Adams Morgan News: Saki Closes for Renovations, Turquoise Jewelry Boutique Coming Soon

Back in Nov. ’10 we learned that Saki was looking to change its alcohol license:

Expand the licensed premises to include the entire building at 2477 18th Street, N.W. This expansion will include the space at 2473 18th Street, N.W. which is currently occupied by District Lounge & Grille which will cease to operate after approval of the expansion. This expansion will add an additional 120 seats for dining space as well as create 25 seats for summer garden space.

Looks like that expansion has begun. Back in Sept. ’10 we judged Saki.

And in other coming and going news – I just spotted this coming soon sign for Turquoise Jewelry Boutique coming to the basement space at 2118 18th St, NW.

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  • Saki is alright during the daytime, with their cheap sushi. At night, it turns into another nauseating Adams Morgan club.

  • I’m just glad that The District is closed. That place and its patrons were the WORST.

  • Turquoise! YES!!!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Ooh la la a jewelry boutique! Can’t wait to see what they have to offer!

    I like Saki, so I look forward to seeing the renovations.

  • Goodbye (temporarily) crappy place number one.

    Hello (soon) crappy place number two.

  • What is District Lounge & Grille… is that in the space that used to be Chloe??

    (Or does Chloe still exist?)

  • Saki remodeling? They can start by taking that damned line from over the “a” on their sign. Unless, of course, the place is *supposed* to be pronounced with a long A, which is stupid.

    This is either a complete ignorance of the most basic concepts of pronunciation, or just deliberate dumbass design trying to pass itself off as ‘hip’.

    Either way, get rid of it.

    • And I know it’s supposed to be a sushi roll.

      Then put the line over the ‘S’. Same visual effect, and it doesn’t effect how literate people pronounce the name.

  • Same management as the old place, so I can’t imagine that the new place will be any less terrible.

  • DeAngelo Vickers would go nuts for that turquoise jewelry store.

  • I never even noticed the red line over the “A.”

    I always figured they spelled it “Saki” because that’s how most English speakers pronounce “sake” (the Japanese rice wine, which is pronounced “sah-kay”). Unless they were paying homage to the writer Hector Hugh Munro…

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