2nd Petworth Jazz Project This Saturday Night at 7pm

“Dear PoP,

The Petworth Jazz Project kicked off Saturday May 21st, at 6:45pm! Live music was provided by the Donvonte McCoy Quartet. Opening, midway, and closing DJ Sets by The Unknown.

It was a free, outdoor evening of great local jazz, on the lawn at 8th and Taylor, NW, at the Petworth Rec Center and Blankets were provided.

Petworth Jazz Project has details on the rest of the series taking place every 2nd Saturday during the summer.”

PJP organizer Tom writes:

Come out and enjoy the second installment of the Petworth Jazz Project, on the lawn at 8th and Taylor St NW (Petworth Rec Center) this Saturday, June 11th, at 7pm until 8:30pm.

This month The Dan Leonard Trio will be performing, with DJ sets by Richard “The Unknown” Patterson.

Get there early, grab a blanket (provided for free) and bring a picnic!”

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  • “Who’s the DJ tonight?”


    “You don’t know who’s DJing?”

    “I told you, Uknown.”

    “Can’t you look up this event and find out?”

    “I did, and I’m telling you, he’s Unknown!”

    etc… (with apologies to Abbott & Costello)

  • This was a lot of fun last time. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood, and I will be there again on Saturday!

  • Perhaps the best Stuff White People Like ever.

    • There are still some black folks who like jazz. Heck, there are still some people, in general, who like jazz.

    • Do you know anything about the history of jazz?

      • A fair amount. Why do you ask?

        • That was a question for Dante, who seems to believe jazz is a white thing. But maybe that was a joke and I didn’t get it.

          • I see that know. Question for you, if you know much about jazz….what year was the genre’s high point? I think it was 1964. Any other opinions out there?

          • Just look at the pic. Maybe its just because Petworth is so gentrified now that there are hardly any jazz-loving blacks in the neighborhood left….

          • Methinks he is making the oft repeated point that despite it being a black art form, white (or perhaps, more properly stated as “non-black” when you factor in the Japanese) audiences make up the bulk of jazz patrons. No question that there are black people who love jazz, but it is much more popular outside the black community than within it.

    • Ha yes because clearly free music, outside, as the sun sets, is now somehow under the dominion of “stuff white people like”. I’m guessing Dante missed the 21st…

  • Is booze allowed? Or, more appropriately, is a no booze rule enforced?

    • ledroittiger

      There is a cop on a bike who circled about the exterior of the park last time for the first half of the show. Had to be sly with cans. Might be better to bring a blender and some margarita mix.

      • Excellent. Thanks for the info. I will bring my gas powered generator to power the blender and my portable AC unit as well. 🙂

  • See you there.

  • A good time was had by all!

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