Bike Rider Who Was Assaulted by a Car Recounts Her Story – Props to the Cops Vol. 25

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A reader writes, “can’t believe I haven’t seen more about this elsewhere… quite a crazy (and cautionary) tale…”

Wow! This story from A Girl on a Bicycle is amazing:

I was stopped [on a bike] at the intersection of 13th and Kenyon St. NW at a red light, waiting to turn left onto 13th St. Kenyon is a one-way street going west, and I was on the left side of the street, since I would be turning left. While waiting for the light I heard a car speed up Kenyon St. behind me…

The light turned green and I started to proceed. And then I felt *BUMP!!!!!* again, this time a bit harder…

So I stopped. Pulled out my police badge (yes, I’m a cop if you didn’t know before. No I really don’t want to talk about it, thanks) showed it to the driver and motioned him to stay right where he was.

Read the full crazy story here.

Ed. Note: This is my new favorite volume of props to the cops!

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  • I like this story too.

    What i dont understand is why the police officer is saying that this guy was a drug dealer, when no drugs were found.

    • I believe the giant wad of cash indicated that Mr. Harrison was most likely a drug dealer…or maybe he just made a serious amount of tips (all in cash of course) earlier that day.

      • Maybe he is concerned about global economic events and believes that deflationary pressure will cause a run on the banks and so he is more comfortable keeping his assets in cash? I dont know. Typically, drugs are required to be labeled as a drug dealer.

    • If you read the whole story, or maybe it’s in a previous version, when he went to jail he made a call to his girlfriend telling her to hide his drugs and guns. the call was recorded like all calls from jail.

      • Right, but if you read the rest of that story, they only recovered a gun.

        • Haha! She can call that guy whatever she wants. I would call him much worse if it were me.

        • I can’t even begin to muster the amount of sarcasm it would take to deal with this level of skepticism.

          • Thats not really my point. She’s a cop. She’s not a speculator on a blog. She has a responsibility to not go around muddling the story to potential jurors and witnesses. There’s no reason to start labeling the guy a drug dealer until drugs are found. At which point, if those are the charges, then thats fair game. Since it sounds like there are no drug related charges, having the police call him a drug dealer is a bit of a disservice.

          • If I had his rap sheet in a sealed envelope, would you bet me $100 he wasn’t a drug dealer? $50? $20? $10?

            She’s a private citizen first. She can do what she wants. Becoming a cop doesn’t mean you have to never write a personal blog. I think you’re confused about what her rights are.

    • She also mentions that the car reeked of pot.

  • Crazy!

    Though the most interesting part was, for me (reading the full post) the writer’s warning for people to not engage or confront aggressive drivers. The person who hit her has been known to carry a gun and she didn’t know that at the time (obviously).

    This is a definite prop but also a sound warning.

  • I liked this story when I read it earlier this week.

  • Like she says, a badge doesn’t make you invulnerable to bullets, but this is also why I sometimes wish I had become a police officer when I’m out riding my bike or walking my dog, and I’m confronted or verbally assaulted by some of DC’s finest ghetto trash.

    • Seriously, where do you guys live that you have so many run-ins? I live in an edgy hood myself and my interactions with everyone around me is pretty mundane. Never had insults or rocks hurled at me.

      In fact, a couple times, I thought I was about to have trouble, and i just said a loud “hello” and the people perked up and returned the greeting, or at the least grudgingly acknowledged me.

      I’m not going to say everything is always rosy… I get suspicious looks, aggressive stare downs, and passive aggressive behavior from time to time – but so many people on here report such terrible dealings, its like we live in two different realities.

  • She’s a great writer for a cop!

    • yeah. everyone knows cops are notoriously bad at writing…. what?

      • ever read the reports on police list servs?

      • What TSM said.

        • my grandfather was a homicide detective and a great writer (based on his letters, he died in 1963), even without having got past 8th grade. i don’t think cops are any worse or better than your average person at writing. they might just have their stuff put out for you to see more often.

  • You go girl. What an awesome story. Nice to hear the USAO is finally sticking it to the criminals, and our corrupt elected officials too. Maybe just maybe we can get this city on the right track.

  • Let’s see

    * Giant stack of cash
    * Car reeked of pot
    * Recorded phone conversation telling girlfriend to hide drugs & guns

    Would a jury convict him of being a drug dealer? Of course not.

    Is it reasonable for someone to comment that the guy is probably a drug dealer?

    Jesus Herbert Hoover Christ if you honestly think anything different, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  • I read the full story on her blog, and some of the comments, too. Then came back here to read the comments. Only a fraction actually post responded to her call for bicyclists to show up at the hearing.

    Given how much we discuss the aggressive driver topic on this blog, I’m kind of surprised that no one seems interested in representing. I also kind of hoping I’m wrong.

  • I love this story…and I love this woman!

    As a daily bike commuter who routinely feels threatened on the road (both intentionally and inadvertently) this story gives me hope that DC can one day become the bike-friendly city that it has so much potential to be!

  • I’d like to see her go after cyclists who go through red lights and stop signs without stopping, ride on sidewalks, ride the wrong way down one way streets, etc.

    • that would make you happier that this story?

    • I’d like to see her go after pedestrians who cross before the Walk signal starts blinking. Oh, and people that don’t shovel snow off of their sidewalks.

  • She should also pull over every car that exceeds the speed limit, and every car that fails to come to a complete stop at the white line before a stop sign or red light. Oh, and everyone who jaywalks, too.

    She’s going to be very, very busy.

    • Frankly, she should ticket everyone who jaywalks.

      But I don’t think you can compare going 39 in a 30 to completely disregarding traffic signals.

      If your argument is that the standard of legal compliance should be highest for drivers, because they are most likely to kill someone, reasonable people can disagree over that.

      But if you’re saying that cyclists comply with the law just as much as drivers, I don’t think there’s a question.

      • You don’t think you can compare going 40 in a 25 mph zone with a cyclist jay-biking? I agree. Speed kills. Jay-biking (and jay-walking) poses a minor inconvenience to some drivers.

        Not comparable at all.

        • In an accident, speed kills. Otherwise, it doesn’t. People being where they aren’t supposed to be cause accidents.

          (Yes, at 90mph, speed itself might cause an accident but in DC that’s irrelevant)

    • Although, to clarify, there are @$$holes using every method of transportation, so I’m not putting all of the blame on cyclists.

      Also, what happened to A Girl On a Bicycle was terrible, regardless of whether she was obeying the law, which is certainly seems she was.

  • This is precisely why I don’t like sitting at red lights while on my bike. You instantly become a sitting target for any driver intentional or not, to strike you. I got yelled at over a loudspeaker by MPD for not waiting for a red light to turn green. (There were absolutely NO cars traveling in either direction) I believe the cop was just pissed for having to sit at the light himself. Or, he just wanted to show off for his ride-along.

    Does anyone know if there is an actual law prohibiting cyclist from running lights and stop signs? I certainly hope not, because I hate feeling like a sitting duck.

    • Or maybe they were pissed that you flagrantly disregarded a rule of the road. But way to make the very rightful scolding you got about the cops being total douchebags, and not about you thinking the law doesn’t apply to you.

      And yes, there are rules that cyclists have to obey traffic lights and signs. You’re out on the road and you don’t know this?

  • Pretty insightful. Except the part where you show me actual cyclist laws. I haven’t had luck locating any.

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