Barricade Situation on 1600 Block of Irving St, NW

Final reader photos from the scene at 5:43pm

Final reader photos from the scene at 5:43pm

Update 5:42pm From DCFireems:

“Update – 16th st & Irving St NW – EMS transporting 1 adult male w/ MPD escort – DC F&EMS units will clear soon – MPD investigating”

UPDATE 5:31pm DCfireems is reporting:

“evaluating 1 adult for transport”

Readers report hearing possible stun grenades.

Update 5:15pm I’m getting multiple reader reports of 2 gunshots fired and an ambulance pulling up to the scene.

Update 5:02pm CM Jim Graham writes via twitter:

“only residents on 1600 blk of Irving will not be able to get into their homes right now. all other residents should be able to get home.”

Past Tense studio writes,

“North end of Mt. P area is fine. Just walked between Park and Lamont and saw people coming up Mt. P St. towards Lamont.”

Update 4:40PM: Washington Post reports:

A distraught man believed to be armed “with a screwdriver or screwdrivers”

The barricaded man is alone, according to police, and there is no indication that he has a gun.

UPDATE 4:20PM reader writes from Flying Fish Coffee: “Just cleared everyone out of the shops…say they might be there all night.”

Update: reader writes at 4pm:

“Lunatic barricades himself in building next to ercilias on Irving and Mt.pleasant St. All residents locked into their homes including my friends mike and Chris at flying fish coffee on Mt pleasant St. Sniper rifles galore!! Crazy days are here again!”

Continues with earlier reports and photos after the jump.

Mobile operation center on scene

Reader at flying fish coffee @ 4:05pm writes, “Just asked us to lock back and front doors and stay away from windows.”

@dcfireems says:

“possible Barricade situation – vicinity 16th St & Irving St NW – DC F&EMS Spec Ops assisting MPD”

MPD says steer clear of area – lots of traffic congestion.

A reader reports seeing an armored vehicle and a huge response of other emergency response vehicles going north on 16th St, NW.

Update 3:24pm reader reports, “Cops with rifle and binoculars pointed to a building on Irving south of Mt. Pleasant.”

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  • Apparently the cops are using the alley between Irving and Kenyon as a staging area — lots of serious firearms and body armor. Whatever is going on the cops are taking it serious.

  • Must be another BB gun!

  • Or a kitchen knife like the sandbag situation at 333 Elm NW last month.

  • SWAT just showed up apparently.

    • SWAT was convening for about the last 15 minutes on 17th & Irving. Started moving in 5 minutes ago.

  • They have a south staging area on Mt P street, south of Irving. At least 3 firetrucks + ambulance standing by.

  • DCPD will always say “better safe than sorry” when they are dealing with a potential hostage situation (I’m guessing that is what this is), but the SpecOps guys also get some live training even in the event this is somebody with a knife/bb gun/taser whatever. They may not acknowledge it publicly, but sometimes the over-response serves to keep a seldomly used part of the force sharp even when they know the threat might not warrant it. In the end that is not a bad thing.

    • Of course it’s a bad thing it’s a huge waste of money!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Not entirely a waste of money if the next time there’s a dangerous SWAT situation and our our team is not rusty. Although screwdriver(s) is comical.

    • in the end they shot the guy. word is he died on the way to the hospital. maybe this is not the best outcome when the threat is a person with mental health issues and is having an episode with a screwdriver as a weapon.

      I am not saying it was right or wrong that 15 guys with automatic weapons went in to get this guy. I do not have all the facts. But it is a serious example of how mental health issues may not be being dealt with in the best way.

    • you said SpecOps

  • Is it something at the Credit Union? I was just there a little over an hour ago. I’m talking minutes before the cops started showing up.

  • I just talked to my brother who talked to somebody at the liquor store on Mt. Pleasant and Irving – apparently there’s somebody with mental issues in the apartment building behind Ercilla’s.

  • Probably a drunk middle aged undocumented Honduran dude mad because he cant get at whatever teenager, because she’s finally reported it to her abuela.

    • You are a racist, plain and simple. This isn’t funny at all, and this situation obviously doesn’t even call for attempts at humor.

      • MurphyJr isn’t funny, but what he said doesn’t make him a racist. And I don’t want to make light of this situation by having a distracted discussion of race, but really, can we call stop calling each other racists all the time, especially as a way of stifling discussion? I’m an Hispanic, and I’m not offended by what MurphyJr said. Let’s all grow thicker skin, shall we?

        I hope nobody gets hurt from this police situation.

      • And you are a reactionary turdburger on a racism witch hunt. Middle aged guy wants to bone teen, then goes a little nuts when he is found out or cock-blocked? This happened at least 15 times in Congress just last week. It was funny because it told a little story about one possible scenario by A)using details that a reasonable and possible and B)applying a universally understandable relationship i.e. creepy old guy and attention starved teen girl

    • Go to hell, dude. Seriously. Get out of here with that hate.

