laughs about it now.

  • The last one’s kinda cool but the others look really junky.

  • I don’t want to be rude but I think these are pretty terrible. Esp the first one which is trash wired to a bike. If this was a temporary elementary school project, fine, but I can’t imagine one person walking past and saying, “Wow, look at the effort that went into designing that, I wish I could afford one for my front yard.”

  • Too bad those aren’t on h st they’d be lauded to the heavens

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