Another Horse’s Ass Award Nominee Nearly Completely Renovated in Shaw

“Dear PoP,

i noticed this building for the last few months has been undergoing some changes. the address is – i think- 1554 9th St NW [9th & Q St NW]

whats the scoop on it? looks like it will be a restaurant of some kind to me.”

It’s going to be residential. Here’s what it looked like in Dec. ’10:

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  • Wow! Those first floor windows are awfully close to the ground. Someone can just step right on in!

    • yeah, that would freak me out unless there were bars (nice, decorative bars, perhaps, but something) on the windows.

  • I got a tour of the interior a few weeks ago — the owners have done an AMAZING job turning the former pizza place into a super cool single family home. Great, industrial vibe without feeling contrived, beautiful finishes, etc. Love every thing they did.

    The exterior is going to be awesome when complete as well. Custom wood doors will soon fill in the openings where the placeholder front doors are, and fencing and landscaping will separate the house from the sidewalk.

    Revisit again soon when it’s complete, PoP!

    • Lucky! I’ve been dying to see the inside! The owner is so has such a great eye for design. I live nearby and have basically been stalking the progress of this reno.

  • Missed opportunity for great groundfloor corner retail, but the renovation does look good.

  • Looking forward to meeting the new neighbors. They were FLYING on the renovations.

    I like the base color they picked. It will look great when they finish painting the cornices etc.

  • Whatever it will be (store, single-family home, etc.), it will be a VAST improvement. Given its location, a place like the Seasonal Pantry down the street could have done pretty well here, or maybe a pizza place, but as others have mentioned, there are dozens of empty storefronts in the neighborhood (how about the building next door??)

    Gentrification = YAY = WIN.

  • Am I missing something? What makes this renovation so objectionable?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was a former horse’s ass award nominee in the second photo here. I probably should’ve put “former” in the title. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Live just around corner from this one. So happy to see it fixed up! Now, if Shiloh Baptist would just stop keeping down the rest of that block of 9th Street…

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