    • Glad someone said it.

    • We can all agree that Liz is racist.

    • he lived in the building for 20 years

  • Someone finally got so fed up with the high cheeseburger prices at the Heights that they flipped out.

    It’s sad. Two dollars to blacken you burger? That’s a steal.

    • The price of a cheeseburger, as you may or may not know, has been determined by the People’s Council on Meat-Dairy Hybrid Food Pricing to be 4.22 Thai bots, in 1992 bots.

      It’s no wonder that people want to revolt against the Heights and their capitalist paymasters. Viva la revolucion!

      • The will of the people is best conveyed by the juicy, flavorful meat served up at the Heights. Good food, reasonable prices, and fun for all.

        The forces of the reaction will be waiting for you with jalapeno poppers. The Heights will not be cowed!

        • ¡LIBERTAD!

          The People slave for a pittance to support your military industrial complex for its capitalist empire, and they’re charged these outlandish prices for cheeseburgers?!

          The People have deemed what the price of this food is, and the Heights will either respect it or be destroyed.

          • You show a lack of filial piety, and a disrespect for tender, juicy hamburgers served in a cosy, casual atmosphere. Your desire to uproot the traditional order shall result in the Three Great Harmonies becoming the Two Overwhelming Sadnesses.

          • Your talk of Harmonies and Sadnesses is nonsense! There is only God. And God, with his son Jesus Christ, will help us take the Heights, either in this life or the next. Their cheeseburger prices shall not stand.

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            I fear you don’t know the trouble you’re starting. Many men will die. Simply respect the price of the cheeseburger.

  • Anyone found trying to oppress the will of the people and Peasant Village 146’s Cheeseburger Decree of 2011 will be judged and sentenced. The Will of the People will not be oppressed by unrepentant Capitalist, Yankee Pigs.

    • That sounds like a Great Leap Backward.

      • Leave from whence you came, Simon. We Chileans have no need for your standards of cheeseburger pricing.

        • Your cattle are inferior, Bernardo. That’s why the Heights won’t serve Chilean beef.

          Also, O’Higgins? What’s that all about? I assume you’re some sort of freedom-loving leprechaun.

  • And I’m referring about the Honduran comment. There’s like 20 of them per house. Maybe less public drinking, and more public working. #justsaying

  • I was in Samber Market just now and mentioned to the owner the heavy traffic on Mt Pleasant St. Another customer said there was a potential shooting further down Mt P St and streets nearby were blocked off.

    I said the Prince of Petworth blog will have news before any other media – and you know what? I was right.

    • Cool story Hansel. So maybe there was a potential shooting? Yes we’ve established that there may be something going on.

  • My wife (unfortunately we live accross the street from Flying Fish) was just told there was a bomb in the building. Fuck…

  • Any idea if Harvard or Hobart are closed off West of 16th? Any chance I can go home tonight?

    • Hobart shut down. Closed at Mt P street. Unfortunately, not closed at Irving, but Irving is closed. SO people keep driving up (including unfortunate H2 bus) and getting stuck. Right now, looks like you might be able to get close, but perhaps have to park a couple of blocks away.

      • Hobart is clear now. At least form busses and traffic. Alternatively you could walk up harvard street, then head up the easement across from Harvard Hall to get to Hobart street.

      • Sounds like I should probably leave now if I want to park anywhere within eight miles. Hopefully Harvard is still open. Thanks!

        • harvard was closed downhill from the park earlier, as they were doing street work even before this incident happened. i don’t know what is happening besides that.

          • Harvard’s open as of a half hour ago. Mt Pleasant closed at Harvard (at The Embassy). If that’s still helpful info for you.

            I’d like to know how far up Mt. Pleasant is closed though.

  • I live above the liquor store on the corner of MtP and Irving. I’m still at work, can anyone give me an update?

  • And what about 16th – is that open completely?

    • Don’t know for sure, but 16th has been open (haven’t been out to check for over an hour). But I imagine traffic is rough.

      • Traffic is definitely rough. I was stuck on the bus for a loooooong while. Ended up just getting off and walking the rest of the way.

    • 16th is open, just can’t get onto Irving.

      • Woop! Thanks ya’ll. Hope those on the 1600 blovk of Irving get to get home at a reasonable hour and do so sfaely of course.

        I have never thought about what I would do if I couldn’t get home – what about people with pets? Gah.

  • Hey BK: It’s your upstairs neighbor JS. Talked with E&P and trying to figure out what’s up. Should meet somewhere. And what about Walt?

    • Hey JS, Walt is in our apartment. K was just home with him before this whole mess started. I don’t know what to do. 🙁

      • At least someone’s there with Walt. I think I’m going to drink. Ha :-\ But seriously, this greatly complicates my day/night/tomorrow. You have a place to crash if necessary?

        • Yeah, Walt does not appreciate this situation. I have a few couches I could crash on if this nut continues to complicate my schedule. Drinks on the patio later if this mess clears up.

  • So he’s armed himself with screwdrivers? (OK, maybe it’s just one screwdriver).

    Must be a phillips-head; they wouldn’t call out the SWAT team for a flathead…

  • Screwdrivers!?

  • The post is reporting that the man is alone and armed with one or more screwdrivers – no mention of guns, bombs or hostages.

  • I heard it was an adze! And some caulk!

  • If that is the case according to the article, then what’s with all the man power? Just break the dam* door down and end this crap…that article can’t be right.

  • Wait a minute, are these phillips or flat heads?!?

  • No! SCREW YOU!

  • Man! I have plenty of projects in my apartment that needs a lunatic with a screwdriver to work on. Are we sure its not a new show for HGTV?

  • Wait, SCREWDRIVERS? And he’s ALONE?

    Dear MPD: Break down the door, shoot him in the leg, take him into custody, send the rest of the cops back to their usual posts. Good gravy.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    CM Graham writes, “only residents on 1600 blk of Irving will not be able to get into their homes right now. all other residents should be able to get home.”

  • about time

  • “Sniper rifles galore!! Crazy days are here again!”

    Calm down, dude. This is not something to be happy excited about.

  • 2 gunshots @ 5:15. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • I hate to be an asshat about something like this, but I just wasted 45 minutes trying to drive through MtP and the police show of force was huge! If they know this guy is ALONE in his apartment with a screw driver, why don’t they just walk away? Who cares if some nut wants to hang in his apartment alone with a screwdriver or three? What is the worst he could to? I doubt he could even kill himself. Turn off the gas so he can’t blow the place up. He’ll come out eventually.

    But, why occupy resources and inconvenience people over this?

  • We’re all screwed! I knew having an espresso shop in Mt. Pleasant was a terrible idea! Now look, dude goes on caffeine-addled rampage. Guns aren’t the problem, caffeine is … ok, joking aside, I hope everyone is alright.

  • They must have shot him. PD/EMS Twitter feed just posted this: Update – Barricade – 16th St & irving St NW – EMS evaluating 1 adult for transport – DC F&EMS Spec Ops assisting MPD

  • I was going to do some work around the house tonight, but now I am worried that if anyone sees me with a screwdriver in hand I’ll cause quite an incident.

  • But is The Raven open?

  • Well it is over and the cops were both hyper mean and very polite. I was trapped in my house right next door for over 3 hours. I got 4 different stories about what was going on and what happened in the end. Looks like Roshomon was performed on Irving St. but Akira Kurosawa was not in charge.

  • You know who else is home right now, behind a locked door, with as many as EIGHT screwdrivers right this minute? That’s right. WDC. And I have a child with me.
    Please don’t tell the cops.

  • A neighbor is going a bit apesh*t because the cops are still blocking Irving St. 2 hours after the ambulance pulled away. He is particularly chuffed at the vision of one of the SWAT members walking up the street with 3 pizzas. I’m only irritated that the pizza didn’t come from Pete’s or Radius. I think it was Pizza Hut (sigh).

  • from WJLA

    A man was shot by police after he attacked police officers and then barricaded himself inside an apartment in Mount Pleasant in D.C. for about two hours.

    The man had barricaded himself inside an apartment in the 1600 block of Irving Street NW after he attacked police officers. Police feared the man could have had gun.

    Special Operations Commander Burton said police were called to 1630 the scene about 1:30 p.m. to assist mental health workers. When MPD arrived a suspect with a sharp object attacked police, stabbing one officer in the arm.

    He then barricaded himself in a room. Police negotiated with the suspect for about two hours, when he either fell asleep or somehow became incapacitated. When police entered the room, the suspect attacked police with sharp object.

    At about 5:30 p.m., two loud bangs were heard. Commander Burton said police shot the man in the upper body. He was taken to Howard Hospital, where he died.

    Don Torres says the man who was holed up in the building is his neighbor. He said the man has a history of problems.

    During the standoff, MPD officers scrambled through the surrounding area and told people to stay in their homes and businesses and to remain in restaurants. Snipers were posted as look-outs.

  • with all the insane military technology we have, why can’t we have instant tranquilizer bullets? why kill a crazy when you can just incapacitate him immediately? I don’t understand this.

  • if they knew he was mentally unstable and was only armed with screwdrivers/sharpened objects, why wasn’t there non-lethal force available to incapacitate him?

  • Achtung! Don’t think for a moment that we don’t live in a military police state. Blink the wrong way and this can happen to you too. Our “good life” is just a facade.

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